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Pokémon Review your year

Discussion in 'Chat' started by GGFan, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. GGFan

    GGFan Member

    May 25, 2013
    Likes Received:
    With the end of the year dawning upon us, I thought it would be interesting for us to review our years and go over the highs and lows. I made the same exact thread last year, and to me it's interesting how differently this year went for me.

    Things started off on the right foot. I was burned out from everything that happened to me in season 10, and thought about not playing in the Vermilion Cup, but decided to at the last second because I didn't want to go out on a lousy note. I ended up finishing in 1st place in my bracket, finishing ahead of old rivals and new ones, and found myself in the semi finals against another familiar foe, Alexander. Game 1 came down to tense mindgames between my Persian and his Alakazam that he won, and then he won game 2 as well. I was able to rally back and force a fifth game, which I feel that I threw due to a VERY questionable team choice and feeling gassed after playing for over two hours. Nonetheless, I was content with my performance overall.

    I lost passion for the master tournaments and focused on the ladder, where I developed a successful Persian team. I used Persian quite often in my tournaments from January to April as well, gaining good results overall. My Persian team got me into the top 4 of the ladder with a 1600+ score; however, due to Gengar's domineering presence, I felt I needed to abandon it in order to go even higher, which is what I ended up doing. In March or April I reached 3rd place of the ladder with a 1643 score and a 93% GXE. I stopped playing once I lost 40 points for losing one game, as there was no difference between 1st and 3rd.

    I signed up for the first 2U World Championship, a metagame that I helped design a couple of years prior. Marco and I did a considerable amount of testing for it, and now it was time to see the masterminds in action. I feel that I mastered this metagame quickly and easily, as it's very limited compared to 1U and even more offensive. I only needed two teams to win the whole tournament, but the teams I made are about as good as one is going to get in what the tier used to be. I went an astonishing 14-1 in the tournament, beating a loaded roster in the process. Yeah, it's not the real deal, but I definitely view this as an accomplishment regardless, and consider it the first tournament I won that began and ended on the same calendar year since 2013. I played marco in the finals, which was a fitting way to end the tournament considering the testing that we did back when we were still conceptualizing what the tiers should look like.

    I signed up for PPL 2 and was bought by team poison for a decent amount of money (13,000). Shortly before the tournament, CALLOUS reached out to me and apologized for the way he treated me previously, which was very refreshing to witness on the internet. Going into the tournament my spirits were up from when I lost interest in 1U, as I wanted to play well and enjoyed the environment, which was something I had never experienced before. It was also great to team with Peasounay, who is very competitive and helped me prepare for my games. To be honest, I still think this tournament has issues, most notably the way its perceived. Even most of my teammates were complaining that it was just "an inferior Smogon tournament," which is something you don't want to put up with when you're trying to win games. As for my run, in week 1 I had maybe my greatest bo3 ever against Diegolh, which took two hours to finish and was an incredible effort from both of us. In addition, it truly felt like a spectacle--it's a crime that the set was never narrated. I followed up my loss in week 1 to losses against leru and Finchinator. Of course you never want to lose, but people were openly acknowledging that I was losing to bad luck, so I didn't mind that much, actually. I, at least, was able to finish on somewhat a high note with victories over Golden Gyarados and linek in the final two weeks. Overall, PPL was an important tournament for me as it reignited my fire.

    I signed up for season 12 and got off to a great start, making my first finals in two years. There I met my teammate and rival, Peasounay, and I'm very pleased with the quality of our set, which went the full five. This was the set in which I started taking replays more seriously, realizing how useful they can be when preparing for games. However, while my team matchups were good, Peasounay used quite the unorthodox strategy in his own right, which definitely surprised me. In the fifth game I needed Alakazam to stay asleep, but it woke up on the second turn and then landed a crit Psychic. I was happy overall, nonetheless, since I actually don't care about winning tournaments as long as my level of play is nearly optimal and I achieve consistency.

    I qualified for the Indigo Cup again, and did better than last year. I ended up with a winning record, but marco advanced over me because he won our set. I was able to beat Golden Gyarados and got revenge on teal6 for a loss last year, and then lost to Peasounay in a set where nothing really went my way. I was happy to be just one of two players to have a winning record in both this one and in Vermilion, though. Back to the master tournaments I was on the receiving end of an upset loss to EvanRBY, who played religiously on the ladder and reached a high level incredibly quickly. Though I lost, this set was vital to making me better because I liked his ideas and the way he played. I learned a lot from the set and incorporated what I learned as soon as the next tournament started. Because Peasounay and Troller were also running into tough opponents, I was able to win the season after winning the second game of my semi-finals match against Disaster Area. What really made winning the season special was that it occurred basically a year after the very-political ending to season 9, which resulted in my elimination while I was in the final four. Not only that, but to win the season by beating Disaster Area--the person who ultimately eliminated me last year--made it fitting. I lost the set, but didn't care after I won the second game. I was happy for him that he got his first shot in the finals.

    I appreciated all the congratulatory remarks I received upon winning the season. It felt like a grand culmination for me, never giving up despite two incredibly frustrating setbacks in my previous two seasons. I'd say it also boosted my reputation, since I was no longer seen in the same light that I was for the last two years. In 2015 and 2016 I had the role of the "worn-down veteran," but this year was a renaissance for me. I always had the ability, but now I had some concrete results that proved I was still among the best. Thanks to winning the season I qualified for the Fuchsia Cup, which gave me the chance to keep my momentum going by playing amongst the best from yesteryear and this year. I ended up slaying old demons in Bedschibaer, Alexander, and marcoasd, and beat the new kid on the block, The Idiot Ninja, to end up in the finals against Lusch. Lusch's level of play was incredible--our set was one of the only I had all year in which I felt I lost to optimal plays instead of bad luck or 50/50 scenarios. Hats off to him for that, dare I say, legendary performance.

    I signed up for the first WCOPP and joined team North America, which would end up becoming one of my most memorable experiences ever. I was the assistant manager of someone named Skeptics, who would quickly establish himself as one of Pokemon Perfect's hated villains. In week 3 his tactics were scrutinized by players from other teams, and I, the verbal defender of our team, exchanged seething remarks with various people. I did this mostly because I wanted to take heat off our teammates even though I wasn't even privy to what Skeptics did. However, I would prefer people hating me and blaming me over somebody like Golden Gyarados or even Skeptics, who I was loyal to strictly because he was my manager. Now the hated team, we were constantly a spectacle and my games were often watched by many people. From a performance standpoint it was amazing to go up against the best RBY had to offer (Peasounay, Troller, Metalgross, Lusch, Disaster Area) and either barely win or lose in really close sets in such a competitive environment. By the time the semi finals started, we were so despised that the Russians, who got caught cheating earlier, became sympathetic figures. I helped formulate this perception, as I irritated the majority of the spectators when I embarked on my infamous "last stand" as one of the final players remaining in the semi finals. It was part insanity, part anger, part delusion, but full heart. It was the final stronghold and I was willing to fight to the death. I felt like a central antagonist in a great play or epic. I felt like Aguirre when his he was all alone on the boat, like Hagen when all of his men were killed in the burning palace. Even though I didn't play, it was so cool to have played a significant role in helping Golden Gyarados prepare for the game. He did a great job and I was happy to see how far he has come since our days as rivals on the PO ladder.

    In regard to individual achievements, my goals for the last three months of the year were to go deep in the WC, make the top 4 of the Fuchsia Cup, go deep in another master tournament, and have a winning record in the WCOPP. I'm happy to say that I was able to do all four things: I finished in the top 4 of the WC, losing to Peasounay in an incredible bo5 that came down to whether or not Sing would hit. It was such a well-played set that I was less disappointed to lose that than I was to see Golden Gyarados lose to Troller. I ended up making it all the way to the finals of the Fuchsia Cup, which was an awesome experience especially given that I qualified for the tournament at the last second. I went deep in master tournament 38, beating a very tough bracket to do so, so tough that I didn't really mind losing in the semi finals as I usually do. I ended up with a 5-3 record in the WCOPP, which I'll take considering how stacked the roster was. The games I lost came down to RNG, anyway (freezes, Hyper Beam misses, crucial fps, etc).

    Unfortunately, despite playing very well in the final tournament of the year, the next Vermilion Cup, I have been on the receiving end of losses. This month has actually been the worst I've had in a long time in regard to being unlucky. I lost to brutal luck in my last master tournament, the Saffron Cup, and will probably not advance past the group phase of the Vermilion Cup. However, considering what I was able to accomplish this year and the level I've reached in this "no-para" metagame, I don't think there's much left for me to prove. It was great to have so many people tell me that I'm one of the top 3 RBY players today, especially since I never won a big tournament yet receive that level of praise.

    Finally, after everything that transpired from my "last stand," I actually made amends with Lutra, putting an end to our four-year feud. He apologized for the way he treated me in the past, and I forgave him. It felt good to finally put this monster to bed.

    I don't know what 2018 holds in store. I was very disappointed by how 2016 ended, and didn't expect how quickly things would turn around for me. I feel that, as a player, I can't possibly go any higher. There are still many tournaments I've never won; however, as somebody who values consistency over medals and trophies, I don't desire them like other people do. Some people want to win all the cups, others want to win the big team tournaments. I just wanted to be relevant and consistent for so long that it would be impossible for someone to replicate my level of success.

