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Pokémon I was right about Gen 2.

Discussion in 'Chat' started by Roostur, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Roostur

    Roostur Member

    Dec 20, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I'm not saying I feel good about this, but me leaving gen 2, along with my criticism of it, seem to be highly correlated with its decline. It seems to me that as soon as I left and gave my criticisms, more people decided to follow suit and stop playing it. The ladder looks abysmal. I would like to repeat something, and hopefully it has more weight this time. The extent to which you can stall in gen 2 and win without much critical thinking is an exploit not originally in the game. This makes games last too long with not much happening between the beginning and the end of the match. Ideally what you want in a pokemon match is for the victor to make a surprising move that outsmarts the opponent, eliciting a "you got me" reaction from the opponent. I've been playing gen 1 recently and that is how I win my games in gen 1. I outsmart my opponent. In gen 2 I literally wrote down what I should do in every situation I could think of and just followed the book. No critical thinking. THIS SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE. And this would not be possible if it weren't for the banning of the combination of perish song, mean look, and hypnosis. The reason this game is bad is NOT because the games are long. A long good book can feel like a short read, while a boring short book can seem to drag on forever. The problem is there is very little critical thinking, for the majority of a match, with a stall team. I've said this before and no one listened, so please listen now. This combination of moves needs to be unbanned. This game was very popular before it was banned. This would have amazing consequences to the game, such as more pokemon becoming viable and new teams being created, but more importantly the games would be interesting from beginning to end. People with their knee jerk reactions will say "oh the game will become more luck based, less skill based, etc." I disagree with ALL of that and have the history of the gen on my side. And we can go back and forth on that and argue about it. But one thing that can't be argued is whether a bad game is better than a dead game. Those are the options. A "bad game", as the critics will call it, or a dead game. The pokemon players have voted with their time. They're giving their time to other pokemon games. They have voted that gen 2, as it stands, is not worth playing. You guys know how to fix it. I've done my part to advocate this change for the gen and now it is your turn. There is no other way.

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