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DPP HGSS 1P Lvl 5, aka I just made a tier.

Discussion in 'Tiers' started by ThriceElite, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. ThriceElite

    ThriceElite Member

    Mar 6, 2016
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    HGSS 1P Lvl 5 (name tentative) is a tier that I made on a whim. In this tier, all Pokemon are (currently) all allowed, are at lvl 5, and have all the moves they would have at lvl 100. The higher damage ranges at lvl 5 makes for a much more offensive meta than at lvl 100.

    Initial banlist: Sonic Boom, Dragon Rage, and evasion moves like Double Team and Minimize

    Replays (work in progress): [Gen 4] 1P Lv5 replay: HotSkittyOnWailord vs. Eseque - Pokémon Showdown

    Use this tier to discuss the meta, teams, potential suspects, and anything else you can think of that relates to this tier! Be sure to inform your friends of this exciting new meta!
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