    I think I'll play next year, but I will definitely be more relaxed, and a break is definitely in my future. My plan is to sign up for the next season but have zero interest in my results, play in PPL, and then take a break.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
  2. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Well, I went 8-2 in WCoPP :^)

    on a more serious note, reaching the finals of a master tour a couple of times is a big achievement for me. I'm slowly starting to approach the top of the game, but I still need to play so much tighter.

    Hopefully in 2018 I can win a master tournament and go deep in the WC, and get another good record in WCoPP. Getting past the semis in Indigo Cup would be nice too.

    Most of my goals are not with regards to my own play though. As always, I want the site to grow. I'd love to get BAM playable on the PP server. I'd love to have people getting retiering moving. I'd like the tutoring program to see more tutors sign up, and hopefully I can find more time to tutor my own tutees.

    Not sure what's gonna happen for me irl next year. I'm in my final year of uni so that's really my priority right now, hopefully I can achieve a first class degree. Then I have to get a job... those things are weighing more on my mind than the direction of the forum or my own play in RBY, but hopefully once I have something I can worry less and get more out of the online Pokemon experience.
  3. The Idiot Ninja

    The Idiot Ninja Member

    May 3, 2017
    Likes Received:
    went from depressed and bad at rby to happy and alright at rby

    good year
  4. Lusch

    Lusch A critical hit! Member

    Sep 22, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Alright, since my Pokemon-year is basically over due to not currently being a participant of any onoing tournament, I might as well review it now.
    I want to start with a quote from last year's equivalent thread:

    So we have the goals that I put up for myself right there in those quotes. I can definitely say that I reached them this year. But I'm gonna go through it a little...

    Regarding those 2 cups, I went into them a year ago with a lot of hope and anticipation.
    For Vermilion, because I just love competing against the very best (proven) players of RBY 1U, this tier in which I wanted to claim (or consolidate) a top spot.
    And for Saffron because I like the concept of the tour simply due to being something different from the usual, representing a different kind of challenge.
    My hopes did not go disappointed because I managed to win both of those Cups. If we come back to the quote, I won "one of those Cups" and beat marcoasd in Vermillion (even if it was just the group stage), so considering my goals I could almost have stopped playing the year by the time March came along. But well, I did not stop, obviously, since there were still two more Cups that I was interested in: Indigo and Fuchsia Cup.

    But before I talk about those a litte, I wanna take care of the other 2 remaining Cups:
    I did not join the Cerulean Cup because one would have to qualify with 4 alts to realistacally have chance to win it because other people will do the same and i just did not want to ladder that much. I did however join the Tokusane Cup and formed a team with my friend Peasounay. We did not have a great showing and lost in round 1 to melle2402/Minster Tim.

    Now about Indigo and Fuchsia:
    Both of them are (like Vermilion also) Tournaments that one cannot just enter but one is required to have met some qualifying criteria (mostly winning something else before), which makes those tours consist of only proven players and makes them high qualitiy tournament to play in, which makes them even more appealing for me. Hence I went into them with the highest goal that I could set myself, I wanted to win them.
    Indigo Cup was a good tour for me. I got through the group stage and had to fight Peasounay in the semi finals. We had a great set that I enjoyed playing but that I lost 2-3. Even though I did not win the tournament, I was still not unsatisfied with how it went, since I once again made it through the group stage of a stacked tournament and lost in the semi-finals in a close one to Peasounay. Not what I wanted but also not too shabby.
    When Fuchsia Cup came along, I really wanted to win the tour. As it says in the Fuchsia banner, it aims to be the "Undisputed Championship", only marcoasd had won this tournament before, so I had a great challenge waiting for me. I overcame fantastic players like Beds, Peasounay, marcoasd (always special for me, see goals for 2017 quote) and in the finals GGFan and, even more, I did not drop a single game in that tournament, winning it in the most dominant way possible for me, if not enough, I won the final game of the tournament using a Venusaur, my favourite Pokemon. To me, that represented my highest achievement of my Pokemon career and meant for me personally, that there was nothing left to prove for me anymore at that point. I reached my goal, having won a Season in 2016 and then the Fuchsia Cup in 2017.

    As far as Seasons go, I only joined season 12 this year, but had a poor showing, losing in MT 10 in round 1 0-3 to Linkin Karp, showing a weak performance. Due to not playing in seasons anymore, I was not qulified to play MT 11 due to my early exit. I asked Disaster Area not to put me in MT 12, but there were too many inactivities, so I got subbed in and lost 1-3 vs Beds in a carelessly played set. To make matter worse, I was denied entrance into the RBY 1U-World Championship this year, a tour in which I wanted to try to top my previous result, due to signing up later than most other people (I was on holiday the week the signups went up) and thus only getting a sub spot that did not get used.

    As far as Team tournements on PP go, I did not join PPL, but joined the last minute Team Germany for WCoPP. We did not have a good atmosphere whithin the team for the first weeks and several people left our team midway through the tournament. But the rest that kept sticking around made the last few weeks enjoyable for me, even though I had to play ADV for the last 4 weeks, but that was actually a welcome change for once. I went 6-4 overall, where I was 4-2 in RBY and 2-2 in ADV. I am happy with my ADV record because it is not my main tier and I played with self-made teams ;]. RBY I am not that thrilled about because I felt that both my losses (vs respectable up and comers Mysterious M and The Idiot Ninja; respect to both) were pretty avoidable on my part.

    For completeness, tournements I played on smogon get a mention. I played in SPL 2017 and put up a 6-3 record, which was the best record on my team and the second bast RBY record behind Peasounay's 8-1. I was relatively pleased with it, but ending with an (for the team irrelevant) loss vs Bomber did not satisfy me, but it was still a successful SPL after all for me personally (unfortunally not for my team). I played the RBY grand championship and lost somewhere in the last 32 (maybe?) to Jimmy Turtwig and Mister Tim and played in the RBY Cup I believe but did not achieve anything memorable there (I don't remember those tours exactly and cannot look them up right now because smogon is down at the time of this post).
    The best RBY experience on Smogon this year however for me was the Retro Cup of Pokemon, this year a pure RBY OU team tournament where I formed a team with Beds, Mael and Linkin Karp for Germany. Most notably defeating France (Diegolh) along the way and Italy (Troller) in the finals to win the tournement.

    Lastly, I played the lower tier World Championships for 2U, 3U (and was a sub for 4U). That gave me a lot of fun. I like the lover RBY tiers, sometimes more than 1U. I had to exit in round 1 of the 2U championship after losses to Peasounay and Enigami, but managed to win the 3U championship in a great final vs Enigami.

    So all things considered, I reached my goals definitely, but not much more to be honest. There were some sloppy showings here and there that I am not satisfied with, but I felt when it really counted for me personally I was there, spot on.
    I don't really wanna set any more goals for me in RBY other than having more fun at it and only play when I really want to, not for "glory" anymore (as I started doing already by not signing up for Vermilion and Saffron to try to defend my titles). I want to help revisiting the lower tiers of RBY if I can and I am going to play in SPL 2018, nothing more I can say at this point.

    Edit: Damn that got longer than I thought
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  5. Lutra

    Lutra Site Founder Owner

    Nov 2, 2011
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    Well playing-wise, I topped that easy RBY mewbers ladder on PS, while crashing out of the RBY mewbers minitour in RoA with some bad preparation and luck.

    I had some hard-fought wins in random ladders though and managed to get high before I stopped playing 2 or so months ago. Made into the top 12 of a 96 man all gen random battle tournament, losing to the eventual winner.

    I switched to almost exclusively hosting different major RoA tournaments this year and it’s been a pretty fun year, especially after I finished off the World’s Longest Tournament. I feel like I succeded in hosting world cup-style tournaments, with roa olympics 2 receiving impressive activity. The challenge next year for me will be passing the roa tournament baton just like what’s been done extremely successfully for rby seasons.

    Talking of RoA, I went from a room driver up to an RoA room owner (and global driver), so I have power like never before to hopefully grow the old generation scene.
  6. eden

    eden end. Host Emeritus

    Nov 4, 2014
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    Went from happy and bad, to clinically depressed, disinterested and passable. I guess self-improvement is one reason to play. Good year....not.

    Kind of low motivation for my line of study, and irl in general I guess. Translated to some lack luster showings, I still have mild interest in building I guess. All the "big" in terms of team size tours have been fun to me, just because of getting to be in a large group, which is something I don't really have anymore in real life. In terms of playing I'm doing ok I guess, I can and have played much better though, it's a process though. I think I improved in general in terms of play over the last year, which is nice to see. When I'm not really into it, even playing this game can seem like an annoying chore, quite frankly. I did finally get the chance to play in a lot of team tours this year, which was good although I'd rather have played when I was raring to go, instead of praying for the tour to be over so I could relax again. Sorry to any of my teammates in said tours if I wasn't too eager to play, I'm just kind of burnt out and figuring some stuff out for myself.

    I enjoy tutoring much more I think, got approved to tutor here and on smogon. Isza was the best tutee one could ask for, and I really doubt I'll get to teach someone as good as that again.

    Having fun's important, but frankly I'm not really having fun anywhere, so me not enjoying playing isn't really a surprise.

