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Community An Interview With GGFan

Discussion in 'Chat' started by refsunpersons, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. refsunpersons

    refsunpersons Member

    Dec 31, 2018
    Likes Received:
    We Are Not A Sensationalist Tabloid Interview #43.5: GGFan
    firelit nights: Good evening gentlemen! Today we have (arguably) the greatest old-gen player of all time and an undisputed legend, GGFan! He has recently published a website pertaining to his accounts of RBY tournament history. How are you today?
    GGFan: I'm fine, thank you. I just returned home from my morning exercise, so my mental faculties are at their peak. I'm ready for a fascinating and scintillating discussion.
    firelit nights: Usually I start discussions like these by asking when you got into competitive Pokemon, but it seems you've already laid this out in your book (which is available for free in Lulu). As such, I would ask instead: you seem to have had many enemies during the GameFAQs era. Did you have any friends?
    GGFan: I had friends, but they also became enemies. It was a competitive yet childish world. There were lots of cliques and people held grudges. I trained a few people, if that counts. I trained David Kirk, who went on to win the first Pokemon World Cup. I also trained Red Comet Sazabi, who was my teammate in said event. David Kirk and I started out as friends, but then he joined the anti-GGFan crusade. We actually reconnected a couple of years ago, where he thanked me for helping him and motivating him to get better. It was strange to hear from someone in that era. After not hearing from them in 13 or so years.
    firelit nights: I see. If I got this right, the simulator you used was a text-only in IRC and had buggy mechanics? Which meant that you could paralyze Normal-types with body slam and so on?
    GGFan: No, I didn't use mIRC: you had to download it, and my computer wasn't exactly the best at the time. I started out on the Azureheights PBS (Pokemon Battle Simulator). It didn't need to be downloaded, but it only supported RBY. Regarding Body Slam paralyzing Normal-types, yes, that's right: the mechanics changes actually weren't implemented until 2015. Nobody knew about them until Crystal published that video.
    firelit nights: Was RNG "worse" back then? Since matches were best of one, I'm surprised luck wasn't mentioned that often in your book.
    GGFan: I like best-of-one play, and I find it inane that only RBY is best-of-three in team tournaments. If you perceive a gen to be so broken and ineffectual that it must be played more than others, then don't play it. It's a joke that others gens don't have the same reputation. DPP and BW have a reputation for being decided before the game even starts, at least sometimes. So many ADV techniques depend on luck. I've had so many tournament sets--even ones that were best-of-five--that proved who the better man was after one game. But then you have to play two more games that are an atrocity and prove nothing. Either give the tier the same respect as the others, or don't play it.
    firelit nights: Ah. Interesting perspective. One of the people mentioned in your book, Hipmonlee, is still an active player. Do you have any words about him?
    GGFan: He had a big ego back when we met in 2003, but he helped me improve a lot because he saw me as good sparring partner. I played him about 40 times that year, winning roughly half the time, which I considered a great accomplishment considering he was at the top during the GameFAQs era. We went our separate ways after GameFAQs died: I traveled all over, whereas he became Smogon's unofficial mascot. I didn't like how he denigrated other organizations because they weren't Smogon, or how he talked to me several years later on RBY2K10. Basically, he said, "Your reputation on Smogon isn't good, so I doubt you are." Well, he played sporadically until just recently, meanwhile I'm the greatest of all time in some peoples' eyes due to my longevity and consistency. As for his comeback, I feel that it's been a humbling experience for him thus far. His results seem to be very mixed, and he's had a lot of trouble beating people that I've been able to beat on multiple occasions. If he's the same Hipmonlee that I met 16 years ago, then he'll be determined to keep playing and become recognized as the best again, but it won't be easy. It's funny, though, how we're in opposite positions now: I'm the established top star and he's the prospect trying to play as much as he can and learn about the game. Life is funny and unpredictable.
    firelit nights: Are there any people from "back then" that you know still play?
    GGFan: No, I don't know anyone else from the PBS era that still plays. Nitro made a comeback in 2010 and I played him once in 2011. It was actually an amazing game. It went 250 turns, and I ended up PP wasting his Tauros of all things.
    firelit nights: PP stalling a Tauros... seems impossible. Did it have Rest? But Rest Tauros seems like a crazy concept to me.
