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Discussion in 'Chat' started by marcoasd, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. marcoasd

    marcoasd P.I.P. PLAY IN PEACE Host Emeritus

    Jul 17, 2013
    Likes Received:
    First of all, I would say that SPL 9 has been an extremely good experience overall: there is still some kind of illuminatish-circle alive on Smogon, but the event has been pretty smooth overall (considering that you can't dodge all of the downsides coming from the size of the tournament alone) and good part of the environment looked friendlier than it did in the past.
    As some kind of E-sport, pokemon should look like a party, and I think it was. We got to see a bunch of great players thrown together, producing prime time games.
    Don’t get me wrong, there are still many charity cases with an inflated ego on Smogon and Smogontournaments, but the SPL scene somehow protected itself from most of those individuals, whether it’s due to managers not picking them or even having them banned.
    So, in the end, they stand where they should be: miserable ingame, miserable in life…
    Bad and/or foolish things might take place anyway - whether it’s wild encounters (here’s just one of many)
    Wild O. Guy: I could play rby in spl
    Wild O. Guy: and would literally
    Wild O. Guy: do better than you
    Wild O. Guy: shut the fuck up
    ☆marcoasd: haha
    people getting banned/quitting or flagrant displays of unsportsmanship (just like dropping a win post comparing an opponent to an “half-dead gorilla” and wishing him good luck for the remaining games because he “is bad so he’ll need it”, which is another good reason to wish “neutral luck” instead of “good luck”) – but I think the good outweighted the bad by far, in the big picture. Just be prepared.
    Smogon slum scum didn’t miss the chance to say something about “my leeeegacy as a plaaaayer” (it’s there, it’s all up to your private, silent call – I think my legacy is just to have been playing a role in an environment that allows players to come in, learn and be part of something because I was given that chance as a rookie so it’s time to give it back).
    On their part, their legacy is to be unprocessable garbage, so there’s no reason to dig deeper (even though plastic lasts 500 years or so, hope they won’t last that long and they won’t reproduce themselves too much)…
    SPL still stands for Sunday premier league: don’t expect games to be played early in the week. “S” could stand for Saturday as well, but don’t bet your money on that.

    I’m glad they (I don’t know who they are individually, but I’ll salute them anyway) finally managed to implement a feature to recreate games, so we won’t be bothered with seding in teams and game losses.

    RBY on SPL (well, the Pokemon Perfect Party on Smogon) has been extremely productive: I feel like RBY OU has a metagame again.
    I resent some horseshit picks by managers, though: we didn’t get the real best we could, as Troller played barely a couple games and Bedschibaer didn’t get to play at all.
    This is why I believe that we will get a better RBY party, whether it's SPL 10 or something else.
    Players and RBY OU metagame will be discussed separately.

    My tournament thecnically started with Finchinator drafting me pretty early for the EVER GRANDE BIGs, and I joined soon a discord chat with just few guys: one of them was D0nut, Big’s retain to play GSC OU.
    I quickly learned that Finchinator’s goal was to pick Troller for a steal, but he placed the 10K bill on the table for me and everyone ran away – he was outspoken about that, and actually I loved it (he was on the strategy I suggested on record, can’t get mad).
    I was dumbfounded when I saw Bedschibaer joining the team, and even more when Mr.E did – Finch upbid, nobody raised and we found ourselves with doublets. The draft went ahead and I wasn’t able to understand what was going on – I was trying to, but I didn’t and being traded immediately (possibly in a double trade along with Mr.E) after the auction crossed my mind.
    I suggested italian DPP legend Honor to be picked – I’m not a big fan of being annoying and suggesting picks to managers who have a plan and prepared for the draft, but I’m always up for that if Honor is involved. We ended up getting him, but unfortunately he ended up getting benched when DPP matches were getting easy (I think being busy hence showing little activity on the chat didn’t help either).
    That's just one of the many inevitable sad stories: you already know about CALLOUS' leaving.
    Meanwhile, the RBY starting pool was getting shaped; Troller was still missing and his slot and he ended up on Lusch’s team for just 3K: no matter how you slice it, it was Lusch’s team as he was retained for 13K.
    It was terrible, just terrible. I was staring at the screen and there was nothing to say: not only because I don’t ever talk to a screen, but because they just screwed up!
    We ended up with a team… that’s pretty obvious, but what I mean is that we got something that I didn’t figure out in terms of power level – so it was just generically, you know, a team.
    Fast forward: Beds was benched, and our team made some juggling with GSCers. Beds was a great teammate, but it was up to me to lead the boat: when you know what you need your teammates can be helpful, but if you don’t it’s hard for them to do something for you.
    You eventually pick the team and you play, so you need to be comfortable.
    When I knew where to lead the boat, we worked well.