    Here's hoping I find some motivation for the year to come.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2017
  7. Stockings

    Stockings Mum stole me darts Member

    Oct 19, 2015
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    On a personal level, the year has been quite stressful for me, after getting horrendous grades, dropping out of school, joining college, quitting my job and various personal issues I've been left drained, worried and have been having more serious bouts of depression than ever before. At least I have friends and family to keep me up. It's been a rough one.

    Enough about that, I'm not here to dig for pity LOL.

    My on and off relationship with competitive pokemon had been over for quite a while as I came into this year. However, in spring, about a week after coming back to pokemon as a casual timesink, I had a chance encounter w/ a bunch of people who are still better than me at adv (sunny, cz, deadboots, and folktale if I recall correctly.) and after playing and chatting about the tier for hours on end* I was getting hooked back in and having serious fun with pokemon for the first time since I was being shown the ropes by Triangles back on PO.
    ___I joined a couple MTs, stepped away from games for a couple months and then came back. My results in these individual tours have been very mediocre so far, I feel that if I'm to make a name for myself as serious competition to everyone currently in the ADV comm that I'm required to start placing more highly in these. 'I'll be trying' is all I can say.
    ___As far as team tours go, I played one (wcopp, UK) and performed abysmally, absolutely dreadful, my worst performance to date. This can mostly be attributed to myself however. I only actually prepped a couple of the weeks and I misplayed like a donkey most weeks. The most important thing however is that I was entirely unmotivated, this isn't intended to be an excuse but rather something to look back on and develop from. The team chat was completely dead, I didn't really know any of my teammates and to this day barely know a few of them, I didn't even keep up with our team's overall record or how other teams were doing. It's not great and I'm not proud at all, I feel like I should have performed better during wcopp and could have, had I put in more effort. If I had won matches that were totally in my reach on specific weeks, UK could actually have made cut I believe.

    I reckon despite these things that I have improved quite a lot as a player throughout this year, and I would like to think that the people who have been playing me regularly in this time period would attest to that. I have full intentions on getting much better than I am, I'm still not quite as good as I'd like to be in my own eyes and I'm still making making far too many level 0 plays, lets see if I'm where I want to be next year, unlikely, but the goal is there.

    At least I'm having fun though, that's what's important, right?

    *No exaggeration this session was from like 1am to 7am, I just kept playing.
  8. ThrashNinjax

    ThrashNinjax Lets take to the Skies Host Emeritus

    Sep 7, 2015
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    Placeholder post for when I feel like writing more:

    Was a Season Host for three months before I stood down over irl issues that were killing my activity.
    Did ok at HGSS Master Tours for a while - lol still can't believe I'm ranked second on the site's rankings.
    Watched my PPL team crash and burn because Sunny and teal6 SUCK (and yet I clung to the sinking ship long enough to get a win in the last week; lol its the thought that counts)
    Had a ton of fun in RoAPL and hung with some cool people - we didn't go all the way, but it was a fun ride and that was what mattered.
    Choked a WCoP game and ascended to permanent infamy in the online mons world. This sucked for me on a lot of levels, (and nearly drove me into depression), but yeah. I took a break to focus on irl because I was really disappointed in myself for a while; s/o to sunny and piex for standing by me, reminding me that I still loved playing and I would be back eventually.
    Had the best WCoPP season possible, met the collection of lads that would make the best bffs for life, had a ton of fun in the chat and I rediscovered my love for the game from the bench, just chatting with friends / test games / teambuilding off of whack ideas was all I needed. We missed playoffs by a hair but idgaf, the tour was about the journey.
    Won the ADV WC, a big thing I'd never have dreamed I'd be able to do. Twas a wild ride, and despite the fact that it showed I still have a lot to learn, I was proud of how far I'd come and utterly touched by the support I got along the way and congratulations I got after winning, from super close friends to people I've only spoken with once or twice (also helped me mend fences with some people I've had issues with in the past, can conclude that Foggi and Osgoode are all right). Helped me feel like mons was worth playing again and it was a confidence booster at a time when I needed one.
    Sent off a resume to SPL managers and now I'm just waiting to get drafted.

    So tl:dr I started this year bright-eyed and hopeful, faced a lot of despair event horizons which broke me for a while, but I kept fighting, kept smiling, and it all worked out; I got a tour win, I still love the game, and I have friendships that will probably outlast my mons career (still waiting for the invite to deluks' wedding LOL), so yeah, all's well that ends well I guess.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  9. Ariel Rebel

    Ariel Rebel #1 rsutton23 Fan Member

    Jan 2, 2017
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    Spent most of my year playing GSC OU. I spent a bit of time with RBY OU, thanks to Disaster Area and Maya. Unfortunately, I had things come up and ultimately decided that I would focus on GSC OU for the time being.

    At the start of the year I was all about the ladder. Roostur, FriendofMrGolem120, MovieAboutCancer, and rsutton23 were the top names at this time. I made it my goal to be able to take games off of these players. Despite holding a negative W-L record against them, I learned a lot just from playing against them. This would eventually lead to me cracking the 1500 mark on the ladder early in the year and with PPL 2 coming around the corner, I thought I would stand a good chance. I ended up going 1-3. A lesson learned for me is that ladder is only a small aspect of competitive play and if I wanted to improve from here, I should be joining more tournaments.

    Nearing the end of PPL, I became a substitute for a pokemon online team tournament. Granted I was only subbed in when the outcome of my match would not adversely affect the team, I had the opportunity to redeem myself for a poor PPL 2 showing. I did not disappoint. When I was subbed in here, I won my games. I felt better about my game here and was probably at my peak for the year. Following this, I played on several more names on the GSC OU ladder and eventually took ~15 names to 1499+.

    I started to struggle with connectivity and my personal life started to get busier, so I ended up playing less. I chose not to join WCOPP for this reason. I would often go on showdown and watch games when I could. That is still the case, but I am trying to play more. I am definitely not playing as well as I did when I was at my peak. Back then I took it for granted that I was able to put in the time and get the practice that I needed.

    Not sure what the new year will bring.

    Thanks Disaster Area for putting in the time with me teaching me how to play RBY properly. Thanks Maya for encouraging me to play RBY. Thanks FriendofMrGolem120 and Sulcata for the games and discussions. I know there are many others who have positively influenced my year who might not have received mention here. I appreciate every contribution for everyone, but my list would be way too long to mention everyone.
  10. sulcata

    sulcata sulcata#9465 Member

    Mar 11, 2015
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    i think i managed to not drop a game to gsc legend rsutton23, i cant believe how far i've come this year.
  11. SaDiSTiCNarwhal

    SaDiSTiCNarwhal Always tired Member

    Mar 3, 2017
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    I only started playing competitive, well, when I first joined PP. Really all I've done is choke in BW WC and go 0-0 in WCoPP
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    Right. I was waiting until tonight to make a proper post in this thread, here goes.

    January was a pretty fucking tragic time for me. I was depressed, I was an ORAS main (lol), used to feel the strong urge to slice my arms open every night and all of that shit. And during those dark times is when my RBY 'career' started. I've always been a flexible player who used to do decent in all tiers but not really excel at anything or have any hope to compare with the top dogs, and I didn't really even know what tier I mained to be honest. I kinda sticked with current gen OU because that's what everyone did but I had no strong preferences.

    When the RBY OU Global Championship came around, I joined for fun - I enjoyed my few matches of RBY like I enjoyed my few matches of any other tier, and RBY tournaments are quite rare, plus there was that slight infinitely small chance at winning cash prize, so I just went for it. I forget the details exactly, but insert Troller. One way or another, he ended up scrutinizing every single game of RBY I played during that tournament, pointing out every mistake, and while I carried myself through the early rounds with good instinct and some luck, I quickly started to get better without even noticing. My run ended in Round 4 (top 24) after losing twice to Diegolh, by no means an excellent result, but for my old standards of mediocrity, I felt pretty pumped about it even still.

    At this point I felt like a decent RBYer - and if I look back I was still very terrible, but that's besides the point - and for some goddamn reason, someone else agreed with my feelings. Life was looking up for once, I met new people who helped me get better as a person, and in general I was hyped about things that were happening for once - my newfound RBY progress being one of said things. By SOME MIRACLE, Astamatitos happened to notice my RBY Global champs performance and decided to pick me up as a 3k buy for RoAPL, to start in RBY. That tournament had Bo1 RBY games, so I ended 3-4 with a lot of getting haxed and a lot of haxing others so the score isn't all that relevant, but anyway what matters here is that it gave me the confidence to make the extra effort. At this point I was better at RBY than I had ever been at any other generation or tier in pokémon, so I decided to bother making the next step - joining Pokémon Perfect.

    My introduction to PP tours were, in early May, Master Tourament 34 and Tokusane Cup 3, both of which were quite lucky for me. I teamed up with Troller for Tokusane and together we were the winning couple - I got defeated by him in the grand finals, but getting there was already a bunch of precious experience and winning always feels good even if you get carried, so this encouraged me to keep going at it. In my first MT I managed to nail a run to Semifinals / 3rd place, beating senpai Troller himself along the way (with some signifcant luck), which definitely ultimately cemented my goals: by now I was convinced I had what it takes to play with the best. Troller was still doing all of the work he was doing in Global Championship to help out, and it just kept polishing me into a better and better player.