    GGFan: I used a Snorlax known as GSCLax. It had Body Slam/Amnesia/Reflect/Rest. Nitro's Tauros couldn't break through it. As to what I stalled out, I'm trying to remember exactly which Pokemon it was. It was either his Tauros or Snorlax. He was one of the players I faced during my run as Hector Gold.
    firelit nights: Well, this was back when you could paralyze Normal-types... also, Hector Gold? Was this your ladder run? He didn't know it was you?
    GGFan: No, my ladder run was on PO, back when I was playing under the name "Mr. Friendly." (hence the nickname for my famous Starmie moveset, FriendlyMie). I was Hector Gold two years prior, in 2011. Nobody knew it was me. As Hector Gold I made a big splash in the NetBattle "Global Casino" server.
    firelit nights: I didn't know that's where the name FriendlyMie came from at all.
    GGFan: That's exactly where it comes from.
    firelit nights: Speaking of the list of "things we didn't know about you", there was a thread on PokemonPerfect where you outlined that you were one of the first Pokemon Red/ Blue speedrunners. As a speedrunner, I'm interested in your account of this history, as my sources claim these speedruns didn't start before 2003.
    GGFan: I wasn't one of the first--I was THE first. Nobody knew how to speedrun the game at the time. Back then, a speedrun of Pokemon wasn't seen as feasible due to the game's reputation as a long and arduous journey. Before speedruns, a user named Jolt135 proposed a "90-minute blitz," in which you had to get as far as possible in 90 minutes. I realized that the game could be beaten in just four, three, or even two more hours, so I decided to just go for a speed run of the entire game. My technique of just using Squirtle was copied for several years until they discovered Nidoran M. I also used Zapdos in my speed run to beat the E4 faster. I'm pretty sure this was abandoned before 2010.
    firelit nights: Did you use any of the techniques that the 2003-onward runners did? Also, my assumption was that this was a glitchless run, right?
    GGFan: No, I didn't use any of the strategies or techniques because there were none. I laid out the blueprint for the speed run; in fact, my walkthrough can still be found on GameFAQs to this day.
    firelit nights: so Jacob McMillin wasn't the first... but did you know the guy?
    GGFan: No, I knew Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg. He found out about me and successfully broke my record (3:07, game time). He actually made an account on THE Alternative and played in a few tournaments. He posted his run on one of the speedrunning forums (SDA maybe?). Or maybe "Games Done Quick." So the next time you watch Werster or Shenanigans, remember who the godfather of the speedrun was.
    firelit nights: I see. You mentioned the "NetBattle era". Did NetBattle have RBY support?
    GGFan: Yes, of course. Back then, RBY and GSC were the only extant gens.
    firelit nights: Did "glitch" runs of RBY exist back then? Where you do in-game exploits to manipulate the registry?
    GGFan: No, a lot of the glitches you're referring to weren't discovered until much later. In fact, when I set the first world record, I didn't even know that you could throw a Poke Doll at the ghost of Marowak and skip that whole section altogether.
    firelit nights: Well, RBY is a game held together by duct-tape and optimism...
    GGFan: I popularized the term "RNGBY."
    firelit nights: Are there any things about the GameFAQs tournament scene and your accomplishments in that era we should know about, that you haven't outlined yet?
    GGFan: The tournament scene began to show promise in 2002 and thrived in 2003. In 2003 there were more than 30 tournaments--which is a huge number even by today's standards, in my opinion--and a lot of players were hungry to reach the top. As for my greatest accomplishments from that period, I would say winning TOS ranks up there because I won that tournament at a time where the playerbase was extremely elitist and didn't believe someone as green as me could beat an established veteran. Winning the GameFAQs Summer UU Tournament was a nice feather in my young cap if only because it was basically a "who's who" of the era. Other than that, I'm proud of my overall numbers: I won 12 tournaments and somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-70 tournament games in 2003. It's the main reason I considered naming my first book "The Kid Champion," as that's what I was at the time.
    firelit nights: Ironically, Smogon's culture nowadays seems to consider being a veteran as a bad thing- the term is "crust" and the idea is that very old players who aren't consistently successful are awful.
