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GSC OU SPL Week 3 Review

Discussion in 'GSC Discussion' started by TC, Feb 7, 2024.

  1. TC

    TC No time for caution! Member

    Nov 12, 2016
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    Siatam vs Jester

    Jester seemed to be on advantage after chipping down Golem to 40% and also Intoxicating the opposing Cloyster. The problem is that Siatam Heracross happened to have a perfect matchup, in fact its nearly auto-winning. Jester resources vs Heracross are: Zapdos and Cloyster's Explosion, Cloyster being extremely easy to chip down and a Zapdos that eventually has to face an opposing Machamp or may be removed via Explosion. This was the most boring game of the week as i saw a clear winner early on, it would had been funny to see some random HP Flying Machamp from Jester. For anyone whos interested on statistics this its not the first time that Heracross lands this overwhelming matchup vs NidoChamp on an SPL game

    Vileman vs Zokuru

    This game is an example of what happens when you dont manage your advantage properly. Vileman by turn 10 has an strong winning position and this is the moment where he decides to play as pasive as posible for the rest of the game, every turn you dont finish your opponent is another chance for them to catch up. He was also too hesitant to click Explosion with Steelix when Starmie was strong without Zapdos and then hes Tyranitar got paralyzed on the turn it was supossed to rest.
    Ok so lets go back to turn 10 because this is a key moment of the game, Zokuru's Gengar is clearly a thief Gengar and this is the moment where we ask ourselves what was an stronger alternative for Vileman at Turn 11? Just switching to Zapdos and then Doubling to Tyranitar. Tyranitar would had been on an strong position against a weakened team, Snorlax would had leftovers and Zapdos was still valuable for him (most importantly i dont see any way Vileman loses following this plays) another tragic ending

    Chiles vs BlazingDark

    BD was on a better position till he lost Snorlax with no value and thats the kind of stuff that defines the outcome of a game. For this reason theres not much to say about this game other than showcasing Thunder utility over Tbolt and why Heracross may be absolutely useless depending on what your opponent brings.

    zilo vs Fear

    ziloXX season was saved from a 0-3 and also managed to win against Fear which is always good. Hes gameplay wasnt impresive but that was probably cause he didnt really needed to do something amazing to win against a team that featured curse nidoking. Zilo was focused on this game which is already an improvement from what we saw on week 1 where he clicked sleep talk with zapdos on a turn where he was going to wake up, sacked steelix for no reason and yea theres also the ending where he runned an unnecesary risk with Machamp. Despite having two curse pokemon Fear's team seemed to lack firepower to make progress, Fear used a similar team (maybe its actually the same team but i dont remember) years ago but changing movesets. Curse Quagsire is a cool alternative since ziloXX team didnt had any kind of paralisis support so using belly drum may be difficult, i think that the logic behind this team and their movesets was to be able to win vs Offense which is what you actually spect from Fear on an SPL game.

    vani vs gggggggggggggggg

    Its sad to see someone who played well the last two weeks go 0-3 (and now that i realize gggggggggg was also benched rip). gggggggggg had the momentum for most of the game and also managed to get a good sequence with Steelix killing Misdreavus on an agresive EQ at turn 41 and then killing Zapdos at turn 42. Id say gggd deserved to get the win but the para on tyranitar and the short sleep on skarmory decided the outcome of the game...

    Predictions for next week:

    vs Vileman: Fear wins as long as he doesnt brings curse nidoking
    Zokuru vs Chiles: I think Chiles wins but Zokuru has a plot armor
    Aliss vs ZiloXX: Zilo now has the focus and the confidence he lacked the first two weeks
    RealJester vs vani: Jester is more solid on my eyes rn
    BlazingDark vs Siatam: Siatam is undefeated but i trust in the Tyrants
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