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Explanation of Championship Points 2020 Edition

Discussion in 'Pokémon Perfect News' started by CALLOUS, Jan 5, 2020.

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    CALLOUS YouTube.com/CALLOUSnarrates Leader

    May 12, 2016
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    I'm posting this here because it's applicable to all tiers.

    I want to be very clear as to exactly how a player can go about qualifying for our cash-paying end of the year Championship Tournaments for each tier.

    Our Qualifier tournaments will all award Championship Points for their tier.

    Here's how the Championship Tours will be constructed-

    Exactly 16 players per tour.

    The first and second place finishers of each qualifier for the tier are automatically qualified for the championship tour of that tier.

    The remaining spots will be filled out strictly based on number of points accumulated.

    To lay it out visually, the tours will be constructed like this-

    1. Winner of Qualifier 1
    2. Runner-up of Qualifier 1
    3. Winner of Qualifier 2
    4. Runner-up of Qualifier 2
    5. Winner of Qualifier 3
    6. Runner-up of Qualifier 3
    7. Winner of Qualifier 4
    8. Runner-up of Qualifier 4
    9. Winner of Qualifier 5
    10. Runner-up of Qualifier 5
    11. Player with the most points who isn't already qualified via 1st/2nd place finish in a Qualifier
    12. Player with the second most points who isn't already qualified via 1st/2nd place finish in a Qualifier
    13. Player with the third most points who isn't already qualified via 1st/2nd place finish in a Qualifier
    14. Player with the fourth most points who isn't already qualified via 1st/2nd place finish in a Qualifier
    15. Player with the fifth most points who isn't already qualified via 1st/2nd place finish in a Qualifier
    16. Player with the sixth most points who isn't already qualified via 1st/2nd place finish in a Qualifier

    In the event of an overlap, such as a player winning the first Qualifier and then getting second place in the fourth Qualifier, we'll move down the overall points ladder to fill that slot.

    And, just as a bonus, we've got no shortage of medals and trophies coming your way in 2020!

    1st/2nd place in a Qualifier = Medal
    Most points in a tier at the end of the year = Trophy
    1st/2nd/3rd in a Championship Tournament = Trophy
    Most points in all tiers combined at the end of the year- One of a kind Trophy that no one else will ever have

    Our team tours will award Trophies too, of course, but they have nothing to do with this system.


    The system being this way addresses both ends of this situation and accommodates players in either situation. On one hand, there are some players who are going to play here a lot, possibly in every cycle of tournaments all throughout the year, who feel they should be rewarded for playing more than others are able or willing to. We agree, and as such simple math states the more you play the more opportunity you'll have to gain points and qualify for the Championship Tours. On the other side of that coin we have players who may have to skip a tour or two because they need a break from the game or have whatever situation going on in real life that makes it so they cannot play. Should those players be hopelessly disadvantaged and locked out of the Championship Tour because they're not able to play in every single Qualifier? We don't think so, and as such we've left the door open for there to be a very simple way to qualify for the Championship Tour, even if you decide to start your Pokemon Perfect journey a bit later in the season than others- win. Remember, the 1st and 2nd place finishers in all Qualifiers are automatically qualified for the Championship Tournament and as such even if you haven't yet played a single tournament on Pokemon Perfect all year, there's still a way in for you!

    This is a very fair system that should consistently reward the most skilled players and the players who put the most effort in.

    We will, of course, take a look at how this all worked and see what tweaks we may need to make for 2021, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, feel free to hit me up via PM or Discord with any questions.

    Have fun on Pokemon Perfect! :)

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