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Schedule Season Host Resources

Discussion in 'Global Tournaments' started by Chrysalis, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Chrysalis

    Chrysalis scorpion Host Emeritus

    Dec 17, 2016
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    Seasons usually consist of 3 Master Tournaments (MTs). Additionally, the World Championship may be counted towards the respective season it runs in, while the Cups should not count as they tend to put an unusual twist on the otherwise straightforward bracket formats.
    Master Tournament: Single elimination bracket., BO5 RBY, BO3 anywhere else. May be played with 3-way finals.
    World Championship: Two BO3 brackets per round, both with all players. Players with two wins advance, those with one win play it out in an additional BO3 bracket. Concludes in either BO5 single elimination semifinals or BO5 3-way finals.
    Generally either 2^n or 3·2^n players for a tour, additional players become substitutes. World Championships are first-come, first-serve, MT seeding see below. Round down number of players unless at most two substitute spots are left open. In that case, wait for two signups or until a specific deadline, then randomize the first two subs into these slots, in order to avoid strats of picking a specific opponent.
    In the popular tiers: 3 seasons per year, 4 months each, starting January, May and September 1. One signup thread for all MTs, separate thread for the World Championship. For less popular generations, it is at the discretion of the host if each MT gets its separate signup thread, and the time between seasons may be greater than 4 months. Regardless, there should be a certain regularity, and it might be helpful to provide the players with a schedule thread in the respective subforum.
    Signups should go up on the first day of the season, or on the first day of the respective month if individual signups per MT. MTs get one week per round, except the first week which should get 1.5 or 2. I have found from my experience that deadlines should optimally be Monday morning, with the first MT starting on a Thursday and the second and third starting on a Monday to make two contact deadlines possible, as the subs in these tours are likely to be players who have been inactive in the first MT. The first MT should start during the second week of the month, with the others starting after 4-5 weeks respectively.
    An useful tool for randomization can be found [here].
    1. Determine number of players. Add 2, then round down to the nearest number of the form 2^n or 3·2^n.
    2. Assign pools. There are five pools for entrants which reflect their priority.
    3. Determine players. The first MT is first-come, first-serve. For the others, add the pools in order of priority. If not all players from one pool fit into the tour, choose at random.
    4. Determine substitutes. Order all remaining signups by pools, then randomize for each pool. Players with higher priority should be above those with lower priority.
    5. Partition players. Order the players by their placement in the latest player ranking, randomizing to break ties if necessary. First determine the upper half, those are the seeded players as opposed to the unseeded lower half. Split the seeded players into pools of four or six (depending if 3-way finals), so that the four/six players with the best rankings are in the first pool and so on.
    6. Randomize brackets. Shuffle each pool and put them on top of each other to get an ordered list of seeds which approximately, but not accurately reflects order by player rankings. Then fold the resulting list:
    Put the players on the left in this order and randomly assign them the unseeded players.

    The goal of this shuffling is to ensure that the best players don't face each other in Round 1, while avoiding repetition of the exact same matchups.
    One season point is generally meant to represent a won game. For fairness reasons, winning by forfeit or in a faster way (e.g. in the World Championship format) still grants the maximum number of points for that round.
    For MTs: One point per win in all rounds except 3-way finals. For World Championship bracket rounds: 5 points in total, as the slowest way to win a bracket is 2-x, 1-2, 2-x.
    New rule from 2019 onwards: In a 3-way final, each player gets the highest number of points they achieved in any iteration.
    The maximum number of points is therefore:
    MT with 2^n (32, 64) players: 3·n (15, 18)
    MT with 3·2^n (48) players: 3·n + 6 (18)
    WC with 2^n (32) players: 5·n - 4 (21)
    WC with 3·2^n (24, 48) players: 5·n + 6 (21, 26)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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  2. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    MTs are only Bo5 in RBY, they're Bo3 in other gens

    Also I think I put much of this info explicitly in some old thread... I don't know if you had a search before for any stuff like this
  3. Chrysalis

    Chrysalis scorpion Host Emeritus

    Dec 17, 2016
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    (pls make a better header. this one is getting stale and i'm not funny. :shockedlapras:)

    Signups for this tournament can be found [here]. (link current season)

    Clauses: HP Percentage Mod, Endless Battle Clause, Stalemate Clause, Cleric Clause, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, Species Clause
    Banned Moves: Dig, Double Team, Fissure, Fly, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Minimize, Psywave
    Banned Pokémon: Mewtwo, Mew

    Play a first-to-3-wins (BO5) series against your opponent. Any games resulting in a tie are to be ignored.

    3 points are awarded for winning a round. 1 point is awarded for every won game in a series that was lost. Series 31L does not award any points, but the winner receives a bronze medal.

    Seeding follows the rules detailed [here] using the current [Player Rankings #x]. (link current ranking)
    Any players who did not get an opportunity to play in this tour are guaranteed a spot in the next one.
    Any matches not played by the deadline are subject to activity calls by the host, namely, may be coin flipped or result in an activity win being granted to a player who has made greater effort to ensure that the game is played. Additionally, any player deemed inactive can be substituted out at the contact deadline.

    Both forum and simulator activity are taken into account in order to determine whether a player has made the required effort in the situation of an unplayed match. It is each player's own responsibility to make the host aware of activity in other places like Smogon or Discord, for example by posting in the thread, or by contacting me on Discord (post own Discord tag here).

    Only minimal extensions will be granted in the case that a major real-life event has prevented the match from happening, and under the condition that both players already agreed on a time that lies at most 72 hours past the deadline. This will be strictly enforced throughout the tour.

    Any calls I make in specific games can be contested for 24 hours. If no objection is made during that time, the decision is final and will not be changed.
    For scheduling, leave a visitor message (VM) on your opponent's wall. In case of an activity call, VM activity will be considered above everything else. Scheduling on Discord or Smogon is also possible, but keep in mind that the host cannot trace this by himself in case of an activity situation, so it is your own responsibility to make him aware of your activity.

    Games are to be played on Pokemon Showdown, with Pokemon Online serving as an alternative if both players agree. Pokemon Perfect has its own Showdown [server], which is the most recommended place to play games.
    (note that above sections should vary from host to host based on personal experiences and policies)

    All deadlines are 10.00am GMT.

    Round 1 - Contact Deadline: Wednesday (...), Final Deadline: Monday (...)

    1. @[...] vs @[...]
    16. @[...] vs @[...]
    (bold names of winners, cross out names of losers)
    (don't cross out names of losers for 29, 30, 31W)

    Round 2 - Final Deadline: Monday (...)

    17. (1) vs (2)
    18. (3) vs (4)
    19. (5) vs (6)
    20. (7) vs (8)
    21. (9) vs (10)
    22. (11) vs (12)
    23. (13) vs (14)
    24. (15) vs (16)

    Round 3 - Final Deadline: Monday (...)

    25. (17) vs (18)
    26. (19) vs (20)
    27. (21) vs (22)
    28. (23) vs (24)

    Semifinals - Final Deadline: Monday (...)

    29. (25) vs (26)
    30. (27) vs (28)


    31W. (29) vs (30)
    31L. (Loser of 29) vs (Loser of 30)


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