    GGFan: That's because the culture on Smogon is dictated primarily by people who were never successful themselves--unless you consider being a useless moron who can't write a coherent sentence successful. They also further exhibit their stupidity by magnetizing games. Oh no, you lost one game out of 40, but because this one game was in your precious World Cup or SPL, it automatically means you're terrible. This is why I tend not to associate myself with the likes of these people. But it's also because I have a fully functioning brain.
    The only argument you can make in the defense of magnetizing single games in the case of part-timers who only wheel themselves out for one or two tournaments a year that they get to play in because they've established connections with certain people. For them, those tournaments mean a lot more because they'll go back into exile afterwards. My philosophy is never to allow others to measure your success. It's easy to let what other people say affect you--even if they are blithering idiots.
    firelit nights: Your section in your website about the NetBattle area seemed very brief before you started "THE Alternative". Specifically, you mentioned an RBY tournament in NetBattle's "GSC Mode"- but aren't GSC games mechanically different from RBY games? How did that work?
    GGFan: OK, so it's July 2005. I had been playing on GameFAQs for three years, but decided to leave because it was virtually dead and knew that the NetBattle circuit was the future. However, ADV was in the spotlight now, leaving GSC and RBY to die. In an effort to keep the chromatic arts alive I made my own forum, THE Alternative, which would be dedicated to competitive RBY. I felt that I needed to do something special, something different, to spark interesting. I couldn't just host an old-fashioned RBY OU tour--those had been done to death. After a bit of brainstorming I conceptualized a sort of bastardized RBY. The idea was that only RBY Pokemon were allowed, but you had to play in GSC mode, meaning it was RBY with GSC mechanics. I also had rounds where tradebacks were banned and rounds where they were allowed to keep things interesting.
    firelit nights: Ah, so it was more of a "for fun" tournament instead of a competitive one? How successful would you say it was? Did it make people interested in RBY again?
    GGFan: No, it was definitely a competitive event. 32 people signed up, which was a huge number at the time. It was interesting in that players from various territories participated. There were players from Azureheights, Pojo, NetBattle, and GameFAQs. I'd say given how hard it was to organize that it was successful (not just because I won it, ha ha). I had to communicate via email, AIM, and by visiting NetBattle servers. I actually didn't host the event on THE Alternative because I wasn't ready to get it started quite yet. One of the best games I ever had took place in that tour. I faced someone named Cloggerdude in the 4th round, who was a big name in the PBS era. We had a great game that enhanced my reputation.
    firelit nights: Then you started THE Alternative? It seems pretty dead now, was it active in its heyday? Also, I think I heard something about somebody from Smogon stealing analyses from there. Smogon was a thing back then?
    GGFan: Yeah. I won the VBR in September, then started going around and saying that something revolutionary was going to happen on November 2nd. This was the date when I changed the name of my forum to "THE Alternative" and got it off the ground. I would definitely say it was active; it was an important organization that kept RBY alive and inspired the creation of RBY2K10. It was active to the point where we were averaging at least one tour per month, which I consider a respectable achievement considering I was ostracized from Smogon due to childish idiots being childish idiots. We also had a NetBattle server which was actually bigger than Pokemon Perfect's and had a partnership with Pokemonexperte, which was a dominating force in the competitive scene at the time.
    Smogon existed back then, but it was incredibly elitist. Back then, you had the usual morons invading servers and forums, advertising Smogon and insisting that Smogon was the only place people should play in. I remember one of the idiots (maybe it was Vineon) who became irate when one of his advertisements on GameFAQs was deleted--thanks to yours truly. The Netbattle era had the strongest independent scene. Smogon was there, but not necessary. There were a lot of legitimate organizations around. These days, you have Smogon, Pokemon Perfect, and one or two regional forums. Pokemon Perfect is dying, the regional forums tend to copy what Smogon does, and that's it.
    firelit nights: You mentioned in the same thread where you mentioned being a speedrunner something about "time in the Brazilian and German circuits". Could you tell us a bit about that? You did talk about it in your new website.
