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RBY OU / 1U (OverUsed) Machamp [Discussion Ready]

Discussion in 'Individual Analyses' started by Sevi 7, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Sevi 7

    Sevi 7 Member

    Mar 10, 2018
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    Machamp [​IMG]
    Type: Fighting
    Stats: 90|130|80|65|55

    With a great Attack stat and Fighting-type STAB, Machamp can be threatening in a meta where almost every team has three Normal-types. However, Machamp has a difficult time making use of its power, because its speed is only ok -tying Exeggutor- and its only form of recovery is Rest. Futhermore, Machamp greatly fears the abundant Psychic-types that constatnly threaten it. Therefore, Machamp can only really function as a hit and run physical attacker or as a late-game sweeper. Even worse for Machamp is the strong competition from Hitmonlee, who is faster, has High Jump Kick and can boost its attack. Machamp has more bulk and a wider range of moves though. So, Machamp isn’t completely outclassed.

    All in all, play to Machamp's strengths, use it wisely, and see the full potential of a powerful Fighting-type


    All-out Attacker
    - Low Kick/Submission
    - Body Slam
    - Hyper Beam
    - Earthquake

    Set Details
    This set gives Machamp the best opportunity at doing the most damage. Each attack allows Machamp to weaken Pokémon in different ways. A fighting-type STAB attack is mandatory to best damage Normal and Ice-types and there are only two move options. Looking at the two, Low Kick’s better accuracy, 30% flinch chance and lack of recoil make it the preferable choice. However, Submission does do noticeably more damage, and is better is some situations. For specific damage differences, see the Low Kick vs Submission Calculations section below. Body Slam is mainly used to hit incoming Pokémon switching into Machamp’s potential Fighting-type attack. The most common switch ins are Starmie, Exeggutor and Zapdos, all of whom would prefer to stay unparalyzed. Hyper Beam is Machamp’s strongest Normal-type attack and is used to finish off opponents, who do not take super effective damage from Machamp’s other attacks. The last move is reserved for coverage. Earthquake allows Machamp to 2HKO Gengar and Jolteon. Earthquake also does more damage to Rhydon and Golem, if Machamp is using Low Kick. However, due to Submission’s recoil, Earthquake may be the better option regardless of Machamp’s Fighting-type STAB move.

    Other Options
    Machamp can replace Body Slam with Fire Blast, which does more damage to Exeggutor and has the chance to burn. However, paralyzing is usually more useful and burning the wrong Pokémon can lead to losing the game. Hyper Beam can also be replaced with a few other options. Running both Submission and Low Kick gives Machamp more opportunities to wallbreak Normal-types. Rock Slide 3HKOs Zapdos, and is Machamp’s strongest option against Flying-types. Mega Kick, although usually inferior to Hyper Beam, is Machamp’s only hope at beating Slowbro, although it requires two consecutive critical hits. In addition, Mega Kick doesn’t require a turn for recharge and therefore can be used more freely. On the other hand, Mega Kick has less accuracy and does noticeably less damage, making it harder for Machamp to sweep or revenge kill. Although Karate Chop is a Normal-type attack in Gen 1, it is still an option for Machamp, because Karate Chop has a 99.6% chance to land a critical hit. Thus, making Karate Chop Machamp’s best option against Reflect and more powerful than Body Slam on average. However, be aware that Karate Chop will still only 3HKO Chansey, and it can never get any extra damage, making Karate Chop less of a solid choice overall. Lastly, Counter can be used for a surprise KO, but most of the time Machamp would rather just use its other attacking options.

    Team Options
    Machamp’s favorite lead to work with is Alakazam; who can spread paralysis, pressure Starmie and wall Psychic-type Pokémon for Machamp. Starmie can also work as lead, for similar reasons. However, Starmie and Machamp both have a difficult time against some of the same Pokémon, namely Zapdos. Outside of the lead, Jolteon makes a good partner for Machamp, because Jolteon does well against most of the Psychic-type Pokémon that give Machamp trouble. Jolteon is also great at spreading paralysis and causing chip damage, allowing Machamp to sweep. Jolteon can also revenge kill and sweep itself, especially after Machamp has weakened a team. Zapdos is another good choice, for reason’s similar to Jolteon. What distinguishes Zapdos and Jolteon though is Zapdos’ Drill Peck and higher Attack and Special stats. Although Jolteon is faster, Zapdos hits harder and relies less on critical hits. Furthermore, Machamp may paralyze incoming threats anyways, making Jolteon’s higher speed less meaningful.

