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Schedule GSC OU 2021 Master Thread

Discussion in 'GSC OU' started by CALLOUS, Jan 6, 2021.

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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
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    Welcome to Pokemon Perfect's 2021 GSC OU season! Here you'll find the rules and schedule we'll be following this year! Please keep in mind that while we have every intention to follow this as closely as possible, unforeseen emergency situations may cause slight changes. If something like that occurs, we'll communicate.

    Confirmed Tournaments Containing GSC OU-

    (Date of signups/Date of tournament start)

    January 24th - GSC OU Open 1 Signups

    January 31st - GSC OU Open 1 Start

    March 28th - Pokemon Perfect League (Manager Signups)
    March 28th - GSC OU Open 2 Signups

    April 4th - Pokemon Perfect League (Players Signups)
    April 4th - GSC OU Open 2 Start

    April 18th - Pokemon Perfect League (Auction)

    June 20th - GSC OU Open 3 Signups

    June 27th - GSC OU Open 3 Start

    July 25th - World Cup of Pokemon Perfect (Roster Submissions)

    August 8th - World Cup of Pokemon Perfect (Tour Start)

    September 5th - GSC OU Open 4 Signups

    September 12th - GSC OU Open 4 Start

    October 31st - Pokemon Perfect GSC OU Championship

    GSC OU Opens-

    • Open to the public with no cap on the number of accepted players. If you sign up you will get a chance to play!
    • Single elimination.
    • Due to imperfect starting numbers, byes may be awarded at random in the first round only.
    • Any GSC Open with less than 16 signups will be cancelled.
    • All pairings in all rounds will be completely random. There are no predetermined brackets. If the tournament host chooses to play in the tournament a non-participating staff member will draw the pairings.
    • Only communication on Pokemon Perfect or on Discord is eligible for consideration in the event of an activity win situation.
    • Replays are mandatory from the semifinals onward.
    • All matches are b03.
    • All Smogon rules, bans and clauses are applicable.
    • GSC Championship Points will be awarded to players based on their finish as per the table listed below.

    Pokemon Perfect GSC OU Championship-

    • This tour is comprised of exactly 16 players and is seeded (based on GSC Championship Points).
    • This tour is NOT open to everyone. Here is the breakdown how the spots will be filled:
      • The first and second place finishers in each of the 4 GSC Opens will be guaranteed a spot in the GSC Championship.
      • The remaining spots will be filled with the players with the most overall GSC Championship Points. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker for the spot will be required.
      • Please note - a player may place first or second in more than one an GSC Open; to be clear they do not "double qualify". This tour will have exactly 16 players no matter what and that does not necessarily mean that it will be comprised of 8 unique first and second place finishers and the 2 players with the most GSC Championship Points.
    GSC Championship Points Standings-

    16 Points


    15 Points

    14 Points

    13 Points

    D4 Repertoire

    11 Points



    10 Points

    7 Points

    5 Points

    Chiles Habaneros
    Lord Thorx

    4 Points

    1 Point

    Drogba in Shenhua
    Rampage Webber
    TopLel TopKek
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