    GGFan: Yeah, I played in the Brazilian circuit starting in December 2005. I was on a quest to become a better ADV player, as you had to know ADV in order to be relevant. I started playing ADV on a server called "CAM" (CertifiedAssassinMasters) in the summer of that year, but left because I needed tougher competition. I became a regular on the Brasil Pokemon server, which was the second largest at the time. There I played as "O Americano Louco," the resident gringo who made a name for myself. I was able to win several server tournaments, and played a few Brazilians who would go on to achieve great things. One of them was named kael--I'm sure people on Smogon today know who that is. We had our share of tournament bouts, back when he was known as "sky kael."
    I played in the Brazilian circuit for a few months, then discovered the German circuit in June of 2006. I wasn't welcome with open arms partially due to how loyal certain of the players were to Smogon. One in particular, peter pan, was hostile towards me.
    firelit nights: Certified Assassin Masters doesn't seem like a very well thought-out name.
    GGFan: Kids don’t think. Anyway, I still headed to Pokemonexperte, which was actually the largest competitive organization at the time. It had over 10,000 members, was bigger than Smogon, and hosted more tournaments. I won its first RBY tournament in history, beating peter pan in the finals and earning his respect (we actually ended up winning a team tournament together a few months later). I ended up playing on Pokemonexperte for a year and a half, where I won a few big tournaments, including the 2007 Meisterschaft.
    When people boast about the Smogon Classic, I just say, "Been there, done that, but it was harder." The Meisterschaft was a swiss format tournament of champions in which only the highest ranked players in the organization's hall of fame were eligible to enter. In the Smogon Classic, you go on one big run in one tour that gets you into the playoffs and then try your luck in one set. In the Meisterschaft, you had to play every single person. I ended up winning it, beating the likes of jira, peter pan, Picollo, and Majin--all of them have or went on to achieve greatness in different ways.
    firelit nights: Ah. But I think there would be a better equivalence to Smogon Tour, since it involved the current generations. Is all of this related to what you call the "triple crown"?
    GGFan: No, in the Meisterschaft you had to play RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, ADV UU, and ADV 202. I won the Triple Crown on Pokefans (the powerhouse of the German circuit after people left Pokemonexperte due to being fed up with its administration) a year later, in 2008. I became the first person in history to have won an RBY, GSC, and ADV tournament on the same calendar year. When I won the ADV tournament, one of the players messaged me and pointed out what I pulled off. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to win a DPP tournament which would have made me the first Grand Slam winner ever, but the Triple Crown is still nice.
    firelit nights: Was DPP already out by then?
    GGFan: Yes, DPP was out. I played it for a bit, but didn't achieve much success, mostly because ADV was still popular and I could also play RBY. I learned how to play GSC in the German circuit, and learned just enough to win the Meisterschaft and the Triple Crown. Well, I also played GSC during my comeback to GameFAQs, but I improved a lot from playing in the German circuit.
    firelit nights: I see. What was RBY 2K10? Why did you consider it a failure?
    GGFan: After THE Alternative died, two clowns who were, to say the least, too immature to be running a forum wanted to continue where I left off. Thus, RBY2K10 was born in 2010. They wanted to host tournaments, analyses, etc. It got off to a decent start, but the founders pissed off a lot of people for their trash talking and gossip. It was so bad that its anniversary tournament--one that offered a cash prize--was canceled in the finals. Imagine a tournament with money on the line being canceled because the finalists couldn't have been bothered to play it. So off those two morons went, down the forum went, and that was that.
    It's funny: I won both the first and last tournament in its history. In 2013, they gave ownership to Isa, who hosted what was a legitimate event. It was a "who's who" of the ladder at the time, and I ended up winning it. The forum died for good after that.
    firelit nights: Was Crystal_ already known as an RBY dataminer back then?
    GGFan: No, Crystal was only known as a prospect at the time. I thought he was kind of an asshole for the way he talked to me, but we had great chemistry and had quite a few memorable games from 2010 to 2013.
    firelit nights: Is the "what is a mask" post still somewhere?