    I was suprised that nobody in the power rankings jury picked me as his #1 – I thought it was easier to find at least one guy willing to bet on sheer lifetime achievements (especially given that they bothered and took time to list all of my showcase, trophies and runner-ups, including ones which I possibly forgot), but that wasn’t the case.
    It’s all good – it’s far from super relevant, those things happen (I definitely had company) and they picked good players over me… but I can tell when I get pitched and I don’t like to look like a fool.

    Week 1 vs MetalGross: I tried to give the red light to Zapdos by bringing Rhydon in g1, only to face a Starmie that I failed to paralyse and eventually doomed me.
    My Starmie got destroyed by yellow magic, Egg FP’d on Sleep Powder on his Starmie and I had to switch my ReflectLax out because he had the Ice Beam variant; I gave up on trying to KO his Alakazam with my Exeggutor (after a special drop) in order to bring Snorlax back in.
    Snorlax crippled hi Exeggutor a lot, which was extremely good for Rhydon, but Starmie was still there – I figured I needed either Snorlax or most likely Tauros to paraslam it.
    I failed, and he predicted my Rest correctly; Tauros crit Snorlax twice but didn’t KO, so I got to sacrifice sleeping Chansey to bring Tauros in.
    I baited the Hyper Beam, which I caught with Rhydon. My Tauros won the speed tie but it couldn’t paraslam Starmie which swept.

    In g2, I got the shorter end of the stick early in the game but he didn’t tighten the chokehold on me during the endgame and I escaped with the win.
    Alakazam scored a CH Psychic on his Snorlax, but it answered back with a CH paraslam on Lapras. He made nice switches from Starmie to Rhydon (on Lapras’ TBolt) to Starmie again vs Exeggutor to get it back: dodged FP on crucial turns a couple times against Exeggutor and Chansey, but it eventually FP’d too much against Chansey.
    Exeggutor missed powders a bit, but he kept Rhydon in against Exeggutor and I got to Psychic; his Tauros won the ditto, but missed HB on my fresh Snorlax.
    He started making some switches to anticipate mine, but I just attacked for free and Snorlax won the game only to lose G3 to Thunder Zapdos miracles (which I definitely didn’t see coming) in a Zapdos ditto and losing the Tauros ditto as well to TaurosBlizzardFreeze – which will infamously become MetalGross’ signature move.

    In G3 I had a terrible start: Starmie stuttered against Alakazam and I had to use Rest with Snorlax; Starmie FP’d too much, but when he had Exeggutor against my (-1 spec) Chansey, he Psychic’d and I TWaved, then I Ice Beam’d once and went back to Starmie as he used Sleep Powder so I could get Starmie back.
    I got Chansey and Snorlax back too, and when I saw my IceLax going against his non-Ice variant, I felt like I was going to win for sure.
    Got the freeze on his Snorlax and KO’d it and weakened his Exeggutor, but when his Zapdos switched on Starmie’s Recover he used Thunder as I sent Zapdos: Drill Peck was the pretty obvious move, but Thunder followed by CH Thunder got the KO on my Zapdos.
    I traded Snorlax for his Zapdos, switched my Starmie into his Tauros’ Blizzard and it was in the position to beat Alakzam due to a special drop into another one.
    His Alakazam scored a CH, and he went Tauros (possibly predicting recover): I clicked Blizzard as it was good against everything he had – it would’ve put his Tauros into my own Tauros’ HB range and all of his team would’ve been as well, but it missed.
    He went for the HB on Starmie, as I didn’t feel like switching: Alakazam was an obstacle, and I didn’t want to risk bad things on Exeggutor. So, I eventually had to boom Exeggutor on Alakazam; I was still a little ahead as I had a Chansey which would’ve tanked an Hyper Beam, but he had a low health Exeggutor to get in at the same time (basically, he had to guess right to make it a 50:50) game.
    His Tauros froze mine.

