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Event Introducing The Brand New Pokemon Perfect League Franchises!

Discussion in 'Other Tours' started by CALLOUS, Feb 26, 2020.


Which team do you like best?

  1. Blackthorn Dragoons

  2. Cinnabar Pyros

  3. Driftveil Gold Diggers

  4. Fortree Snipers

  5. Goldenrod Rollers

  6. Mossdeep Supernovas

  7. Saffron Seers

  8. Snowpoint Yetis

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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
    Likes Received:
    All logos made by Brumirage
    Find her gallery here- Brumirage's Gallery
    She's available for commissions and is excellent to work with! Highly recommended! Find her on Discord at Brumirage#6041


    There are a lot of team tournaments out there and there have been a lot of logos made over the years. We don't want to be just another tournament. I made an extremely conscious effort to choose these team names with specific criteria in mind. The criteria I followed was as follows-

    -Only gen 1-5 locations (making a point to have at least one representative from each generation), as Pokemon Perfect is focused on only these generations at this time.
    -Only major cities. Places that, if the Pokemon world were real, would be likely to have a professional sports team. This means places like Pallet Town were not considered and likewise no caves, no routes, no locations like Pokemon Tower or the Power Plant, etc.
    -The names and themes have to make sense with the identity of the city. So, for example, if we had a team based in Celadon City we would not randomly have it be yellow and Electric themed. What the city is about, what kind of Pokemon Gym is there and what colors and themes one would associate with the city were all taken into consideration.
    -All the names are designed to be either somewhat cool and badass or clever and amusing, but we made a point to avoid lame/generic/boring names. We want players to be able to proudly say "I'm a BLANK!"
    -We wanted each of the logos to look distinct from one another. We avoided being overly similar to each other or to any other team logo from another tour that we are aware of. We made a point to have varying colors and images.
    -Finally, because we're trying very hard as an in general to have Pokemon Perfect not just be "Smogon Junior", we made a point to create these logos with a different style than the one often used for major Smogon tours. We very consciously chose not to incorporate the team name into the logo and instead opted to focus more on the artistic image and then put the name at the bottom. Hopefully this style will be unique to Pokemon Perfect and to this tour.

    With all that in mind, and with far more hours of thinking and discussing than you would believe, and then many more hours of work to bring these ideas to life, this is what we ended up with. I hope managers and players alike can find pride and enjoyment in being on these teams and these logos get used for years to come! Here they are in alphabetical order-

    Perhaps no Pokemon city is more synonymous with Dragons than Johto's Blackthorn City, home of the Dragon's Den and Dragon type gym leader Clair. Several names were considered for this team including Lancers, Dragon Riders and Wyverns. Wyverns in particular I thought sounded kind of cool. However, the deal-breaker for me was that the Dragons used here are not, by definition, actually Wyverns and as such I felt that name was nonsensical.

    You may have seen the term "dragoon" used in other fantasy mediums such as in the PS1's JRPG classic The Legend of Dragoon or as a job class in a number of Final Fantasy games, but what you may not know is that the word dragoon is, in fact, a real life term. It means "a member of any of several cavalry regiments in the British army". Britain, of course, does not exist in the Pokemon world so we've taken this concept and added a fantasy twist to it. Our artwork depicts a Pokemon trainer, clad in armor and mounted on the city's gym leader's signature Pokemon, Kingdra, wielding a knight-like jousting spear and charging head on into battle! We hope a worthy manager takes command of this team and slays the competition!

    What city could possibly be our Fire representative other than Kanto's infamous classic, Cinnabar Island? Fire-associated names have countless possibilities and everything from Flames to Eruption to Volcanists to Lava Hounds to Incinerators to Scorchers to Torchers to Anarchists and many, many more were considered. Ultimately, both to keep it simple and to contrast Smogon's Cryos, we opted for Pyros.

    With Blaine we were actually torn as to whether to use Arcanine or Rapidash as his signature Pokemon. Weirdly, in some Pokemon games where you can fight Blaine he inexplicably doesn't have an Arcanine at all! However, in his gen of origin (gen 1 of course) Arcanine is his highest level Pokemon and as such, despite my love of horses and how majestic looking Rapidash is, Arcanine got the nod. Our artwork shows said Arcanine standing in front of the violently erupting Cinnabar Volcano. We hope a strong manager assembles a squad that melts the other teams!


    Gen 5's sole representative among our teams and absolutely among my personal favorites, we've got ourselves a cheeky pun with this one. Driftveil City is a mining town, its gym leader specializes in Ground type Pokemon and his signature Pokemon is Excadrill. What do you get when you combine a Pokemon clearly designed with excavating and drilling in mind with a town that digs for precious metals, such as gold? Gold Diggers!

    Our artwork has fun with this pun and shows a dolled up lady Excadrill sporting an expensive fur coat, a purse adorned with precious stones and some expensive looking rings about to get into her limo. Queue up Kanye! "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger..." We hope a manager who appreciates the lighthearted humor associated with this team drafts a fearsome squad that leaves the peasants in the dust!


