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GSC OU SPL XV Week 7 Review

Discussion in 'GSC Discussion' started by cherryb0ng, Mar 9, 2024.

  1. cherryb0ng

    cherryb0ng Member

    Sep 19, 2018
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    I don't post much but when I did the first time, what I really wanted was to comment on the teams used because many scenarios repeat themselves over and over throughout weeks, months or even longer than that. But it's nice to look at any innovative way players try to create those scenarios.

    So my view of the replays is gonna be more or less directed towards the teams and whether I think their good or not and to what extent it contributed to a matchup.

    Tsunami vs Chiles

    Pretty nice to watch, though I did not get the chance to see it live.

    As BKC once famously said (or maybe it flew under the radar of everyone idk) lead Cloyster almost always suggests a Raikou in the back. I still think this is true even in the meta where ST lax is abundant.
    What we see in the first few turns is that Tsunami is a bit trigger happy whereas Chiles is not. The outcome is quite apparent when after two Explosions Tsunami is staring down a Snorlax that they cannot kill because after Cloyster dies Lax gets lefties recovery but no toxic damage (but at least they took out Chiles Raikou I suppose).
    And then we see a third explosion from Tsunami's Steelix. It wasn't all bad though.
    After a skirmish between Gengar's, Chiles manages to put the opposing gar to sleep. From turn 16 it's looking like an easy path to victory but Tsunami finds a chance and from turn 23 he forces a bunch of awkward switches from Chiles who has no way of responding effectively: first dodging a thunder with Golem then going to his Curse lax and getting chipped down to KO range so he's forced to go back to Golem but this time Tsunami calls it correctly and deals even more damage.
    Chiles is forced to cut his losses and sac the golem just so he can bring Snorlax safely in on turn 28, but it's Curse eq.
    Tsunami tries to wake up the Gengar but Chiles resets the situation by going to Eggy. And here is where I think lies the issue with how Chiles played because it's the second time I see him trying to scrap with Zapdos using his exeggutor and not booming or clicking Leech seed, this would have been all he neaded to ensure Lax could survive Thunder hits and not have to click Rest early with his Snorlax.
    When he does decide to finally boom, his Snorlax had 2 turns of sleep to burn, and the worst that can happen happens.
    Tsunami's Gar wakes up and lands a Dynamic Punch. Then his Gengar dies but he seals out the game.

    This was certainly closer than it probably should have been. Due to some timing and sequencing and also the misfortune of not being able to see the Raikou shine from Chiles. It's an interesting team to say the least.
    By the way it looked at first glance, I could have sworn I already saw this team before "It's just the idiot from mars team with boomlax eggy hera raikou" but there was neither a heracross nor did it play out like that (Chiles didn't have boomlax or even use a singleboom and no paralysis or sleep from eggy).

    Zokuru vs Alice

    Another fun and admirable game, perhaps the highlight of the week, but that would assume I was at least there when it happened to see (I wasn't). So first things we have two very proficient yet disting players in terms of playstyle. Both are able to use offense and stall proficiently but Zokuru is more control heavy, or in other words his particular brand of stall subscribes to the idea that as long as you have defensively sound mons and with the right utility moves you can find a path to victory by avoiding risk, and Aliss (aka Alice) from what I've seen adopts a style that doesn't always have longevity (but we have seen her play out 500+ turns of stall vs stall with Jester fwiw) and looks to break the opponent with a slew of mixed offense and heavy hitters.

    (I'm only touching on the meaningful parts, it's very fast and hard to write everything)