    Week 2: vs Badabing: I used Zapdos in g1 and kept it hidden to sneak through his Slowbro + Rhydon core.
    He used his signature Z-Self Sabotage move (it looks like he uses it once for series indeed) after I kept Zapdos in against Chansey predicting Slowbro to come back in- He still had a chance…

    In g2 I tried to break a Reflect Chansey stallwar by bringing Snorlax in, but I ended up with my Chansey FP’ing on TWave against his Snorlax (which is why you just prefer wasting 100 turns PPstalling).
    He lost a lot of momentum by not going Snorlax when I brought Chansey back in; I eventually boomed Snorlax into Chansey, and I found myself in a bad matchup as he revealed Starmie.
    My Lapras scored a freeze on Starmie which helped a lot; his Zapdos was slept by Exeggutor.
    I was still behind as my Chansey FP’d against his Snorlax, but he Body Slammed my Tauros with his Snorlax instead of blowing up (which would’ve put him in a good spot, as i needed to hit a decent roll with HB to KO) predicting me to go for the HB crit.
    I decided to go for Body Slam on his 51% Tauros with my 70% counterpart and I scored a crit

    Those games were far from easy - his no S4 teams were well positioned against mine.

    Week 3 vs Lusch: this was funny.
    I knew he was going to try to zap me, as I gave a red light in g1 week 1 and then I stopped using Rhydon.
    The fun fact happened due to Cerulean Cup, basically.
    I was in, and so I was roaming through the ladder. During the week leading to this match, I ran into an alt that felt familiar.
    To me, that was Lusch himself, or at least someone close to him; they used a lot of reverse psychology on me:
    - why should they test their team on the ladder, in first place?
    - why should they test directly against their opponent, when the manager of their team knows me well enough to try to emulate me during sparring?
    - why should they sign up that alt on PP and for the tournament, when they could simply be an anonymous random on the ladder?

    This alt was spamming Jolteon (6th as both a threat and an answer to my possible Zapdos, sometimes as a lead which never hurts against my Starmie leads) and Counter Chansey: by that time, I had already noticed some Counter Chansey on Lusch’s replays and even more I watched GGFan taking out Lusch’s Snorlax with Counter just days before.
    I think we played twice: I haxed once, and I played around Counter the other one.
    I’m not high on Counter lately, because I think most players play around it a lot (maybe even too much) and I obviously know ways around, but I’m not happy at all facing it anyway because it makes Hyper Beaming with Tauros more awkward than ever.
    So, I hoped that those games would be enough to stop the Counter strat, but I knew I had to be careful – I almost always do anyway, so… just a little bit more.
    It will turn out that he was only going to bring Zapdos instead of Jolteon.

    As already said, I predicted him to bring some electricity on me anyway, so I used Rhydon in g1 and it led me to victory after i foiled a Counter Chansey strategy.
    G2 was a Lapras vs Zapdos. I didn’t feel like bringing Rhydon again, so I just went for the comfortable pick.
    I fell behind early (I think I should’ve not let Alakazam in against his Snorlax not only because it did FP, but also because you don’t want to let Zam fall into Egg’s DE range), and it was a game only because his Exeggutor missed Sleep Powder. I also challenged luck by switching Chansey into Zapdos’ TBolt instead of letting Lapras go down: I was in a decent shape anyway at 67% after that and 46% Lapras is very likely to tank an HB, so that was an arguable call.
    My Snorlax FP’d on an HB on his Exeggutor, but i predicted his explosion and I used Snorlax to put Zapdos in Tauros’ range; it FP’d a lot and Snorlax beat it. Lapras failed to tank Tauros’HB, I predicted the para’d Snorlax to switch into Exeggutor and I won the game there (with Psychic).