    Insert High School Graduation Exams here. Not really too relevant in this specific context, but they did help me in powering that "I'm a new person, I'm changing for the better" feeling which I carried along in my pkmn career too.

    To follow those up, Retro Cup of Pokémon was announced; me and Troller, being the most active RBYers in Italy, immediately went out to look for partners. marcoasd and Alexander both denied interest, to my partial displeasure, but it also meant I got to play even more matches, and we settled on god smilzo who just doesnt lose in ADV **and** RBY. We got to finals but I lost every game in playoffs because I either misplayed or got lucked, rip that

    And that was really the part of the story I cared about recapping. From there on, it's just kind of... more of the same. Fighting, playing, Master Tour X, Fuchsia whatever, it's just me gradually getting better and eventually getting where I am today. From depressed ORAS main who gets excited about making Round 4, to manager of the WCoPP winning team, drafted to start in SPL 9, hyped about 2018. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and bless the luck gods who helped me out along the way.
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    Okay, my year is pretty much over (apart of the Tim's invitational tournament and Saffron, but we can count that as 2018), so I'll take the opportunity to review it. Warning: this is going to be HUGE.

    I came back to Pokemon Showdown in July. I have been coming and going for short periods of time for like the last 7 years. Little did I know that this time, I'd get involved more with the community that I had for the last 7 years combined. When I came back in July, Disaster Area immediatly messaged me asking me to rejoin PP's tours. I told him that I didn't like committing to things unless I was sure I'd be able to commit until the end, so I wouldn't join tournaments for now. 1 month later I told him I thought I was staying for good, so when new tournaments started, I'd join.

    September came. The new RBY season started. WCoPP signups started. DA told me to join both. I joined for the RBY season, but I was a bit reluctant in joining WCoPP, because I wasn't sure I'd commit for such a long period of time. This decision was the first one of the two most important decisions I took this year.

    I'll spoiler the next sections so that this doesn't become a huge wall of text. There will be three sections: my PP retrospective (which is mostly concerned to battling), my RoA retrospective and lastly shoutouts to the people that made all of this worthwile.

    In the beggining I was just another random guy that pretty much only DA (and some RBY ladderers) knew. I was initially going to be in team Europe but that eventually was deemed unviable and we merged with Asia to form Seven Seas, under the leadership of Linkin Karp. He asked me if I wanted to be his assistant manager, I accepted. It would be a fun experience to learn how was managing in a team tour, so why not? I was also a RBY starter alongside him, and being a starter was very important to me because my primary goal was getting games to gain tour experience (something Poek didn't assure me, hence why I chose SS over Spain at the time).

    Then the last day of signups came. When I logged in Discord, I found out that the Germans realized that they could make a team alongside some people they invited, and left the team (something me and Karp talked about several times, absolutely no drama happened because of this, everyone accepted it). The team was left without manager and with like half of the starters gone. As assistant manager, I was the natural candidate to ascend to manager. But as I said before, it was my first team tour and second tournament. I didn't want to manage. But since no one stepped up, I've been a leader in several situations before and I was the natural candidate, I did it. Zero regrets, loved being manager and WCoPP was very fun (refer to my post in the last week of the first stage).

    Changing to individual tournaments, things went well. I had a very weird set vs Enigami in MT37 where we had to replay the last game because I boomed my last Pokemon when I had a like 98% guaranteed win (score would be 3-2). Fortunately I won the 6th game and went through. I then won vs marcoasd and then lost to Disaster Area 3-2 in a set where my Tauros forgot its glasses at home and his Victreebel did Victreebel things (read, get haxed as always and die).

    WC was the biggest rollercoaster in terms of emotions I've had. I started by 2-1'd ThrashNinjax in a weird set. I then got 2-1'd by GGFan. He played better the decisive game, so heh, no regrets. I then won stage 3 vs lord of the crabs in the most unusual set I've ever had in tours, because well, my opponent lives up to his name and makes his teams around Kingler. Off to Round 2 we go. I 2-0'd Bomber and 2-1'd marcop, meaning no stage 3 this time. Cool, feels good to wait while we see things happen. You know, like I've been doing since the first day of Saffron. But I'll talk about that in 2018. Anyway, back to WC. Round 3 happens. I get Peasounay and stunner. First set was vs Peasounay. Freaking awesome set. It was also the set I brought my first Slowbro team too, after testing with it for some time in ladder. It couldn't have gone better. And it couldn't have gone worse. I executed my gameplan perfectly. But the last 10 turns of the battle were the most frustrating turns I ever had as a competitive battler:

    In the endgame, Peasounay had a full health Tauros in play and a full health Lapras. I had a full health Golem in play, a semi healthy Chansey and a full health paralyzed Slowbro and Tauros in the back. The gameplan was pretty straightforward. Blow up the bull, get rid of it with Slowbro, kill Lapras with the rest of the 3 Pokes. Basically with this plan Peas needed Bull crit and then Lapras crit in 3 turns. Bull crit Golem, Lapras crit my Bro in the first turn. I cried. I wasn't mad, since Peas also played well, but I was very, very frustrated. To the point I calc'd my chances with that strategy and came up with 93-7 in my favour. I still have to come at peace with myself with what happened here :(

    Alas, I lost. Oh well. Time to get my Stage 3 place vs stunner. Denied, lost 2-1 too in a pretty standard set. And like that I was out of WC. At least I put up a fight.

    Let's pretend MT38 didn't exist I lost in a haxfest vs my WCoPP teammate byronthewellwell in R1. Like, one of those huge haxfests that just make you immediatly want to die.

    I entered MT39 with aspirations at the 3rd place, unlikely but still possible (stunner had to get KO'd early and I had to reach the finals or win it if he went through R2). I did my part and 3-1'd Icarax and 3-0'd Eb0la. When I saw stunner getting KO'd in R2 and GGFan KO'd in R1 my mind was completely focused in getting to those finals. Unfortunately I fell at the hands of one of the best current RBY players, roudolf13 (sorry guys, you can say whaetever you want, he is SPL level good. In my opinion, even positive record good) so the 3rd place dream fell apart. I could still at least get 4th if DA got 3-0'd by linek, but alas, he got 3-1'd so I'll finish the season in the 5th place, with 27 points. Not bad I guess. But not perfect either.

    I also made some very cool friendships in PP, but I'll talk about those in section 3.

    This marks the end of my retrospective to my PP tournament presence. For the next year, I want to do better in the seasons and in the master tournaments, do good in PPL and eventually manage Seven Seas again. I'm also starting to join GSC seasons. In the next section, I'll review my 2017 year in the Ruins of Alph Smogon subcommunity.

    As I said, in July I got back into Pokemon Showdown. I mostly played RBY, since it's the tier I felt suited myself as a player better. That also meant I was back in RoA. In 2016, I was mostly a lurker, joining tours and rarely, participating in discussions. Not that the room was that active back then.

    In 2017, RoA was completely different. Although I continued my previous attitude towards RoA in the beggining, it was much more lively now, which made me gradually start speaking more. Eventually I started making some e-friendships.

    I met so many interesting people in RoA that I quickly became one of RoA's most active users. Me and those players would join each other's battles (or play each other) and in the end, stay a lot of time discussing them (or other stuff). This tightened the bonds of the e-friendships I was forming, but we'll get to that later. The more time passed, the more I grew fond of the room. The fact that these bonds were with GSC players made me grow more and more interested in the tier and in the end of WCoPP decide that I was going to try to main it alongside RBY.

    Eventually, Lutra posted in the RoA's Discord what would trigger the second of the two most important decisions I took. He asked for someone willing host for RoA Tour II to PM him. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and PM'd him. I got accepted.

    This small decision changed everything. From "just a RoA regular" I went to tournament host (and what a fun experience that has been!), then promoted to RoA Voice, then appointed as RoA Tour Nights host, then driver of RoA (these two together created the "Sceptross the part-time driver" meme among RoA regulars. Seriously, I've been a RoA Driver for some time already and I still get people memeing about it, saying that I should go tell Lutra that he forgot to demote me and stuff like that haha). All of these culminated with me being invited to host RoAPL with perry, which was the hardest decision I had to make until now, since that meant not playing (I even asked some people their opinoin on it), but my love for hosting tournaments spoke higher so I ended up accepting it, very honoured by the invite. This decision also guaranteed I'd be joining PPL and Smogon Classic, since I won't be playing this one (I still wasn't sure I'd join either of them).

    Tournament-wise, I joined RoA Olympics 2, which was a complete disaster (I was put into GSC OU, a tier at the time I had very little experience with at the time, and got immediatly knocked out of it by Bomber and RBY UU, where I also got KO'd in two haxfests that rivaled with my set vs byron in MT38. Seriously, I had both games pretty much won and lost both of them to multiple freezes, crits and gen 1 misses in both endgames). I also joined three Live Tournaments, one of RoA Tour I and two of RoA Tour II. I won all three of them. The third one was in GSC OU, two weeks after I started trying to main the tier. The fact that I beat Bomber, Zokuru and undisputed, 3 really competent players, further boosted my motivation about GSC. Seriously, I'm starting to love this generation.