    Checks and Counters
    Although Machamp has a couple of good matchups, the meta has several Pokémon that can handle Machamp. Slowbro is the most definitive counter, because Slowbro can easily wall, set-up on and defeat Machamp. Although Machamp has a tiny chance of beating Slowbro if it is running Mega Kick, Machamp will likely be hit with a Thunder Wave in the process, and once paralyzed, Machamp's effectiveness is diminished. For checks, Starmie is probably the best, as Starmie is 4HKOed by Body Slam and can easily recover off the damage. Starmie can also paralyze Machamp with Thunder Wave and 2HKO with Psychic. However, Starmie does have to be cautious about switching into Machamp’s Body Slams, because of Body Slam’s 30% chance of paralysis and critical hits, which do 49.2% - 57.8% damage to Starmie. Exeggutor is also a common check to Machamp. Although Exeggutor does not have reliable recovery, it is only 5HKOed by Body Slam and takes 36.3% - 43% damage from Hyper Beam. Meanwhile, Exeggutor's Psychic does 77.5% -91.3% damage to Machamp. Zapdos checks Machamp by being virtually 5HKOed by Machamp’s Body Slam, while having a 98.2% chance to 2HKO back with Drill Peck. Zapdos may need to be a little cautious if it is already damaged or paralyzed though, because Machamp can 3HKO Zapdos with Rock Slide. Most other Psychic and Flying-types can be used to check Machamp, albeit less effectively. However, even more defensively frail Pokémon, like Alakazam, may be able to scare out or even kill Machamp. So, it is not too difficult to prevent Machamp from being a threat.

    Low Kick vs Submission Calculations
    Here are a list of calculations to show the difference in power between Low Kick and Submission against relevant Pokémon.

    Low Kick: 50.7% - 59.7%
    Submission: 80.7% - 95% (37% - 43.6% recoil damage)

    Low Kick: 32.5% - 38.2% (98.2% chance to 3HKO)
    Submission 51.6% - 60.8% (17.6% - 20.7% recoil damage)

    Low Kick: 37.9% - 44.7%
    Submission: 61.1% - 71.9% (14% - 16.5% recoil damage)

    Low Kick: 28.3% - 33.4%
    Submission: 44.7% - 52.7% (12% - 14.2% recoil damage) (24.7% chance to 2HKO)

    Low Kick: 30.8% - 36.3% (59.1% chance to 3HKO)
    Submission: 48.2% - 56.7% (11.4% - 13.4% recoil damage) (90.5% chance to 2HKO)

    Low Kick: 33% - 38.8%
    Submission: 52% - 61.3% (15.7% - 18.5% recoil damage)

    Low Kick: 28.3% - 33.6%
    Submission: 45.2% - 53.4% (8.9% - 10.5% recoil damage) (36.6% chance to 2HKO)

    Low Kick: 54% - 63.6%
    Submission: 85.5 - 100.9% (21.7 - 21.7% recoil damage) (7.7% chance to OHKO)
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2018
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  2. magic9mushroom

    magic9mushroom BEST END. Member

    May 1, 2013
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    Machamp's weakness to STAB Psychic should be mentioned in the intro. It is an elephant in the room.

    Hitmonlee's ability to Meditate is not really a big advantage due to Hitmonlee's hilarious frailty. Everything 3HKOs, anything with STAB 2HKOs (heck, even Starmie/Chansey Blizzards 2HKO, and Gengar's Thunderbolt has a high chance) and all Psychics OHKO. You need two attacks after Meditate to break even and three to pull in front, which you probably won't get if they just smack you on the Meditate turn.

    "NHKO'd" is wrong; apostrophes do not belong in verbs.


    What Flying-types? Zapdos is the only Flying-type tiered in 1U and the next most relevant - Dragonite - is threatened more by Body Slam's para chance than by a non-STAB Rock Slide (either is enough to chip it into Ice OHKO range). Say it's for Zapdos because it's for Zapdos; other targets like Articuno and Moltres are far too rare to bother.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  3. Sevi 7

    Sevi 7 Member

    Mar 10, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I didn't really want to outline Fighting-types strengths and weaknesses, but you're right that Psychic-types should be mentioned somehwere.

    I understand Meditate is not a huge advantage, but I don't think it's as bad as you're suggesting. Hitmonlee may be fragile, but there will definitely be opportunities for it to Meditate. Furthermore, having that boost in the late-game can mean the difference between sweeping and losing. This discussion shouldn't really be about Hitmonlee though. I originally put the attack boosting comment as an advantage over Machamp, because I felt it was an easy way to convey that Machamp's slighty higher base attack is negilible. I worried that some players may pick Machamp based on that stat, when it shouldn't be compared at all. Also, being unable to boost is a disadvantage for Machamp, even if Hitmonlee cannot boost often.

    Although I completely agree that Flying-types are usually going to consist of just Zapdos in tournaments, Articuno does see some use in higher level play and Dragonite is being used all the time on PokemonShowdown. As for Dragonite fearing paralysis, I again completely agree with you. However, once Dragonite has been paralyzed, Machamp would prefer to chip with Rock Slide, instead of Body Slam -a mere 5HKO. Also, Dragonite can survive a Blizzard from Tauros or Snorlax, or an Ice Beam from Chansey, after a single Body Slam from Machamp.

    Ultimatley, I feel like those don't need to be removed, as they are true and aren't detracting from anything. However, I could be wrong. So, if others see them as much of a problem as you do, I'll make the changes.

    I personally find the NHKOd everyone seems to use to be abhorrent, but if that's the convention so be it.

    Added a line about Machamp fearing Psychic-types and changed the NHKO'd.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
  4. magic9mushroom

    magic9mushroom BEST END. Member

    May 1, 2013
    Likes Received:
    NHKOed is another option. Just as long as you're not using an apostrophe, because that's incorrect grammar.
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