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RBY Top 10 Gamechangers of Violet Version

Discussion in 'Analysis and Research' started by Disaster Area, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Violet changed a lot of things, some of which are small (like Toxic becoming 100% accurate), and some of which are pretty big. Let's take look at the biggest, most radical, and most gamechanging changes in Violet, from #10 to #1!

    #10 - New Ghost- and Dragon-types!


    Dragon- and Ghost-types are unique to their evolutionary line in standard. Charizard becomes a Fire/Dragon-type while Golduck becomes a Water/Ghost-type. While neither is a top Pokemon in the metagame, this speaks to the diversity of viable types in Violet.

    #9 - Mimic!


    Mimic is changed in an interesting way... when you use Mimic, well, you're stuck with what you get - even if you switch out, the mimic'd move remains in your moveset. Only the Pokemon shown above now have access to the move.

    #8 - Good attacking options for all types!


    There is now at least one decent attacking option of each type. An example of each:
    • Acid - Now 70 BP with a 50% chance to lower the opponent's defense
    • Vice Grip - Now Bug-type, with a high critical hit ratio
    • Karate Chop - Now Fighting-type
    • Thrash - Now Dragon-type, 100 BP, locks the user for 2-3 turns, and confuses the user afterwards.
    • Tri-Attack - Now Ghost-type
    #7 - Nidoqueen!


    There is one simple change for Nidoqueen - it gains access to Softboiled. One of two Pokemon to be bestowed the move, it moves sharply up the rankings (the viability rankings anyway). An answer to a number of threats - often new threats, but also traditional ones like Zapdos - Softboiled Nidoqueen is definitely deserving of the title "gamechanger".

    #6 - Partial Trapping


    Partial trapping moves are changed in a way that is based around emphasising the potential for pivoting, rather than the potential for sweeping. They have higher BP and lower PP, overall, and they all last only 2-3 turns.
    • Bind - Now Bug-type. 40 BP, 8 PP
    • Clamp - 70 BP, 5 PP
    • Fire Spin - 30 BP, 8 PP
    • Wrap - 40 BP, 8 PP
    #5 - Solar Beam


    Solar Beam changed in one simple, yet powerful way. On the charge turn, the user's Special is raised by 1 stage. Moltres is granted access to it (and Chansey and Exeggutor lose access), and it turns Moltres into one of the best Pokemon in the tier. Sky Attack is buffed in a similar, but less powerful, way - it raises the user's Defense by 1 stage on the charge turn. Chansey is often seen running Seismic Toss now as the BoltBeam variant can definitely be overwhelmed.

    #4 - Aerodactyl


    Aerodactyl gains 2 important moves. One, you can probably guess - Rock Slide - and the other, well, when talking about Nidoqueen I mentioned that it was one of two Pokemon to be bestowed the move Softboiled, and Aerodactyl is the other lucky recipient, with the move meant to provide a parallel to it learning Roost in DPP onwards. Speaking of Nidoqueen, that is one of Aerodactyl's best answers, and other great answers like Golem and Poliwrath certainly get a boost in viability from it.

    Now, we move onto the big ones.​

    #3 - 100% recovery moves!


    All draining moves in violet heal 100% of the damage dealt! That being said, there are only 3 - Mega Drain, Leech Life, and one more we'll talk about soon. Leech Life also gets a BP increase - far from the dire 20 BP of standard, it hits the dizzy heights of 60 BP. Surprisingly, that's actually enough to make it very potent. Butterfree is the most notable user of the move. Becoming a Bug- and Psychic-type, it gets a small overall stat boost, hitting base 55 Attack. It's enough to comfortably beat Chansey one on one, and it's an excellent check to all of the Psychic-types that dominate RBY OU.

    #2 - Disable!


    Disable is, arguably, a very powerful move in Violet. Only 3 Pokemon (those shown above) get access to it. It's restricted to 3 PP, and its accuracy is 100%. When a move is disabled, it's disabled permanently. Switching out does not undisable the move, although if the move Disable is used again, the previously disabled move is no longer disabled and a new move will be disabled.

    #1 - Dream Eater?!


    Dream Eater?! Only 4 pokemon get access to the move now (the 4 above). It's now Ghost-type, 200 BP, and heals 100% of the damage dealt. But most importantly, it not only affects sleeping Pokemon, but also poisoned (and badly poisoned) Pokemon. To say the least, this is a pretty drastic, huge change. It has effectively made Toxic, and moves which have a chance to poison like Twineedle, viable, and practically created its own archetype.


    Violet is based on RBY, but it offers much more variety than RBY OU, and has some unique changes that make it not quite like anything else you've ever played before. Give it a go - it's playable on Pokemon Perfect's Pokemon Showdown server, and there is a Discord chat too! :)
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