    Week 4, against GGFan:

    I knew he likes to lead Exeggutor sometimes, so I used Jynx in G1 which is something I never use in general. This will backfire hard.
    I slept his Alakazam twice, and I immediately faced Amnesialax; Starmie had a little window to KO, with a CH, but it didn’t. My ReflectIce Snorlax wasn’t the answer, and Starmie isn’t all that good either.
    I had a Counter Chansey, which I picked as an emergency brake for Amnesialax too – among many things.
    I messed around a bit with Starmie and Chansey, and then I timed Counter perfectly but I FP’d.
    I went to Starmie to somehow create a safe switch for Exeggutor, but Starmie went down in the process; I didn’t know what to do at this point: I went to Chansey just like I wanted to fish for a freeze, but as he used Rest I decided I’d had enough: I sent Exeggutor, wasted a turn with Psychic, Exploded and followed with a Tauros’ HB.
    I was then trying to use my para’d Chansey to freeze his own, but I got some timely FP and Tauros came in; he predicted correctly me to stay in and the game started slipping away. My Tauros beat his one, I used Rest with Snorlax and went immediately to Jynx to Rest against a team without physical attackers – he went to Exeggutor simultaneously, and I predicted his HB by sending in Tauros.
    I crit Body Slam, and Slammed sleeping Alakazam for the KO.
    His Starmie got two crits to kill my Snorlax, which was my win condition at that point; Jynx slept Chansey but it couldn’t freeze Starmie, which swept.

    G2 I had a really good early game: I applied pressure and got some lucky breaks, just like Exeggutor’s CH Psychic on Snorlax. I traded Snorlax for Chansey and his frontline was crippled.
    He timed out when I still had an unrevealed pokemon – Zapdos – which would’ve been pretty dangerous on its own; I think I would’ve won (leaving out flagrant RNG).

    G3 I decided to go with Zapdos again, he had a peculiar team (Gengar, Exeggutor, Jynx, Snorlax, Tauros, Persian).
    He sent Exeggutor on Alakazam, and ended up Exploding, turn 4 was Tauros against Jynx – very fast paced.
    I used Chansey + Zapdos to kill his own Zapdos, then I made the only bad misplay of the tournament: instead of leaving my crippled Zapdos out against Gengar, I went Snorlax which got mercilessly traded via CHs.
    A combination of being unfamiliar with the situation and my brain not working properly that day (I had some, luckily trivial, missteps at an office too…) caused that bad thing.
    Exeggutor slept Jynx, killed Tauros and Persian anyway. As he tried to crit my Exeggutor with HB (Persian), I could’ve sacrificed my sleeping Tauros to go Chansey and try to land TWave on Persian, but I was pretty paranoid about Jynx waking up after letting my Chansey go down (it could’ve even swept).

    Week 5: vs Roudolf13: I knew I couldn’t predict Roudolf’s 6th slot and I felt like this was the proper time to go for some kind of “para’d Chansey Ice Beam spam” and I tried to go for the freeze in general – Roudolf13 looked like Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic this SPL (everythime you watched him, he got frozen…) so maybe I just thought I could join the “lets’ freeze Roudolf13” party.
    This is the specific time when my doubts on early games came out and haunted me – I realized the risks of using Starmie lead and Beambolt Chansey together, but I did it anyway. Brilliant…

    I haxed the hell out of him in game 1 turning him into an ice lolly, but I lost the following two games:
    in G1 I planted myself pretty well taking paralysis, spamming Ice and landing Sleep Powder; he sacrificed his frozen Starmie, so my ReflectIceLax got to work. Even more, my Snorlax crit Chansey for the KO. His Tauros did a good job, but it wasn’t enough so I escaped with the win even though it was a Zapdos (unrevealed) vs Rhydon.
    I was well positioned, and those freezes happened after very few attempts so he didn’t even get the chance to turn the game around.

    In G2 he had a very good early game; I recovered a bit as it was a Zapdos vs Lapras and my Zapdos caused some pain profiting FP, but when the game started to look doable for me (like going to a 50-50 ending), my Exeggutor FP’d against his Tauros.
    It’s hard to tell whether I should’ve Exploded or Psychic’d: for the way I see the game, we both made the right move – I tried to get my 50-50 endgame (well, and HB misses) and he tried to take advantage of me not Exploding to get the aforementioned 50-50 endgame, or even great odds to win in case I would FP.