    This marks the end of the RoA section. For the future, I want to keep hosting tournaments if given the opportunity and who knows, participate in team tournaments too (I loved the atmosphere around SPL, I want to partake in that in the future!). In the next, final section, I'll do some shoutouts to the people I met in these 4 months I've been around here and RoA. This section might get a bit emotional, since PP and RoA are the best e-communities I've ever belonged to and I made some of my best e-friendships in both of them. Let me say that I won't talk about everyone, because I met so many interesting people that I'm going to have to cut down the list. But seriously, I think there's no one I have a bad relationship with. So I'll just stick to the people I talk to the most.

    EDIT: Okay after re reading this, this is probably too emotional lol sorry guys x.x Zero regrets tho.

    The "PP guys" first:

    ThrashNinjax and CALLOUS : I'm putting you two together because I like both of you and respect both of you a lot. I think it's a huge shame that two people that are very passionate and love ADV so much can't get along together. Not to mention that from what I've seen of both, both seem very competent battlers. I know I came late to the party so I didn't see for myself what happened with you (although both of you told me about it already). I think that both of you can be very good influences for the community.

    • Specifically to CALLOUS: I really think ThrashNinjax has grown up (and so has Maya! you really need to change your opinion on her too!). I'd really like to see you back in PP's Discord. You have always been very nice and correct with me, add very good points to discussions all the time and this community both needs someone that puts competition ahead of fun and vice versa (so that we can have both with successful results) and you are probably the best person in this community to "defend" the competitive side.
    • Specifically to ThrashNinjax: You are a very nice guy. I also think you have been growing up a lot since I first met you and you are a very enjoyable presence. Congratulations on winning the WC, I want to see you succeed even more from now on!
    Eseque I could write a shoutouts post for you, but I can just grab your post about me in WCoPP and forward it to you, since it describes how I feel about you perfectly:

    Huston Don't ever give up. I've been seeing improvements in you lately, both in Pokemon and in your mental state. You are starting to be much more positive about yourself and life and that is making you a very positive influence in PP too. Keep it up, you are definitely on the right track!

    Diegolh You are a nice person I've talked to several times already that I've grown to respect very much. You are very straight to the point and always say what you think, and I respect that A LOT. You are also absurdely talented in RBY and the SPL nomination is more than deserved. Keep it up and kick their ass out there!

    Deadboots You are a very nice person and, along with FOMG, the reason I decided to fully commit to GSC. I always agree with what you say and you expose your points very well. We've had some very nice conversations already (one immediatly comes to mind, I'm sure you know which). You are also a very good player. I respect you very much and your opinion will always have great inluence in me.

    drud You are a very nice guy. Even if some people don't agree. You were also one of the first people to believe in me as a player and I appreciate the support you give me both in PP an in RoA stuff a lot. We've also had some pretty cool conversations already.

    Eden's Embrace You are one of the nicest people around here. I enjoy our occasional RBY sets very much and you are one of the most reasonable people around here. Like some other people I've mentioned, your opinion will always matter to me because of that. I know you've had some big letdowns lately but don't give up, keep going and kick their ass in SPL next year!

    Some rising stars out there: you all know who I'm referring to. You know I've been enjoying it a lot. This is a shoutout to every single one of you, because I like and respect each one of you a lot. And may we continue doing what we've been doing with the results we've been having.

    And lastly, Disaster Area : I have to give a special shoutout to you. You and me are very similar in terms of personality in my opinion. You are one hell of a RBY battler. You are the PP'er I talked to the most and I feel we have a close relationship that I enjoy very much. I respect you a lot as a person and you can bet I'll try to get you unbanned from Smogon. Not to mention the shoutout you gave me in the cast, I was honoured by it. You just need to not shut down your brain in the endgames and stop dodging the subject/ignoring me when I'm confronting you with stuff you don't want to hear :p

    Lastly, the RoA people. I'll stick to the ones that are registered here only:

    Ariel Rebel : We've been talking more now that I've been into GSC. You are a very interesting person, with a very funny sense of humour. I hope our "are you searching right now?" nights continue because they have been a blast. I've been learning a lot of GSC from you and I hope we continue our conversations after the games ended because I've been enjoying them very much. You need to talk more in RoA and stick to an alt though :p

    tjdaas : You are a very nice and resasonable person. You are also one of the first people I ask opinions to about things. You've been alongside me on almost everything I've (we've!) done for RoA and I couldn't ask for a better person for that. Your opinion is always relevant for me and I feel this "crusade" of ours hosting tours in RoA is only starting and I'm sure we will enjoy every piece of what's left to come.

    Samantha : Out of the RoA shoutouts I'm giving, you are probably the one I have talked to less. But that doesn't mean I don't like and respect you a lot. You have a very, very good sense of humour, you always say pertinent things when you speak and you are a VERY competent GSCer. It's a shame you choose not to participate in tournaments. You also gave me the best GSC battle I've ever had, as I said a couple of times already.

    Lutra : I know you are the owner of PP, but I obviously have to shoutout you here. You are a top tier RBYer. You are an excellent tournament host. We had our fair share of intesreting conversations already. But more than all that, you deserve a huge shoutout for all the confidence you've been putting in me lately. In 2 months, I went from RoA regular to Room Driver and RoAPL host. This is a huge, huge, huge sign of confidence in me coming from you and I appreciate it very very very much. You're also a very nice person, you are one of those people that I think there's no one that says that doesn't like or respect you.

    Maya : You are one of the most interesting people I've ever met online. There's one thing you need to improve, which is learning to know which fights to pick (if you are too agressive, your arguments will not go through and will be disregarded). Apart from that, I only have good things to say about you. I like your personality a lot, you are a very interesting person and most likely one of the biggest reasons I got where I am in RoA right now. 15 minutes with you are enough to understand you are a very, very intelligent and nice person. You are also very passionate about life in a very unique way, and this is the biggest compliment I can make you. Don't leave this community, it will be a huge loss.

    And now the last shoutout I'll be giving in this huge post. This one has to be separated from the rest, though. A huge, huge, huge shoutout to FriendOfMrGolem120 for everything. For the hours and hours of absolutely fantastic conversations about pretty much everything. For the battles we've had together. For being there for me countless times when I needed. For getting me into GSC. For teaching me most of what I know about it. For being an absolutely fantastic person. But above all, for being an amazing friend. You are the person I get along with the best in this community and a big part, along with the people I mentioned here, of why I like RoA so much. You have an absolutely fantastic personality, are one of the nicest people I've ever met and I'm not retiring as a competitive battler without playing alongside you in a team tournament (and eventually manage! that has to happen too!). I don't know when that'll happen, but it will have to. I guarantee it will.
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    (I might add a few more lines to this later)

    Started as 0 ended as a 0.4
    could have been worse.

    I did great earlier in the first half of the year (not as much on pp as in general), however my results in the later part went.. eh (as if I had any results to begin with), played 3 mediocre games in wcopp (two of which I fucked up by doing very stupid things) , played pretty poorly in mts, got a semi decent run in adv wc and that was kinda it.

    However I also personally think that to the very least I've improved greatly as a player, mostly in gsc and adv where this year I pretty much started with 0 experience and now it's, well, better than 0 I guess. I mean, I've never even attempted to touch gsc in a serious manner before march and now I'm "in charge" of the retiering, that's quite the jump to make in one year.

    Hopefully 2018 goes better, I have so much stuff to do between january and may that maybe I can make something good out of it.
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    Year was absolutely fucked.

    So I started out as some ladder noob that had just joined PP and in the first week of the year, Diegolh, who was basically the only player I ever talked to in RoA, had some lengthy pm convos with me where he taught me the very basics. I kept his advice on some post-its on my desk all the time. I went on to play my first two MTs, 2-3 vs Golden Gyarados and Alexander, both shitty haxfests with haxy G5s. I probably predicted better at the start of the year than I do now lol.
    MT33 I got 0-3'd by Peasounay, a series that showed I clearly lacked some fundamental plays/skills (for example I hbeamed a non-para'd 60% Chansey with Lax and felt dumb after he healed lol). Signed up for tutoring shortly after that, but DA asked for a tutoring session approximately every 2 months and always at a time where I was in uni or, later, in the evening, when I couldn't play in the evening anymore. At some point later in the year I was just replaced, but that's fine for me. GGFan wanted to take me on instead since his timezone fit my availability perfectly, but then he decided that he'd rather keep his secret strategies to himself, which meant he couldn't tutor me (as someone who's officially been a RBY tutor for years). Still up for being tutored so hmu lmao.
    Tried getting into PPL but wasn't even considered. Signed up for the legendary POWC, this time for Germany instead of USSR (which was a bad joke I had just kept going over the years) and came in contact with the German scene for the first time. Everyone's still as absolutely fucking annoying as I had noticed from my few glimpses earlier. Team had some people that seemed nice (Mazar, bluri, leru), but in the end Lusch's prob the only decent human being that played for us. Lusch also taught me some more stuff, especially how to use Lapras, I hated that mon. I was on the preliminary roster for our team but didn't make the cut in favor of leru, who could also play other tiers beside RBY (which he was actually p bad at but at that time people hyped him because he got finals in some Smogon tour).
    I kept on getting better with no ceiling in sight. Got to quarterfinals (I think?) of Smogon RBY Cup, then built what was probably my best team at that time by cteaming Teddeh, who still won against me lol. Some short stints in other tours followed, where I always got kicked out pretty quickly, but at least I beat Tim in some PO tour. MT34 I got 0-3'd by GGFan and the clear skill difference was once again obvious, but hell it's GGFan not some noob.