    GGFan: I'm not sure if the "What is a mask?" message can be found somewhere. Hector Gold had a lot of promise, but I created him at a time when I was incredibly burned out by the game and by certain peoples' behavior.
    firelit nights: Tell me about your PO ladder run and meeting M Dragon (whom, if I take it right, you seem to regard highly). Are you still friends? Do you still remember the details of the team you used back then, with FriendlyMie and BeamGore?
    GGFan: In 2012 I attempted a comeback on the Netbattle server, where I had a stellar 21-3 record against the playerbase. However, there was no tournament scene, so I left again. Fast forward to December 2012 and PO now supports the ladder, so naturally I jump on there and want to be #1. I started out under the name "Mezura," which is Old French for "moderation." Sure, I could play RBY and dominate to my heart's content, but couldn't overdo it (call myself "GGFan"). I reached #2, took a loss which set me back, then decided to start over from scratch as "Mr. Friendly." I used FriendlyMie in this team, which I had actually created back in 2011 when I was Hector Gold. The combination of FriendlyMie and BeamGore (which I created due to realizing that nobody would see it coming) worked perfectly. I reached #1 and had the most dominant run in the history of the PO ladder. I was something like 134-34 at one point. I met M Dragon while playing on the ladder. He was trying to reach #1 in every ladder, but couldn't knock me off the chromatic throne, ha ha. He's always been highly supportive of me, and of course I respect him as well. He and Conflict were major reasons I got bought in SPL.
    The FriendlyMie team consisted of Starmie/Exeggutor/Tauros/Snorlax/Chansey/Alakazam.
    firelit nights: As a tie-in to the last interview, what was the early PokemonPerfect server like? When I look at how much you've posted there, it seems to me like you had a good time there despite your bio not being the most flattering to it.
    GGFan: So while I'm playing on the ladder I hear about a new organization dedicated to competitive RBY. I joined and entered my first Master Tournament (#2) and was the #1 seed due to my placing on the ladder. I made the semi finals and lost to Lutra in a five-game set. I came back from a 0-2 deficit to force a fifth game which came down to a Chansey-Chansey freezewar. If only I got the freeze--Lutra would proceed to run his mouth afterwards in what could be described as a harbinger of the Smogon pandering yet to come. But I kept at it and ended up beating him in the finals of Master Tournament #6. My victory in MT6 combined with my ladder run and how well I did on Pokefans made me the best player of 2013.
    I'm sure you know about my legendary encounter against Conflict. Shortly before I joined Pokemon Perfect, I made a comeback on Pokefans and made the semifinals of an RBY tournament called the "4ChordsCup," where I met Conflict in a matchup that was hyped up as a legend facing off against a rising star. Conflict had been dominating in the German circuit for a couple of years and may have even won a Meisterschaft. Long story short, we tear the house down and I won the third game in what I believe is one of the greatest ever played. It's still on YouTube.
    firelit nights: Ah.
    GGFan: So, overall, early Pokemon Perfect was good: I had match of the year, dominated the ladder, revolutionized the metagame, knocked off Lutra, knocked off the other ladder players in the RBY2K10 Revival Tour, and kept marco off my back for a good chunk of 2014. Lutra had a tendency to be an asshole, but it was nothing I hadn't experienced before.
    In 2014 I was the king of the mountain, and I went up against marco in the finals of Master Tournament #11. The matchup was described as an encounter between the two best players in the world. I remained the one person Marco had been unable to beat, but the torch was passed when he beat me in the finals of both MT11 and 12. It was a lot of fun to have been in that position, especially when you consider that I was already a 12-year veteran at this point. The average lifespan of a Pokemon player was shorter than a fly's at the time. Yet, here I was, at the top after so much time had passed.
    I liked how early PP had an "underground" feel to it. It was that hardcore, legitimate organization compared to the paper champions on Smogon who played in pristine Disney land. These days, Smogon influences most discussion on Pokemon Perfect, and if there were a big finals, you'd have someone say, "These two might get bought in SPL!" instead of "These two are the best the game has to offer!" The mentality has changed. PP has degenerated into a developmental territory. Back when I played there, it was so much different.
    firelit nights: Tell us about Year13, I see in your bio it's around the time when the modern Smogon household names were flourishing.