    In G3 I played my early game cards, but I fell behind as my Chansey 255 missed TWave and my Snorlax got crit on the switch. I used Rest, Exeggutor came in and I made some juggling doubleswitch to put Starmie right in front of Alakazam without having to switch into it; unfortunately I FP’d twice…
    I traded Exeggutor for Alakazam and he traded Snorlaxes. My Reflect Alakazam did a good job beating Zapdos and Chansey, and TWaving Tauros; I think I should’ve Psychic’d with Alkazam in a spot where he went to Tauros and back to Chansey, simply because it was the best he could make out of Chansey and running out of PPs was a concern (on the other hand, staying in with Tauros and Slamming on predicted Psychic was an option too).
    It came down to a para’d Tauros ditto, where my Tauros didn’t miss the chance to let down the BIGs.

    All in all, I have no problem admitting that sometimes they just do their thing and beat you – I think this was an example. Could’ve gone both ways.
    I just needed to do better to earn the right to complain, given and not granted that it will be possible everytime.

    Week 6 vs Diegolh: I didn’t prepare a lot and I didn’t figure the answer to my doubts.
    In g1 I got an anticipation of the soultion, as I paired Starmie lead with Reflect Chansey - Zapdos on the back.
    We did some early game things, then he boomed his Snorlax on mine – which looked good for me, as I had a para’d Reflect Chansey – it did even more when I boomed my Exeggutor on his Tauros after it got paraslammed as I decided to gamble and switch into Tauros to save my Snorlax.
    Rhydon on his side was pretty much the only way things would look bad for me, especially after his Tauros outsped mine.
    Zapdos was the follow-up instead, and I chain switched to Chansey into Zapdos. My Zapdos won the ditto to seal the deal even though Reflect Chansey offered some valiant opposition.

    In g2 we wasted about 40 turns before I traded Snorlax for Chansey. Lapras traded Blizzard for Exeggutor’s Sleep Powder – I didn’t want Snorlax to come in predicting my Alakazam to come in, and I didn’t like the possibility of Sing missing, either.
    In the end, I predicted Exeggutor’s Explosion by going Alakazam into it – Egg 2 for 1’d me anyway.
    I lost some mindgames with Egg against his Starmie + Alakazam frontline, but I nailed a superb switch to Tauros predicting his crippled Starmie to come in, earning me a clean KO.
    My Tauros went down in the mirror after landing just a Body Slam, so I tried to wake Lapras up: not only it did immeditely, buti t scored a CH Blizzard to take out Tauros.
    My Chansey stood out there for some turns, creating a good switch to my crippled Exeggutor – which I blew up immediately; he went to Snorlax: a tough decision to make, but my Exeggutor FP’d and the pressure was back on me as I needed to figure whether it was an HB variant or not (Egg was in range).
    I figured that HB Snorlax would’ve fired it, and a Rest variant couldn’t KO my Chansey in two turns – so I went Chansey instead of Lapras which I valued more.
    He HB’d indeed, and after TWave I opted for some risky turns in order to have my Chansey back at full health.
    I Psychic’d Alakazam with Exeggutor (maybe even too many times considering it wasn’t Reflect, but I wanted to make sure I was hitting Alakazam and not Snorlax); on the first Psychic, he tried an interesting play with Counter as the last move I used was Chansey’s Seismic Toss and my Exeggutor was para’d.
    I ended up blowing on Alakazam with a lot of patience, he got the Snorlax’s HB high roll to kill Lapras but Chansey won me the game.

    Week 7 vs Alexander: The most important moment of SPL took place early in the week, when I realized new ways to play the lead game – entering this series with a new piece of thechnlogy felt like approaching a fist fight with a gun hidden in my jacket.
    And it was a good time for that, as Alexander was one of the very few opponents who I could figure well: I knew he was going to use Alakazam lead, Reflect Chansey and Physlax more often than not, with Sing Chansey and Amnesialax being possible gimmicks.
    Rhydon is obviously a great pick against Reflect Chansey and Physlax, other than walling Zapdos.