    MT35 was when the fuckery began. I played against Ninja, who was the new hyped newcomer at that point since I'd failed to get any real results in my first few months. We were both somewhat equal in skill, he had the edge in G2 where I'd played a stupid earlygame and then G4 was where my real life fucked shit up for the first time. I couldn't focus and made the dumbest plays I'd made all year, so I got fucking bopped 2-3 and now Ninja's not even my rival or anything anymore, he's just out of sight and would prob 3-0 me now lol.
    I started hosting some tours around that time. 1V New Frontiers failed to gain the interest of more than a few decent players and died before you could say "Chansey", Liar's Game was pretty nice but I had to call act for the finals which sucked. Lost again vs Gyara 1-3 in MT36 with a lot of hax, then got carried through Retro Cup by Lusch, Beds and mael while being fucking useless and dragging them down. The important turning point for me was the game against Diego in group stage, I had never played any serious games against him and he made a gentlemen's agreement with me that he'd bring Zam lead all 3 games if I didn't lead Eggy, which he broke and 2-0'd my anti-Zam teams with Starmie Rhydon lel.
    After that game (and thanks to some more pm convos where he opened my eyes) I noticed I had to get much better and laid out a clear path for myself to improve. In the few weeks after Retro Cup I got to a level where I'd never been before, and in MT37 I could finally prove myself.

    R1 I faced Lusch, who had taught me like 40% of the things I hadn't taught myself, and proceeded to 3-0 him. Of course with a bit of well-timed hax that saved me from a few really bad misplays, but I left out no opportunity to keep up the pressure. After that Beds dropped 3-2 with one of the lost games being a Tauros flip, and in R3 I faced the guy I was the most afraid to lose to out of anyone: a cocky RoA random with the aesthetic name "EB0LANIQQER".
    At that point Eb0 was new to the tour scene and no one thought he was good, so it would've been the worst thing ever to lose to him. We haxed each other in an atrocious 2 hour series and in the end I won, but there was so much RNG that it was pretty much impossible to tell who would've deserved it more. I was just glad I was the one to get through.
    WCoPP started and in week 1 we had to face Brazil, who didn't want to play by the rules. I lost G1 because I'd somewhat tilted (hard not to tilt when your opp gives his teammates voice so they can insult you during the match) and in G2 I got a server-side DC while my net kept working perfectly, when I refreshed there was nothing for a minute and then the timer had gone down even tho he was the one who could've, and should've, stopped it. I fucking tilted and this is probably the match that started to earn me the name "man of a 1000 excuses", and even somewhat rightfully so since I played atrociously that whole series. We got one more similar timer loss that week and ultimately lost because our sub didn't even look at the team he was given. That moment I lost hope for the entire German team, and it came much, much worse, but you all know the story. In retrospect I should've just stayed with Seven Seas, they were my team that I had brought together and I'd even created the name and everything. But that's a lesson I had to learn, never trust Germans in team tours.

    Then it all went downhill further. I won against willdbeast, who was so unfamiliar with RBY that it honestly hurt beating him, and apart from that one win I lost to hclat, who I'd underestimated to hell and back, lost to Troller, lost to Peasounay, lost to Troller again, lost MT37 semis to DA and lost bronze to stunner. The latter two matches were pretty haxy since in both I got robbed in 2 endgames respectively, but that's life. Especially notable was the 2am match against DA, which was somewhat one-of-a-kind since I'd never be able to play past 8pm from home but when I'm at my grandma's house I like to spend the nights playing mons. Brought Porygon to a tour game and didn't regret it, but alas I got robbed later that game. Either way, I couldn't really influence the MT games but in WCoPP I shoulda won at least some of the games against veterans, of course it's a scary thing if your opp has won the last 2 MTs but that's not an impossiblity, that's a hardship you have to overcome, and I didn't overcome it even once and cemented my rank as a mediocre player.
    Excuses continued when I lost 0-2 against Gyara, yep my best friend's dog literally died 2 minutes into G1 while he was at my house, didn't make that up. MT38 I lost to Genesis7 which I really shouldn't have, but I banked too much on Bslam para hitting against his continuous Egg/Mie switches into my Lax (like 8 in one game) and I never got it. That was the moment I started to realize I fucking sucked. My only other RBY wins in WCoPP were vs Dre89 and Melle, I even needed hax to beat the latter, otherwise it would've been a close one, and I lost 0-2 against luis fucking peikou. Tried GSC for a change, pleasantly surprised by how nice the tier is, but I semi-quit after haxing a Greek john to shit and BMing them by saying it was my first GSC tour game (which it actually was lol).
    I had taken over Huston's semi-dead Smogon RBY tour, reviving it and calling act on 15/16 games in one round, and after that started hosting Saffron and Vermilion, which Peas offered me to do. Maybe I have a future as a RBY season host (in which case drud offered to jump off a bridge as a sacrifice to my greatness).

    And oh well then I lost another MT R1 against an opp I shoulda cleanly 3-0'd in my prime and honestly this is sad to read. My real life has taken quite the toll on me since that MT37 game against Lusch and my mental state is a huge part of the reason why I play that bad. Not something coming entirely from within like depression, but a factor I just can't change. Nobody's going to fucking read up until this point lel, but yeah there are some things where even the strongest people, and I see myself as quite a strong person having beaten depression and all kinds of issues by myself, are completely powerless. It's probably going to continue this way for at least 8 months but I'm not quitting, on the contrary, I'm trying my best to get back on that level of August/September and even much, much higher, and that sounds like such a Huston thing to say but well I'm not aggressively aiming to be the best or nothing, I'm aware that I'm mediocre and I'll keep becoming less mediocre by actively acknowledging and eliminating flaws in my play. Saying "I'll be the best" is easy, but actively improving is another thing, and a few people can testify I'm really doing the latter. Shoutouts to those few.
  16. marcoasd

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    Jul 17, 2013
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    Dear Santa,
    I didn't push myself too much this year.
    Anyway, I'd like to recive a brand new train set and that would be more than enough.
    Love, marcoasd.

    Being more serious, my teams and I lost PPL and POCL finals. I wasn't on Team Italy when it won WCPP, I've never won a team tournament other than RoAPL (when I had the chance on Smogon, after having a terrific team and me finishing swiss rounds at 7-0, the tournament was deleted! We considered ourselves champions because we won the swiss) - it looks like I am bad luck!
    On the other hand, I added more team tournament coins without losing my lifetime "over 50% finish warranty" which secretly is the record I am more fond of (SPL, next).
    I won my 10th MT and 5th season. Reached 300 overall points on PP - which I just realized.
    Next milestone is 10 cups, so 2 more - possibly including Indigo which is cursed.
  17. kjdaas

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    So I promised drud, you are next :p, that I would write one and because I lost motivation to study for quantum chemistry, here is my revie of my year (long post incoming:)

    In irl I got my chemistry bachelor and started a chemistry master in the direction of theoretical chemistry. But because no one will be interested in that I will just go to the Pokémon related stuff.

    My Pokémon year can be divided into two parts, BDM and ADM, where BDM means Before Drud Managing and After Drud Managing.

    The year started with two tours were a did decent with where lc trainings camp hosted by Conni and ofc Ost where I in both reached r4 but lost to The Quasar and Leftiez respectively. At the same time, I was on the top of the LC ladder, like a ladder hero should :p, and got suspect reqs for the vulpix test. Around the same time Drud got me to sign up for ppl 2, but I didn't care much about and only talked to Callous and he didn't promise me anything. So, I didn't get drafted, but at that point I was trying to get into another team tour called LCPL. This was a heartbreak because I talked to manager and showed them some replays and teams, but didn't get drafted although some people in the community thought that I should. However, I can see why they didn't draft me cos I bombed most of the other tours that I joined for example all classics, seasonals and opens. The only two other tours on smogon that went well was LCPC a three-man team tour where Drud, Hantuki and I lost in quarters versus the eventual winners, Kingler12345, Zorodark and Sken and the rigged sm ou tour where I reached r4. Somewhere in between there were the playoffs for WLT where I was in the top 8 and so I qualified for it, but I had to play my old WLT buddy pohjis and lost 4-1 in some good games in the first round of playoffs.

    In the spring I also joined more pp tours like BW/SM 1u seasons and ofc hgss 1u masters, because Drud became a prominent figure here on the site and wanted me to join some tours. In both BW and SM I didn't care much, but HGSS 1u was one so I tried to do good there. The first master I joined I lost versus Drud in the first round. The second masters I joined I got the quarter due to some act wins, but the 3rd one I got to finals and lost to genesis7 in two games due to some hax in the second one. This was the start of my hgss career on pp.

    Because I'm not that outspoken, the only person I talked at this time was Drud. I met him some years ago when I joined the Dutch room and won a bw tour, which were my first bw games. In the semis I had a good game versus Drud and we became friends after that game (the final was versus leru btw). Drud told me in the middle of this year that he wanted to manage in POCL with z0mog and told me that I should do try-outs. Because I recently did well in the HGSS 1u masters tour, I decided to choose to play z0m in dpp ou and won 5 games in a row versus. He found me, according to Drud, a good player and told me that he would draft me. So, a big reason why I got drafted is Drud and if I think about it, Drud is one of the main reasons why I'm a bit known atm because he pushed me to play tours and got drafted for some tournaments. I started out POCL really well by defeating void in a game where I was in control for most of it, but then went 2-6 in the end but the last games I cared a bit less due to our team being out already. I also didn't talk much in this tour, because I felt the people where not my kind of people and also we had bad time differences.