    So right off the gate, Aliss manages to put asleep what I believe is Curse eq lead lax*. In spite of this there is a little silver lining. After a sequence where Zokuru stays in on a nidoking Ice beam to deal half its HP back to it thanks to TTar eq, Aliss booms on a Snorlax that never woke up followed by a pretty much immediate boom on the Zokdos. The quickness of events doesn't throw off Zokuru because he has speed control in mind and brings in his previously unrevealed Raikou in on the same turn as the Nido comes in, permanently shutting down an otherwise very threatening mon to his team. Turn 20 Zok stays in with Raikou to attack Snorlax, just like he did in this game vs Fear in an oddly familiar scenario, but lady luck isn't here to screw with him this time and Raikou survives.
    Excellent eq prediction. Aliss tries to pressure back with Gengar and whirlwind Zapdos, which looks threatening, but Zok just sacks the Skarmory that serves no purpose against a flame lax it cannot wall, so the momentum goes back in his favor. Aliss still has many tools with which to gain the upper hand, until the spikes are spun away. There's still a lot of switching and she tries to land dpunch on ttar but Zok won't let her as he constantly just goes to forry. In a last desparation attempt she booms and it's only a matter of time before the screech rest tar (OMG) can sweep.

    Very cool teams from both players. Zok already used this team against Fear in week two or something and I guess he wanted to prove that it can work. Don't fix what ain't broke. The screech tar + rest enable him to play offensively and apply a lot of pressure.
    I think Zok knew what his own and his opponent's outs were which is what led him to make the EQ play, further cementing his own lead from early on. The rest of the team seems pretty sturdy vs the likes of physical and special offense and he probably had curse eq lax based on the fact that there's Raikou and he used Curse in the game vs Fear and no sleep talk reveal.

    Aliss's team also has underrated qualities. For one, the flame lax means that there isn't a particular loss from WW Zapdos' aversion to status. The reason being that a flame talk lax can stay in Skarm, Forry and potentially even Cloyster, all of which are Zap lures. As to be expected, there are a lot of interesting techs like double thief from eggy and nido and the lack thereof from Gengar (which I could definitely see surprising an unsuspecting Pursuit ttar user) and also Ice BeamCloyster (seriously the resemblance with Fear's game is ominous).

    Vileman vs Sneaky Imps Always Tinkering Around Mischievously

    Please calm down with the bangers, guys. Okay so I won't spoil the outcome for anyone wanting to read this before looking at the match. But I do have a question I'd like to try to see if I can answer: Did Vileman know Siatam was using a Marowak? or better yet, Could he have inferred that?

    1. Fun fact that you might not have known: on Pokemon Showdown the pokemon in each player's team is listed according to order of appearance. If we look at Siatam's team, in order of appearance it's Zapdos, Cloyster, Snorlax, Steelix, Marowak, Porygon 2. Judging based on Siatam's first four at a first glance it would look like a run of the mill offense team with possibly a sleeper/special attacker and a heavy hitter. But Siatam has shown to be best when he's at his most creative, and boy did he take us for a spin.
    Double ground is certainly not unheard of in GSC OU, and it makes its appearance about once or twice per SPL, but Marowak doesn't exactly seem to pair with Steelix of all things. The only likely hint in the first could have been the amount of Thunder Wave that Siatam's Zapdos was spamming, so not entirely worth ruling out.

    Let's see what else
    2. Another slight hint might come from the fact that his Cloyster had Hidden Power Electric AND Rapid Spin. Hidden Power Electric is increasingly rarer nowadays due to the impact on Cloyster's bulk and its frailty when faced against Snorlax so spiking and booming becomes a much taller order, but that isn't an issue if your objective is to weaken-kill opposing cloyster while mainting your own side of the field free of any spikes. And the sequence plays out this way turns 6 and 7 where he trades a toxic in order to deal 50% to Vileman's Cloyster (remember that for glass canons like Marowak and Machamp having spikes isn't as important as not having to step on any).

    3. Vileman manages to boom on lax with Golem. And things seem unsurprising until we see that there is a Steelix with Dragon breath on a team that has Roar Zapdos already. Vileman's radar is going off. What kind of Sneaky Mischief could these Imps be Tinkering Around with All this time? So he wonders and says "El ZARDO?" If that were the case he'd be pretty safe because he has Gengar, which he oh so adamantly tries to defend from a paralysis (probably the right call).

