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RBY [Violet] Arbok

Discussion in 'Individual Analyses' started by Disaster Area, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    Arbok [​IMG]
    Type: Poison
    Stats: 60 | 105 | 69 | 65 | 100

    Changes In Violet Pertinent To This Analysis:

    - Arbok gains 20 base Attack and Speed.
    - Bind is Bug-type, 40 BP, 8 PP, and partial traps for 2-3 turns.
    - Poison Sting is 95 BP, with a 30% chance to poison.
    - Rock Slide is 85 BP.
    - Wrap is 40 BP, 8 PP, and partial traps for 2-3 turns.
    - Bug-type attacks are not very effective against Poison-types, and Poison-type attacks are neutral against Bug-types.
    - For a full list of changes in Violet, see this thread.


    Some Pokemon in Violet are changed quite radically. Arbok not so much - Violet Arbok is really just Arbok, but better. It's a bit faster, a bit stronger, and its movepool gets a good power up. But what is Arbok all about? It's a Pokemon that spreads paralysis, and uses partial trapping to pivot against foes, making it an ideal partner for Pokemon like Machamp - strong, slow, and difficult to switch into battle. It shares that niche with Tangela, but differentiates itself beyond typing by combining that with the ability to do somewhat serious damage to almost any foe. It certainly still has its flaws - Poison is a pretty bad type defensively, and its stats are pretty average - but play to its strengths and it can be a powerful tool to control the gamestate and leave the opponent floundering.



    - Glare
    - Acid / Poison Sting
    - Earthquake
    - Wrap / Bind

    Set Details

    Glare spreads paralysis and is one of Arbok's best moves. Choosing between Acid and Poison Sting is difficult; the additional power of Poison Sting does secure some additional KOs, such as a guaranteed 2HKO against Exeggutor, Alakazam, and Jynx, but the 30% chance of poisoning the opponent is quite risky on a Pokemon whose goal is to spread paralysis. Earthquake complements Arbok's STAB beautifully, granting at least neutral coverage versus every Pokemon in the metagame save Aerodactyl. The final move is dedicated to a partial trapping move, either Wrap or Bind, as these both help it chip opponents into KO range and enable it to act as an effective pivot. Wrap's higher accuracy makes it preferred, but Bind does greater damage versus Psychic-types, so both are viable options.

    Other Options

    A very serious option on Arbok is Rock Slide. It has a good chance of 2HKOing Aerodactyl, which can help partners that appreciate Aerodactyl paralyzed and weakened, such as Moltres, but comes at a cost of sacrificing its ability to act as a pivot through Wrap or Bind. Toxic and Mega Drain are both also in Arbok's movepool and not entirely useless, but the former does not play to Arbok's strength as a paralysis spreader, while Mega Drain only does impressive levels of damage against Golem and Kabutops, making it hard to justify.

    Checks and Counters

    Aerodactyl is the best answer to Arbok, but it does dislike being paralyzed and can be lured by Rock Slide. Physically bulky, particularly slower, Pokemon, such as Cloyster, Golem, and Golduck act as good checks, as they are less fussed than other Pokemon about being paralyzed, and withstand Arbok's attacks easily. Strong, particularly faster, Ground- and Psychic-types, like Starmie, Dugtrio, and Ninetales are all excellent checks, exploiting Arbok's weaknesses and frailty, but all dislike switching in except when Arbok locks itself into Wrap. Pokemon such as Tangela, Parasect, and Vileplume can lure Arbok with their various status options. Tangela can also use Disable to frustrate Arbok, as can Muk, which is another Pokemon Arbok is quite comfortable switching into.
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