    GGFan: So at the beginning of 2015, I noticed that Lutra had started the RBY OU Global Championship. Based on how well I played the year before and who would be in it, I figured I had a strong chance of winning. There was just one problem: I was banned from Smogon. Uh oh. Well, I surreptitiously entered the event under the name "Year13," and was on the brink of making the quarterfinals when this douchebag that I played refused to finish the set even though the deadline had already passed. Long story short, he cried to McMehgan and Lutra, who found out who I was. Lutra pandered to Smogon as usual--while being incredibly disrespectful as a nice, added bonus--and McMeghan entered Smodrone mode and banned me. This was the first setback that I had to overcome in what would be a two-year test of patience that finally culminated with my victory in Season 9.
    Well, when I see what Pokemon Perfect is now, I think back to these instances and realize its downfall was inevitable. McMehgan would actually apologize to me three years later and stream one of my SPL games. So I got some redemption there. I still consider myself the true winner of that tour, as I had never been eliminated. However, considering Smogon's history of being a cowardly and illegitimate organization, it was no surprise that they would condone this kind of treatment towards me. What had I ever done to them? At this point I was banned 10 years ago--not a single person could even tell you why.
    firelit nights: In Master Tournament #24 you mentioned Lusch was still a rising star, but was Peasounay already established by then? Tell us a bit about about your "rivalry".
    GGFan: They were the two major prospects of 2016. First I played Lusch in MT24, then Peasounay in the International League. For whatever reason, Peasounay and I just had incredible chemistry--almost all of our sets were off the charts. In 2017, Peasounay was the undisputed #1 while I was trying to prove that I was still among the best and not merely a veteran stepping stone. Whether it was the finals of MT34, WCOPP, the World Championship, or SPL, there was a high chance we'd put on a classic. I'd say our masterpiece was the semi finals of the RBY OU World Championship. It was a brilliant two hours of Pokemon that went the full five games.
    It was disappointing to lose, but when your opponent acknowledges his respect for you and admits he wasn't sure how "deserving" he was (in his own words), that's enough, honestly.
    firelit nights: ...what in the HELL happened here?
    Finished - WCoPP 1 Semi-Finals | Page 2 | Pokémon Perfect
    GGFan: Earlier in the tournament, they were punished for ghosting. They ended up losing to us in week 8 (I believe it was week 8). Metalgross was temporarily banned for having cheated by allowing Mister Tim to ghost him and was subsequently replaced by an unknown, mysterious "player" who was suspected to be a Metalgross or Mister Tim alt. Fast forward to the semi finals and the Russians are knocked out thanks to a timeout loss. It was an ADV game and the player was supposedly playing slowly on purpose because he was being ghosted (not hard to believe given their reputation), his opponent turned on the timer, and the supposed cheater lost. But no, instead of getting criticized like they should have, everyone's asshole was bleeding enough to form a river of unwarranted sympathy. I had all the material I needed to reinvent myself.
    Off topic, but it's laughable that Mister Tim got to manage in ROAPL. Not only did they get the information wrong when they wrote about him (he got knocked out in the final week of PPL because he didn't even try to dispute the call), but even his own teammates have buried him, saying he was one of the worst managers ever. However, I should also make it clear that I don't have anything against Tim or hold some kind of grudge; rather, I'm pointing this out because it highlights how ignorant most people are and why I don't take them seriously.
    But it's Smogon, the magical land where stupidity always prevails.
    firelit nights: Also, was this where the "Swim In Garbage" quote started?
    GGFan: Yes, a troll referred to me as "GGTrash," which inspired the creation of my endearing catchphrase. So I'm the assistant captain of team North America. My noble leader, Skeptics, was inspiring and someone who I felt had more integrity in his pinky finger than the vile Russians had in their entire cheating bodies. In all seriousness, I wasn't happy about the Russians becoming sympathetic figures after they blatantly cheated, while we were the villains who everyone hated.