    I foiled a Sing Chansey and an Amnesialax (which he brought in G1) – both my Snorlax had Selfdestruct (Physlax G1, ReflectBoomRest G2); and the Reflect Chansey vs Alakazam lead matchup (switching Starmie out as soon as possible) was the key to my victory in both games.
    I got a big early margin in g1, and a timely FP on Chansey sealed the deal for me in G2 (with an extra Fire Blast burn on his Tauros just in case).
    Fire Blast Tauros came in handy to mitigate Rhydon’s bad matchup against Tauros – I wasn’t expecting Gengar or Counter from my opponent so it was basically downsideless.
    So yeah, it was an Alakzam vs Zapdos g1, Rhydon vs Lapras g2.
    Just a week before, I felt happy with BeamBolt Chansey because it can provide random freezes and critical hits – at that point I was so happy with Reflect Chansey and not relying on single turn randomness, which is more coherent with my beliefs too.

    Week 8 Vs TheIdiotNinja: I looked at his replays and I figured you can't tell what to expect from him.

    G1 he got the upper hand and I decided to go Snorlax on his own because I didn’t want to let him trade his Snorlax for my Chansey – I had Lapras, and he was on Zapdos, indeed.
    I TWaved Egg on the switch in and Softboiled on a Sleep Powder miss. I made a double switch to Alakazam and then Lapras, predicting either Double Edge or Snorlax; he just clicked the STAB instead and got the drop…
    I figured he was Stun Spore, so I went Alakazam and Recovered – then used Reflect Chansey to stop Snorlax. I TWaved his BeamBolt Chansey; it looked like he was fishing for a freeze, but he TWaved me, possibly predicting Snorlax to come in. I tried to go on the offensive with Snorlax, but I couldn’t and ended up TWaving Snorlax too. He Rested.
    I spread some damage across his team and tried to capitalize with Snorlax - he got his Snorlax back, and I lost momentum due to a 255 Body Slam miss; I finally caught a lucky break when my Snorlax got a crit on his own, which I followed with an HB for the KO.
    We traded Exeggutors and I ended up losing because my Lapras got crit and para’d (well, the latter part didn’t matter) by Tauros AND missed Blizzard, so I was unable to follow with my own bull – I had to bring out my physLax instead and I got exposed to Zapdos.
    Even more, I didn’t feel like using HB with Tauros against his Chansey and it got TWaved: he had a para’d full Starmie and an unrevealed pokemon (Zapdos) so I thought Slamming would’ve been safer, given that a CH could’ve helped more against Chansey than against something like Zapdos.

    I won G2 (a Zapdos ditto). I had a good start, but I lost momentum when he hit a risky (Chansey’s) Sing on my Snorlax. I decided to try to wake it up, and so I did. My Snorlax killed his one, I went Exeggutor on Tauros to save Snorlax (he had status absorbers) and it got crit by Tauros.
    I switched Zapdos into Tauros’ HB and they traded.
    I decided to use Tauros to stop Zapdos and to pressure Chansey: it FP’d a couple times, and as I clicked HB as a ragemove, it scored a CH. Just forget manners.
    I just kept playing safe and he kept making the layer 0 move, so I predicted him to Explode Exeggutor on my Starmie so I saved it by going Exeggutor (which was in Zapdos’ range). I got Reflect Chansey to work and won.