    Then game my favourite tour to date, which was WCoPP. First of course, Drud, Conni and I tried to make team Benelux but all the good smogon players, with exceptions of metalgross, didn't want to join and our team consisted mostly out friends of Drud and some pp beneluxers like leru. When the signups went live, half our time ditched us, and we were left with 5 players. Luckily due to Drud good relationship with Mister Tim, our teams could merge, and we had a real strong team. This was the most fun I had in the tour due to how nice and funny our team was and this meant that I was actually not afraid to talk to people online. I'm still grateful for Mister Tim, Melle and Drud drafting me and the other guys helping me with teams etc. I lost the first week due to some minor hax versus hellpowna, but it was a great nonetheless. Second week, I did not check the team I got from z0m and thought I had mach punch on banded nape but I had not, so I could not kill Kingdra after earthquake damage so lost to HSOWA. Week 3 I lost in a gg versus krack, but due to the support of the other members I got back up my feet and defeated raspberry and Kunclord Supreme. Then I filled the ADV gap that was left after the ghosting scandal and lost 2 games and got 1 act win. Then I ask Mister Tim to sub me out because I felt like our HGSS 1u players where in a better flow (Reshi had one hgss WC and mindnight did really well for us) and both Melle and Cali are better ADV players than me. Due to Ch01 internet being bad, I subbed in in gsc and surprisingly won with ofc hax (which happens a lot in games where I do not care much about).

    After WCoPP I decided that the introvert tjdaas should be less introvert and more active, so I decided to be a tour host for the ROA tour. I had told Drud that I would love to host tours and he told me that Lutra was searching for hosts and I decided to take that chance. This was again an eyeopener. Hosting is for me really fun and due to hosting the roa tour, I got invited by Lutra to host RBY Monday. This meant that I was more active in the roa room, where I got to talk to some more nice people and most importantly my colleague host sceptross. He is one of the nicest guys I know and helped me quite a lot already. Due to being more active in the roa room and also hosting RBY Monday, I was nommed by Drud to be a voice and got it!

    So, I started out as a sm lc ladder player and ended the year as a decent hgss 1u player and roa voice/host, but one who can still learn a lot. This was an amazing year and one of the reason why is that people in the roa room but also here are great like for example Eden's Embrace, ThrashNinjax, Kaz etc. I hope this year with some help to do better in some tours and get drafted for at least 2 team tours again. So now to the shoutouts:

    drud : You believe more in me then I do myself and you are a big reason for my name being somewhat out there, because with your support, friendly games and most of all drafting skills I could not be here atm. See also other parts of this post for more shoutouts. Bedankt voor alles!

    Mister Tim and melle2402: Thanks for drafting me in WCoPP, it was one of the best tours I have ever had and I hope that our paths will cross more. See also the WCoPP section of my post for more praise.

    The rest of Benelux/USSR: you guys where the best teammates ever and especially Mindnight checking my teams and giving me teams to play with in HGSS 1U, to Real FV13 for doing the same in ADV 1U and FriendOfMrGolem120 for teaching me gsc and giving me teams for that. See also the WCoPP section of my post for more praise and for FOMG also the ROA Room regulars section.

    Lutra: for giving me the chance to host ROA tour and then RBY Monday, which helped me discover a new passion of me called hosting. See the roa part of this post for more good words.

    sceptross: The only other person who I talked to on discord after Lutra and Drud. I could add more but I think that your shoutouts to me says exactly what I wanted to tell you too. See the roa part of this post for more good words.

    Eden's Embrace: Due to Drud double elimination tour I got to play some hgss 1u games versus you in the semis and the grand finales and although I lost I learned a lot from them. You are a nice guy and I always enjoy playing you.

    ThrashNinjax : I have not spoken to you a lot, but you always were nice to me in prediction posts and every time you posted them it gave me extra motivation to do better.

    Kaz: This man is the RBY God, because he wins or at least got to finals in most of my RBY Monday tours and I think that he is really good in RBY. And he is also a nice person.

    Ch01W0n5h1n: You were the second person on PP that I met due to the tour room where Drud wanted me to be active and you were always super nice to me when we interacted.

    ROA Room regulars: You are a bunch of nice people who make hosting the RBY Monday even more fun.

    If I have forgotten someone, I'm sorry! I appreciate everyone who helped me in any shape or form.
    Also I'm too lazy to check my grammar so you must live with it :p.
  18. Heroic Troller

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    A full year, i will divide in spoilers, i'm really happy overall.
    This tour fights really hard for the spot of favorite online thing of 2017. I'm glad of how it went, i had the luck of drafting a total of 100% loyal motivated and skilled players. Noneless becoming friend with amazing people like Deadboots, P2, PK, Finch, Conflict, Arifeen and TKM. The start was really rough, not for the team but just me, i don't remember why, if it was my fault or got lucked, but i had an awful record at the first half. Luckily, the team did not make me think too much of how much of a deadweight i was while still winning the weeks, i was so proud. Thanks to that amazing enviroment i resurrected a dead record, and somehow managed to win in the second half of the tour. Probably this is the tour i have more nostalgia about, discussing stuff, preparing, harassing players to get a schedule, celebrating the victories.. just a like a family. I know this is not happening again, or at least i don't think it can get the same draft again. Everything comes to an end soon or later. I want to say one more thanks to everyone, you won't be forgotten.

    Me and my pupil The Idiot Ninja against everyone else. The introduction looked very cool, and i was not wrong about it, another great experience culminated into the brotherhood showdown won by me, i could not ask more, love team tours.

    The only team tour i did not won, however it has been a great experience too. Finch trusted me enough from the ppl2. I barely remember my record but i think i went positive, i guess? And won in the final along with posho, while everyone else did not. Notable new friends: Analytic, Posho, Jimmy Turtwig.

    All my good memories are correlated to team tours, what can i say? Callous the last enemy of our PPl2 clash drafting me under his vessel, rivals becoming friends just like a film. His draft worked and my lower price probably helped too. I went undefeated until the final when daddy Marcoasd got his revenge for the week 1 and just ruined the perfect score, ending 8-1 was still amazing given also that my final loss did not matter, because the team just won. Third pocl win in a row, i'm a kind of pocl amulet.
    About the team there's not much i can say, another solid core, more friends classic stuff. Deluks, Sapphire Saffron, Callous but also the midseason guys MDragon and Jirachee. Was cool.

    Along with the ppl2 for the "most epic thing of the year", just another thing that push my nostalgia a lot. Going crazy at the start, sucking in the middle but coming back at the end, me in a nutshell. I have spent my words in the finals thread but i will go a bit deeper here. The win against Golden Gyarados has been my peak of emotions, the most important win ever for me. If you ask me i will always say, the team tour is my primal goal, if i lose a singles tour, ok i can survive. But the biggest fear has always been being deadweight. I remember every istant of that battle and the reaction when i logged on discord, people spamming "goat" and such, i have never been so happy of winning. Winning also the final battle with Diegolh and proceding with the cameback was very good as well. I will miss this tour so much.

    I can't deny, that ending as a benched player hurts a lot, last year i was not bought at all, so why am i not fully happy even if at least i got purchased? Good question.
    Probably i made up too many expectations, but i swear everyone in my shoes would had, let me explain why. Everyone who discussed of me spent good words for me, some talking of me like a top5 currently, some crazy even top3. I got contacted by two managers and an half (a retained player assured his manager wanted me), when 3 managers wants you, expectations goes high. At that point i was super excited, "holy shit first spl". That got me, however i must say something more: i understand why that happened, people wanted to stay with safe accomplished players, people can do big wall of text about me but with 0 spl experience it is normal, i would go safe too. The unexpected unban of GGfan mattered a lot, apparently the sharks wanted me. It is what it is at the end of the day i'm happy of being in the classiest, they are all very good guys, and i can see from a very close spot how a very strong and high ranked player such as Lusch works and thinks, it's cool.

    I will put a cool music to end the thing
  19. drud

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    tjdaas wanted me to make a post on this and i am bored, so ill just do a short and probably horrible post, here goes nothing

    so i'll start talking about between march and april as before this period i quit the game for a while, when i came back i saw youtuber: CALLOUSNarrates (i wanted to get into ADV at the time, hence why i followed his videos) making a video about PPL and i was kinda interested, i didn't have much with PP at the time, 4/5 months before i made an account, joined 2 tours and then never logged on again, so i signed up for PPL and did tryouts for CALLOUS' his team and Mister Tim's team, towards the end of the auction i got bought and i was very glad as it was my first teamtour ever, a shame my friend tjdaas didn't get bought, though.

    So PPL was both a good and a horrible tour for me, in my eyes, i got lucked g1 both weeks and was very salty about that, but then again i learned a lot from the tour and i was still very active for testing teams for my teammates.

