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RBY OU / 1U (OverUsed) Rating special attacks

Discussion in 'Analysis and Research' started by magic9mushroom, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. magic9mushroom

    magic9mushroom BEST END. Member

    May 1, 2013
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    I decided I'd write down all the relevant special attacks and their strengths. The most important ones are bolded. Note that some attacks are omitted due to sharing Special and Base Power with another attack (e.g. Birds' and Eeveelutions' STAB moves); I have not omitted the one case I found of two attacks having identical power due to Base Power and Special differences cancelling out exactly.

    There are also some NHKO cutoffs for the four most relevant neutral (or neutral-ish) targets.

    Slowbro's +6 Surf: 141930
    ---possible OHKO on Snorlax--- (141414)
    ---possible OHKO on Alakazam--- (136248, non-Psychic)
    Slowbro's +6 Psychic: 134460
    ---possible 2HKO on Chansey (128333)
    Mewtwo's +4 Blizzard: 119520
    ---guaranteed OHKO on Tauros--- (115883)
    Slowbro's +4 Surf: 110010
    Mewtwo's +2 Psychic: 109620
    Snorlax's +6 Blizzard: 109440
    Slowbro's +4 Psychic: 104220
    ---guaranteed 3HKO on Chansey--- (100394)
    ---possible OHKO on Tauros--- (98614)
    Mewtwo's +2 Blizzard: 97440
    Mewtwo's +4 Ice Beam: 94620
    Snorlax's +6 Ice Beam: 86640
    ---possible 3HKO on Chansey--- (85433)
    ---guaranteed 2HKO on Snorlax--- (82930)
    Snorlax's +4 Blizzard: 82080
    ---guaranteed 2HKO on Alakazam--- (79796, non-Psychic)
    Mewtwo's +2 Ice Beam: 77140
    Slowbro's +2 Surf: 73530
    ---possible 2HKO on Snorlax--- (70751)
    Slowbro's +2 Psychic: 69660
    ---possible 2HKO on Alakazam--- (67905, non-Psychic)
    Snorlax's +4 Ice Beam: 64980
    Zapdos' Thunder: 62640
    ---guaranteed 2HKO on Tauros--- (57776)
    Jolteon's Thunder: 56880
    ---guaranteed 3HKO on Snorlax--- (55180)
    Snorlax's +2 Blizzard: 54720
    Mewtwo's Psychic: 54540
    Starmie's Hydro Pump: 53280
    ---guaranteed 3HKO on Alakazam--- (53026, non-Psychic)
    Lapras' Blizzard: 51840
    Kingler's Crabhammer: 51660
    Alakazam's Psychic: 49680
    Zapdos' Thunderbolt: 49590

    ---possible 2HKO on Tauros--- (49167)
    Mewtwo's Blizzard: 48480
    Cloyster's Blizzard: 48240
    Victreebel's Razor Leaf:47677
    Exeggutor's Psychic: 46980
    ---possible 3HKO on Snorlax--- (46957)
    ---posssible 3HKO on Alakazam--- (45124, non-Psychic)
    Jolteon's Thunderbolt: 45030
    Hypno's Psychic: 44280
    Snorlax's +2 Ice Beam: 43320
    Starmie's Surf: 42180
    ---guaranteed 4HKO on Snorlax--- (41146)
    Starmie's Psychic: 39960
    Jynx's Psychic: 38880
    Mewtwo's Ice Beam: 38380
    ---guaranteed 3HKO on Tauros--- (38298)
    Chansey's Blizzard: 36720
    Slowbro's Surf: 36480
    Starmie's Blizzard: 35520
    ---possible 4HKO on Snorlax--- (35014)
    Slowbro's Psychic: 34560
    Gengar's Thunderbolt: 33820
    ---possible 3HKO on Tauros--- (32590)
    Gengar's Psychic: 32040
    Chansey's Ice Beam: 29070
    Tauros' Blizzard: 28320
    Starmie's Thunderbolt: 28120
    Snorlax's Blizzard: 27360

    Lapras' Thunderbolt: 27360
    Golem's Fire Blast: 24960
    Tauros' Thunderbolt: 22420
    Snorlax's Ice Beam: 21660
    Exeggutor's Mega Drain: 20880
    Gengar's Mega Drain: 14240
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