    In g3 I picked Zapdos again, and he had the Victreebel + Cloyster core.
    The early game was defined by his Snorlax doing a lot of good things, before missing the Hyper Beam to KO my Zapdos.
    I Earthquaked his Chansey because I wanted to scout Counter, and Cloyster came in instead. I recognized that the situation wasn’t so good, and add that it was a g3, so I decided to gain momentum with a doubleswitch and went all-in with HB on Alakazam because I was being too conservative, and he had reasons to stay in – Chansey would’ve been a status absorber for Exeggutor, on a team filled with fast pokemon.
    He simply sent Cloyster on the HB – as it was damaged, he decided to blow it up on my Chansey after it crippled Starmie too.
    The endgame started as soon as I sacrificed Starmie and used Zapdos to Drill Peck his Victreebel; he used Sleep Powder.
    Tauros took Zapdos out, I went Exeggutor and got Snorlax in to HB Alakazam down.
    The game started to look really good when I got Exeggutor in for free against his Victreebel, he missed Wrap and Victreebel went down: my plan was to switch to Tauros into Wrap, and this was only better.
    Exeggutor FP’d against Tauros, and it FP’d again when Tauros missed Blizzard.
    I decided to go Tauros first, leaving 51% PhysLax behind to force a tied game at worst.
    His Tauros scored an immediate crit on mine, and at that point I decided to use HB: if I win the speed tie, Snorlax ties the game unless he crits me.
    I had the option to try to tank his HB with my Snorlax and win the game with Tauros vs Chansey, but that play included heavy downsides I didn’t want to commit to – I just decided to stay home and try to win the speedtie, with him Body Slamming being an extra chance for me.
    I lost the speed tie and he HBeamed.
    I figured he needed Body Slam + HB to take Snorlax down, and he wouldn’t have the finesse to go to Chansey (into my Snorlax’s HB) instead of HBeaming with Tauros immediately, so I went for BS+HB myself too.
    You guessed it, he missed HB.
    I tried to win the game with Snorlax with Body Slam + HB on a FP with Selfdestruct as a backup plan. I decided it wasn’t the case to play around Counter, so I Slammed, got TWaved, FP’d, he didn’t and I lost.
    I did my best.
    Oh, also… his team worked fine anyway - he knew I don't use Gengar at all, so Victreebel, Cloyster and HB RestLax were safe.

    In all honesty, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth after this series not only because I’ll go out and say clearly that I got lucked in irreversible spots - moreso than for having to endure his fast pokemon scoring crits like demons while mine looked like wet chicks, that would've been fine (of course I got some things going my way too, with Wolfpacks showing a lot of nerve by complaining).
    This happened with terrible timing in the big picture of the tournament- it left my manager wanting to “punch a hole in his window” (he was harboring some special anger against my Tauros, which happened to fail once more) given that insult came on top of injury as we slipped down to 1-3 in a crucial week against a contender for a playoff spot.

    Week 9 vs Arii Stella: I don’t know for sure whether I got to play against her (they said it was a she) or someone else given the circumstances and I don’t care (their team was down and out already, they messed up with the lineup, etc…), but they did good.
    Of course they did, they almost solitaired! The fun fact is that when my Tauros was finally willing to actually do something good, my early game pokemon failed me big time.

    In g1 I went turn 1 to Chansey, looking for my anti-Alakazam plan, but unfortunately it started going crazy; even worse, my Chansey got stuck at 448, and Alakazam FP’d on just one turn – the one where I went for Softboiled looking to get hit… I let Snorlax in and TWaved it (game looking bad already), went to Lapras and got paraslammed. Tried to Sing on Chansey and missed.
    I made some juggling to have my Chansey back; I went close to a KO on Alakazam, but eventually Chansey was stalled by it, and opposing Chansey was switching into my Snorlax. I got my Alakazam crippled as well, and I wasn’t in the position where I could be happy trading Snorlax with Chansey but I was eventually forced to do so; meanwhile I had 3 255 misses (plus the Softboiled ones).
    I got my Lapras crit by Snorlax and it failed to draw the KO on Alakazam. I switched to Alakazam trying to catch an explosion or a switch to her Alakazam so I could get my Alakazam back, but I got crit instead.
    Tauros did some good cleaning for me (including a OHKO crit HB on Egg), and the game came down to a Tauros (+para’d full Egg) vs Zapdos (+Tauros): I decided to switch to Egg predicting TWave/TBolt, but Drill Peck was the move. Good play, which got rewarded by the 2HKO to win the game.
    In any case, I should’ve played around Agility (against predicted Explosion) and Sleep Powder through paralysis is unreliable at best; Tauros staying in against Zapdos would’ve been extremely risky though, as opposing Tauros switching into my own (after Zapdos causing some crippling) would’ve been a catch-all against my moves.