    I had a few decent tour runs like getting Round 6 of the "Rigged" SM OU tour where i met some cool new people, Semi Finals of the Little Cup Playhouse tournament with tjdaas and Hantsuki where we lost to the eventual winners including my tutor at the time, having a very good HGSS1u Master Tournament where i reached the Semi Finals while facing some good opponents like Mael but then lost to Hellpowna in Semi-Finals and lost to z0mog

    Then Lutra once asked in the PP Discord: "Who wants to be my POCL assman?" so i found out about POCL and i thought: "Why not manage in this tour myself? seems fun.", but i didn't really want to be a main manager so i asked some people if they wanted to manage in the tour with me as assistant manager, after a day of hopeless asking i thought i was done, until i asked z0mog and he wanted to manage

    I really was in, for a big surprise, we drafted a (in my opinion) solid squad with some US West players, tjdaas, beiying and some others but the tour was probably the worst tour i've ever had, we finished the tour with 0 wins, 1 tie, 7 losses.

    So naturally, i felt bad after that, good squad with such a bad performence, so i didn't play some tours for a while.

    Next thing that happened, i randomly went from room regular to room driver in a single promotion in the Ruins of Alph chatroom on PS, and ~2 months later i got Room Moderator.

    And that's basically where this year ends, from someone who quit the game, to someone who wants to quit the game, sorry for boring you with this post.

    tjdaas: You've been my best friend online for a good while now, we never really had any big disagreement and i think we are around the same skill level even though everyone likes to say you are ten times better than me, let's hope next year is a good one! Dankjewel.

    Mister Tim: Even though we've had some disagreements lately, you've been a good friend to me and I am still thankful for the fact you picked me up for PPL even though that wasn't your original plan, thanks for everything so far!

    ReshiRampage: We don't have a lot of normal conversation, we just play a lot of test games together, i always enjoy our games and i hope you finally get recognized as a solid player this year, good luck buddy!

    Mindnight: Also one of my good friends, always enjoy our chats and battles and it was a lot of fun building with you for RoAPL, amazing player that i hope also gets recognized next year, bonne chance

    Lutra: Very good friend and underappreciated host, thanks for all the oppertunities with RoA Tour and people need to recognize how much work you're doing for both the RoA room and the forum, very nice work so far.

    sceptross: Solid upcoming player and good friend, best of luck with Saffron!

    Disaster Area: one of my best friends, always fun to talk to you even though I may seem annoying or boring to you sometimes, always enjoy our games.

    SamuelBest: Annoying weeb that always tries to insult me and thinks he's way better at this game than me but other than that a pretty funny guy

    k3nan: good friend and phenomenal player, can't wait to see you dominate everyone in SPL! :)

    ThrashNinjax: funny guy and okay-ish at this game other than he tries to shittalk me every second :(!

    MetalGross: very solid player, thanks for playing WCoPP and RoA Olympics with me and good luck in SPL :)

    partys over: worst player ever that got me my first teamtour win, good job?

    Icarax: we haven't really talked but i consider you as a rival for RBY games after WCoPP and Saffron, hope to play you in RBY Season 14!

    Kaz: we haven't really talked outside of 1 conversation but i can tell you are a very nice guy and amazing RBYer, good luck in season 14!

    Linkin Karp: my favorite user that has blocked me on discord and makes fun of me all the time, best of luck in season 14!

    Ch01W0n5h1n: we haven't talked at all lately :( but you were a good friend and are a very good battler, good luck next year!

    eden's embrace: decent user that tries to shittalk me but can't even succeed at that, good enough adver, good luck in wcop next year or something?

    Eseque: hey we also don't talk a lot but, you really are good and a smart person for your age, it wouldn't surprise me if you were the biggest player on Smogon in a good couple of years, best of luck out there buddy
    Terribly sorry if i missed anyone or my grammar is just too bad

    Happy new year!
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  20. Eseque

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    May 29, 2017
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    Although I have not been playing Pokémon the whole year, I still have a lot of stuff to say. This is my first year playing this game, and I have really enjoyed it! I originally (a LONG time ago) got into competitive Pokémon because I was watching videos about RBY glitches and something about Smogon came into my recommended box. Soon, I created a Smogon account and a Pokémon Showdown account. My first games were GSC ladder games using a Baton Pass sample team built by Jorgen. I got introduced to RBY PU/5U by Disaster Area, and that is how I got introduced to Pokémon Perfect. I started to be somewhat active in the Pokémon Perfect discord at this time. After my name change, I started to be involved in the Smogon Tournaments community, where I have met a lot of people and have had a lot of fun experiences. In addition, I also had my first big debate while playing competitive Pokémon, which was the big debate about re-tiering, specifically ADV. This was also about when I met drud, and (I don't exactly remember the context), he was talking about Little Cup to me. As a result of this, I got involved in the Little Cup community, where I discovered by favorite tier (DPP LC), and inadvertently created numerous memes around me, the most prolific of which is "anyone up for some dpp lc?", as well as got featured in Smogon's quote database a copious amount of times. I will not be going into much depth about my experiences in the Little Cup and Smogon Tournaments communities because otherwise this post will become insanely long, but I have had numerous fun discussions, arguments, and more in these communities. Now, after a lot of time of experimenting with various tiers and such, I decided to settle down and play all tiers of the first four generations, with a focus on DPP and the aforementioned DPP LC. Fast forwarding some time, WCoPP started. This went through various stages, where I was originally going to be the assistant manager of US Central with Huston, and then later a player on Seven Seas managed by Linkin Karp. Shortly before the tour started, Linkin Karp and his fellow Germans created a seperate Team Germany, and now sceptross became the manager of our team. Throughout this tournament, I played two different tiers, DPP OU and GSC OU, haxing my way to a few victories as well as having a few losses. Overall, I enjoyed the tournament. Now, for my shoutouts! Disclaimer: This will only include people who I met through Pokémon Perfect, as if making shoutouts for people who I met in the Smogon Tournaments community and the Little Cup community would take far too long and make this post far too long, in addition to the fact many of the people who I would shout out do not have accounts on Pokémon Perfect. Other Disclaimer: This post has glossed over a lot of stuff I have done in competitive Pokémon, but I think I got the most important aspects related to at least some extent. Feel free to let me know on Discord if I glossed over anything important entirely.

    Disaster Area: You introduced me to RBY PU/5U and afterwards to Pokémon Perfect. You also participated in the ADV re-tiering discussion, my first big discussion related to competitive Pokémon. You are also a nice person in discussion, including political ones, where I admire your respectfulness, especially in comparison to certain other people who I have had political discussions with (who shall not be named). In addition, your dedication to this website is superb. Throughout my interactions with you, you have proven to me that the numerous people who hate on you and by extension this website are wrong and that you are a great person. Finally, I wish you luck for the future of your Pokémon play.

    drud: I originally met you around when changed my name, and since then we have had much discussion about various things. Your attitude gains you ire from many people, including some who accuse you of being a bully towards various people, such as me and Huston. However, I know that you do these things with no bad intentions, in a more joking manner. You also, indirectly, introduced me to the Little Cup community, a community I enjoy being in, and, in turn, my favorite tier of DPP LC. Thank you for discussing things with me and such, and, despite the occasional appearance to the contrary, being a nice person to me and others and I wish you good in your future (mainly RBY and DPP) playing endeavors.

    sceptross: I could easily write another shoutout post about you, but in interest of keeping up the tradition, I'll just use my shoutout post from WCoPP for the second time (third overall because you used it as a shoutout post for me as well): "First of all, you were an excellent manager. You decided to play a tier that you had little experience with so that way Huston and I could play the tiers we wanted. You never forgot to send lineups or things like that, and kept our team out of the various drama that this tour has had, and always handled tricky situations well. Secondly, you're a great person! Because of this tour, I have gotten to know you much better, and I am happy about that! You are always incredibly encouraging and nice and I feel comfortable talking to you about all sorts of stuff. You also have a positive outlook on life and other people that I share, and that is something I wish more people had, and that it wasn't something that got brushed off as naïveté. There are so many more good things I could say about you, but I'll leave it as that for now."

    Ch01W0n5h1n: Although we have not talked as much lately, earlier in the year we had a lot of meaningful discussions about various topics as well as played games together during the RBY 1v1 period. I enjoyed the depth and content of these discussions a lot. You are a very nice person and I wish you success in your future endeavors!

    GGFan: You are, contrary to what many on Smogon believe, a nice person, and your writing style, while some see it as a gimmick or weird, is something that I find quite interesting and believe it to be a part of your personality. Your sheer dedication to this game is completely unmatched, playing it for longer than I have been alive, having been banned from Smogon for something that started before I was even born. An aspect of you I admire even more is your competency in six languages, a truly amazing feat, especially for an American who is not a child of immigrants, a group of which the vast majority of its members are monolingual. Lastly, I wish you and your team great luck in SPL!

    Additional Note to Disaster Area, drud, and GGFan: All three of you get a significant amount of negativity and hatred directed towards you, some on here, some on Smogon, some behind your back, some not, all to varying extents for each of you. I truly do not understand this negativity and think that all three of you are nice people. I try to defend you from people saying you are are an idiot or a bully consistently, to the extent there are people who unironically think I'm an alt of Disaster Area or GGFan, and wish this negative stigma of you three would disappear, but c'est la vie.

    There are a LOT of nice people I could give shoutouts to on this website beyond just these five, but I will leave it at that for now.
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