    For me one of the most unique and memorable cities in Gen 3's Hoenn region has to be Fortree City, which of course is a not so subtle combination of the words "tree fort". The quirk of this city is that none of residents live in grounded homes. They live, instead, in homes built atop the trees. And of course the gym leader here specializes in the Flying type. We wanted to run with this theme and considered many team names that might be associated with being attacked from above such as Bombers, Dive Bombers, Aerials, Kamikazes and Talons. Ultimately, because I liked how it sounded more than the other options and I thought the logo concept was cute, Snipers was the winner.

    Our logo depicts the gym leader's signature Pokemon, Altaria, wearing a military helmet and camouflage on its face as it waits high up in a tree, sniper rifle in hand, ready to pick off the bad guys. We hope the right commander picks up the reigns to this team and, metaphorically of course, headshots all comers!


    Gen 2's Goldenrod City was more or less a must-include. It's a huge city that includes the region's casino game corner, its mega department store and what was at the time considered to be a significant difficulty spike in the fight against Whitney's infamous Miltank!

    We've got ourselves another pun here as we do a word play on the word rollers by simultaneously invoking the childhood trauma so many of us experienced getting swept by Whitney's Miltank using Rollout while also depicting Milktank rolling the dice at the Goldenrod Casino Game Corner. We hope a manager who appreciates this pun assembles the winning team that rolls over all the others!


    Hoenn's Mossdeep City is home to Mossdeep Space Center and it is also unique in that it's the first time in the Pokemon franchise where there are actually two gym leaders instead of one and the player must face them in a double battle. The signature Pokemon of these leaders, Tate and Liza, are the clearly sun and moon based Solrock and Lunatone, so a space theme for this city was obvious. This team definitely took the longest to settle on their name as space simply has so many possibilities! Comets, Meteors, Zeniths, Novas, Nebulas, Andromedas, Zodiacs, Constellations, Titans, Terrans, Terraformers and many, many others were considered. Ultimately I thought that a lot of the other team names had two syllables and I wanted to go with something a bit bigger; and why just be a nova when you can be a super nova?

    The logo here is very straightforward. It's simply the two signature Pokemon of the gym leaders with an outer space background. It is our hope that a competent manager takes this team to infinity and beyond!


    One of the biggest and most important cities in Gen 1's Kanto region, Saffron City is the home of Sabrina and her Psychic type gym and even an NPC called Mr. Psychic! There was no doubt which theme we wanted to go with for this city but the name was a bit trickier. Oracles, Prophets, Tellers, Prophecies, Mystics, Mentalists, Clairvoyants, Metaphysicals, Soothsayers and others were all discussed. In the end simplicity and alliteration won the day. For those unaware since "seer" is not exactly a word most of us use in our day to day lives, it's more or less just another synonym for a psychic or a prophet.

    Our artwork shows Alakazam, Sabrina's signature Pokemon, dressed up in its best Miss Cleo outfit and staring into its crystal ball. With the right manager at the helm the doom of the other teams that has been foretold may just come to pass...


    Last but certainly not least Gen 4's lone representative is a fierce one! Snowpoint City sits below Mt. Coronet and it is, of course, completely covered in snow! And, shockingly, the city's gym leader, Candice, specializes in Ice Pokemon and awards the Icicle Badge. Beginning to sense a pattern here? Names like Blizzards, Glaciers, Frostbites, Abominables and Sasquatches were briefly considered but Yetis, which is what Abomasnow is designed from to begin with, felt like the obvious choice. The yeti is, of course, a huge, menacing, ape-like mythical creature.

    The logo here simply shows Candice's signature Pokemon, Abomasnow, in the middle of a raging snow and ice storm, which is fitting given its ability, Snow Warning, and the ever present snow that is synonymous with the city. We have no doubt that should the right manager come along to lead this team the Snowpoint Yetis could freeze every adversary.

    So there you have it! After several weeks of work and a hefty chunk of change to have these logos made, these are your 2020 Pokemon Perfect League franchises! Please participate in our survey and let us know which team logo and concept is your favorite! And, most importantly, please consider participating in Pokemon Perfect League and help make it the very best tournament it can be for years to come!

    The dates you need to know (subject to change slightly if there are unforeseen problems)-
    MANAGER SIGNUPS- March 22nd-March 29th
    PLAYER SIGNUPS- March 29th-April 11th/12th
    AUCTION- April 12th/19th
    WEEK 1- April 13th/20th
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  2. Mister Tim

    Mister Tim The most handsome man on PP Host Emeritus

    May 3, 2014
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    free team ice
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  3. Dizno

    Dizno Liquid Swords Host Emeritus

    Nov 27, 2017
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    The goldenrod rollers though
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  4. sprinkles

    sprinkles Member

    Dec 29, 2019
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