    I could speculate endlessly but there's no telling for sure without straight up just asking him ofc. He could have used the ancient technique of saying in chat the opposite of what he assumed to throw his opponent off guard. But when Marowak comes in it's super threatening. Siatam manages to trade blows between Vileman's Zapdos and his own Marowak, but it's just so threatening with Cloyster gone. Gengar threatens it out only to reveal the much bigger threat in Porygon 2.

    If GSC UU cup taught me anything it's that Curse Thunder Porygon is a menace, and with Vileman's Golem gone, Porygon 2 looks to be equally annoying, successfully landed a much needed para on Gengar, the only mon that could attempt to stop it from sweeping.
    Vileman makes a very valiant effort but his gameplan was more or less denied through out and so he never got an opportunity to make his patented Growth Jolteon shine.

    Looks like if it had actually been a Charizard he would have sequenced that quite well, but it wasn't the case unfortunately. Really cool. I like the double ground+double normal strategy. It seems that with Marowak Siatam has managed to get yet another notch under his belt.

    Fear vs Vani
    From both ends, this is a classic example of psychological conditioning ones opponent through the information war.
    We see a surprise KO of vani's Exeggutor as a result of this. I particularly liked this because we see how both players use middle ground answers and don't simply explode in each other's face or go to the obvious would-be hard check. Fear stays in on Eggy with Zapdos rather than go straight to some other mon and Vani isn't trigger friendly the moment things simply don't go his way with the unfortunate paralysis. He also doesn't go to his Steelix so as not to reveal further relevant information.
    T11 On what I assume could have been a turn to click Stun Spore or SleepPowder, Vani's Eggy gets shanked by a STAB hp bug (get it? like a knife).
    Bit of back and forth with Vani denying Fear any spikes. I'llbe damned and unprofessional but the game looks to play out relatively normally the first 30 turns. Fear finally catches the jump on Vani with Dbond Gengar taking out Snorlax. With Cloy and Lix and an unrevealed in the back vs a Starmie this looks like it could be over for Vani... or is it?

    He more or less gets a golden opportunity to let his lix and cloyster bite it, taking out Fear's Snorlax, to reveal a Growth Vaporeon. UH OH. Fear wastes no time in even asking what the moveset on Vaporeon is and has to play the odds as his only way of winning. He Twave to temporarily hold off the Vaporeon. Goes straight to Ttar. It's a suicide mission and he has to diffuse the bomb somehow. If tar dies, it's most likely over. He manages to get a screech and negate the first Acid Armor. He needs 2 turns of luck next, Screech again. It works and full para from Vaniporeon. Rock slide nother full para.The game is over. Vaporeon fuckindies.

    So normally growth rest talk vaporeon can find itself in scenarios where it autowins or almost autowins but theissue is its very telegraphed and Vani could not have accounted for landing a boom on lax necessarily. It could have easily missed, so having Acid Armor on Vaporeon is good in the vent of that and it's a solid mixup.
    Fear interestingly brought HP Bug Forry which is very rare. It's specifically targetted towards Mie and Eggy and on a team where you can't spin with it, that can occasionally work. If you have a spin blocker then you can afford letting in opposing forretress without conceding your own spikes.

    Mr.Sauce vs A real Jester

    Anyways. The teams look so outlandish for me that it just cracks my brain. Not because they are bad necessarily but because it looks as though the players have had some insight that cannot help me follow what they are doing much. It's my flaw, I confess. Both players decided to write off all of I know about GSC teambuilding and there's seriousness and wackiness to be enjoyed. Strangely enough the team I feel more inclined to say I'm familiar with is actually the Smeargle non agility non spider web pass offense team that Jester is using. And it reminds me of when Gorgie used to build and that made me feel nostalgic.

    The wackiest part had to be the one where BD feigned clumsiness and said "wait whereare my lefties oops" and for a moment I honestly thought that he had given Cloyster the wrong item or something like a Level Ball (s/o Apricorn guy Kurt in Azalea Town). And then he boomed on Smeargle before Smeargle could use a utility move... mans just brought Quick claw clamp cloyster to a game.

    Was pretty funny for a game but yeah.

    The vaporeon didn't contribute too much in termsof attacks so I can't say I know precisely what Jester was sgoing for.

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