    G2 was the same story – my early pokemon being delusional scrubs running into untouchable gods, and this time it was only worse as I got my Chansey frozen. We got in a Reflect Snorlax loop where I had the advantage due to Ice Beam; after getting a paraslam predicting an Exeggutor Psychic (instead of Sleep Powder) in a narrow spot, I tried to chainswitch Alakazam and then frozen Chansey trying to play around Sleep Powder followed by Explosion.
    Snorlax was the play instead, so I had to switch my Snorlax in and heal up with Rest; my Snorlax got crit by her own and it got slept by Exeggutor on the wakeup.
    My Exeggutor was paraslammed by Snorlax, Alakazam was eaten alive by Starmie and add that it was a Zapdos vs Rhydon matchup to call it a game.

    I was never 2-0’d until this week, and it looked like it had to happen at some point.
    All in all, I didn’t even get to play but if I were to try to do something better in the future, I should switch less while trying to lure things: most players not only don’t go for the risky Explosion – they don’t even try to make the middle ground play (aka switch to something safe): they just stay in to click the STAB and let their pokemon do the job, which happens to be a great strategy against players who try to lure aggressive moves like I do – the trick doesn’t work anymore, and I’m not talking about this specific week alone.

    My team was eliminated: unfortunately, there isn’t much to be upset about it as we’ve been consistently below the playoff threshold or barely on par.
    Finished 5-4: I confirmed the “over 50% warranty”, but didn’t get the final score I could’ve had and didn’t quite hit the high notes again in SPL.

    Considering that I brought out the very best version of myself in a long time, that’s washy. My Tauros was so delusional when I needed it the most (mainly, g3s) that I would’ve dropped it if only I could play RBY without THE revenge killer, and I regret not using Fire Blast every single game.
    I have a personal agenda for people (especially the IRL ones) who don’t want to recognize that luck is a big factor in gaming in general (the list would go on with things like doping in sports, rigged soccer games, corruption in politics or any kind of sugar coating) and I richly shower them with well-done italian swears, nasty words and bad wishes – here I dropped your chance to get the whole package for yourself, for free.

    After SPL 9, I’m more than happy sitting in the managers’ armchair for a while: not only I wanted to try the experience - I lost all of the pleasure in playing tournament RBY OU (I still like the exhibition RBY OU environment), and I’ll go out and say that not making it to the playoffs was obviously bitter (of course I tried my best and would’ve been ready to play) but it was at least as much of relief.
    Would I be able to give my best for a couple more weeks with this mindset? I’m 100% positive: I don’t give a damn about myself anymore at that point, but I know I owe it to the team and I can still focus and click buttons. Was I going to enjoy it at all? No, not even in case I’d 2-0 twice and win the finals: I’ve seen enough for real. The hell with the pixels, the hell with SPL, the hell with RBY OU. The hell with gaming. Fanculo.
    I’ll play my remaining RBY OU things with a nasty bitter face on, and I will thank my opponents for kicking me out in case they will succeed, so yeah – I think it’s having an impact on how I play individual tournaments right now: the statue collapsed.
    As people close to me should already know, I really don’t like putting effort into something and see it being neutralized by circumstances – I don’t need to get something positive every single time because that’s just not how it works, but you know, you want something back somewhen - Smogon and team tournaments keep on spelling “go to hell” for me, instead.
    I somehow tried to assimilate sports and e-sports, but I start to think I was just wrong and I don’t like gaming in general that much. I prefer real life sports (my unconcealed passion) - they aren’t quite similar.
    Of course, in sports you might get unlucky as well, or even injured or things like that – but it’s totally different as I find it more entertaining and it helps you staying in a good shape / feeling better. If you’re lucky, you get to know good people IRL… I think it’s just easier to end up with a positive deal there, and these are the exact reasons why I appointed sports as a priority when I was a just a kid – and not necessarily less wise than I am now.
    I realized that gaming is amusing for me at times, but I’m not meant to do it all the time.
    Anyway, one thing doesn't exclude the other (at least, not all the time): I’m not retiring and there are many different ways to still stick around.

    See you in PPL, where I’ll be a manger. I wasn’t going to sign up as a player anyway – I’m POISONED right now.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018

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