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Event WCoPP 2022- Information and Decisions

Discussion in 'WCoPP' started by CALLOUS, Oct 17, 2022.

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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
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    Structure and How We Got There

    The first thing that had to happen before we figure out the structure is we needed to know exactly how many teams we have. That number this year is 14, which is good because we would only run this tournament with an agreeable tournament number, which 13 and 15 are not. Now, with 14, unless we're doing one giant round robin which is way too long, the only logical way to divide things up is two groups of 7. Unfortunately, with 7 being a weird number itself there's no way to structure it to where teams will only play within their group without a team having the week off every week, which is undesirable. As such, the schedule has been structured so that every team will play against each other team within their group as well as one team from the opposing group, for a total of 7 regular season weeks before playoffs. The top 3 teams from each group will make playoffs, with the top seed from each group getting a round 1 playoff bye.

    The teams have been randomly divided into the following groups-

    Group A-


    Group B-

    Latin America

    Keeping in mind the above- that each team will play against every other team in their group and one team from the other group over the course of seven weeks- the schedule is as follows-

    Week 1

    France vs USA
    Spain vs Argentina
    Germany vs Peru
    Greece vs Chile
    China vs Brazil
    Latin America vs UK
    Mexico vs Europe

    Week 2

    France vs Spain
    Germany vs Greece
    USA vs Argentina
    Peru vs Europe
    China vs Latin America
    Brazil vs UK
    Mexico vs Chile

    Week 3

    France vs Argentina
    Spain vs Greece
    Germany vs Mexico
    USA vs Peru
    China vs UK
    Brazil vs Europe
    Latin America vs Chile

    Week 4

    France vs Germany
    Spain vs Peru
    Greece vs USA
    Argentina vs UK
    China vs Mexico
    Brazil vs Chile
    Latin America vs Europe

    Week 5

    France vs Peru
    Spain vs Latin America
    Germany vs USA
    Greece vs Argentina
    China vs Europe
    Brazil vs Mexico
    UK vs Chile

    Week 6

    France vs Greece
    Spain vs Germany
    USA vs Brazil
    Argentina vs Peru
    China vs Chile
    Latin America vs Mexico
    UK vs Europe

    Week 7

    France vs China
    Spain vs USA
    Germany vs Argentina
    Greece vs Peru
    Brazil vs Latin America
    UK vs Mexico
    Europe vs Chile
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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
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    W1 EB0LA (USA) vs Kaz (France)

    Scheduling issues occurred (and apparently they’ve occurred between these two players in the past as well) and things got a little heated. Frrf called Ebola “dumb af” and Ebola responded by lashing out and making an inappropriate comment about French people. Neither of these comments were sportsmanlike or within the spirit of the tournament, but we feel the latter comment that specifically made it about race/nationality was over the line.

    Of note, Ebola has been banned from Pokemon Perfect in the past and is aware that he is on thinner ice than users who haven’t. Frrf isn’t actually on France’s roster this year, which makes this awkward to penalize, but he still interjected on behalf of the French team and escalated the situation. As such, Ebola will be ineligible to play in week 2 and Team France will receive a formal warning for unsportsmanlike conduct. Should Ebola or Kaz have further issues for the rest of the tournament they’ll be Discord muted and penalized further.

    We understand that scheduling is frustrating and that tournaments can get heated, but please keep things friendly and sportsmanlike and avoid attacking other players/teams.

    The match between the players ended up getting played and the result will stand.
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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
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    W3 Fantos13 vs Chiles Habaneros

    The players agreed to a specific time and Chiles, admittedly, didn't make that time. Rescheduling seemingly wasn't an option and so Fantos has the right to claim the activity win, which he did.

    Activity win for Fantos13

    W3 Spl4sh vs Friso/Tony

    Tony was subbed in to play this match but after an initial message about scheduling wasn't seen or heard from again. Spl4sh has claimed activity and that request is granted.
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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
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    W5 M Dragon vs Dahli

    This was a mess and neither team was perfect here by any means. M Dragon's availability was terrible, offering only a one hour window on one specific day only, which is not reasonable. However, M Dragon did make a point to have Joya (Spain's manager) ping Zorah (LA's manager) on Thursday to remind Dahli to respond in some way to M Dragon's availability, which did not happen until Sunday. The first direct contact between the players did not occur until Sunday, which is not the way these things should happen, and of course with M Dragon's narrow availability, which didn't work for Dahli, the match did not end up happening. Had Dahli gotten in contact with M Dragon/Spain's manager earlier in the week and simply stated that the narrow window purposed by M Dragon did not work for him and offer alternatives I'd be ruling this either a dead game or an activity win for LA (because, again, M Dragon's extremely narrow availability was not reasonable) but he did not. Because no effort was made Dahli prior to Sunday to schedule the game and because M Dragon did attempt to get in contact earlier in the week via the team managers, I rule this a reluctant and obnoxious activity win for Spain, though I'm not thrilled with either team in this case...

    EDIT- At the request of Dahli I'm editing in that he says his managers never passed along the scheduling message to him and as far as he's concerned he never heard from M Dragon whatsoever until late on Sunday.

    Other W5 Unplayed Games

    There's a lot of them... Considering them all dead unless someone reaches out to me no later than Friday and lets me know that these games were in fact played and someone simply forgot to post.
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