    My character gradually transformed into an old, embittered man who looked down on this field of immaturity and toxicity. I was tired of the, shall we say, "garbage" that plagued the battlefield.
    firelit nights: How about this magnificent dumpster fire? What happened here?
    [POCL] - Pokémon Online Champions League 2018 - Grand Finale [Won by Milan Bisharps] | Pokémon Online
    GGFan: Well, the Milan Bisharps may have left a certain team a dumpster fire, but for us it was a dominant victory. So fast forward to the summer of 2018. My lifetime ban from Smogon was lifted six months ago and my lifetime ban on SmogonJr (which had been put into effect seven years prior) was lifted as well. And so, I was allowed to sign up for POCL, and was bought by the Milan Bisharps.
    firelit nights: I see.
    GGFan: Our opponent in the finals was the team managed by none other than Egghead, also known as CALLOUS. We actually knew each other since 2013, back when he just started his channel and I was the king of RBY ladder. I sent him a few of my games, he said he would narrate them but didn't, then subsequently disappeared for a couple of years. When he resurfaced, he became Smogon's main sycophant, kissing the site's ass on a regular basis and comparing everyone and everything to SPL. This also meant that a person I once had respect for became an enemy, as he began to speak ill of me.
    We made amends in 2017, after he got knocked out of the first round in a tournament while I advanced. He apologized for his remarks, I forgave him as we all are, after all, human, and that was that. I even wished him good luck just before SPL started. Well, he needed more than that. He runs off for a few months then makes a comeback by publishing a caustic and idiotic 40-minute video in which he called players like M Dragon, Ojama, McMeghan, and all of Brazil nothing but hideous cheaters, that he was one of the best ADV players in the world, and that Pokemon Perfect was a breeding ground for cheating.
    Then he took shots at me, calling me "mentally ill and the biggest troll ever." He still didn't learn anything after five years.
    Our team ended up winning POCL, allowing me to write up a winpost for the ages. Sure, some of it was facetious, but it's as the Mongolians always say, "80% of a joke is true."
    Egghead was reportedly so irate and distraught over what I said that it retired him. He closed his YouTube channel and Discord server once more, never to be seen since. There's a great thread about him I wrote up that will tell you everything you need to know.
    Random - The SPL-level legacy of CALLOUS | Pokémon Perfect
    firelit nights: Hm... In both threads I linked, you had good words regarding Skeptics/ Konzern. What are your opinions on his recent, well, "exploits"? (sabotaging SPL, managing RoAPL, etc)
    GGFan: I think he's a good person who has bad habits. He was given a chance to turn things around and make a name for himself on Pokemon Perfect. It's kind of like putting somebody into rehab: sure, it may seem effective now, but once they leave, they relapse.
    Nobody knew he was Konzern, and nobody would have found out if he maintained a low profile and tried to be an honest and committed player.
    firelit nights: tie-in question- what did Earthworm refer to here by "what he did"?
    Finished - WCoPP 1 Semi-Finals | Page 3 | Pokémon Perfect
    GGFan: I was his friend, but had to step aside during PPL 3. I didn't want him to turn every major team tournament into his personal circus. In week 3, he exploited a rule that allowed him to pencil in the subs and then immediately replace him with his starters. What he did was have peach_nair and "Krack" (his alternate account) start in week 3 over Golden Gyarados and myself. He immediately took them out and replaced them with us once he saw which slots Diegolh and Peasounay took up. I actually wasn't privy to what he did, but as the assistant manager I made a lot of noise to protect both Skeptics and my teammates from scrutiny. I wanted people to think that the only ones who were culpable for this were just him and me--or even just me.
    I'll say one more thing about Skeptics. I don't care when he cheats in Smogon tournaments because it's likely they mistreated him over there. Those idiots deserve every ounce of grief they get. But when you try to make a playground out of my arena, that's when I have to draw the line.
    firelit nights: How did it feel to pull off that 3-0 in WCoPP 2?
    GGFan: I enjoyed both WCOPPs for different reasons. The first one was a huge spectacle that gave me a platform to reinvent myself. The second one felt more like a professional event that was all about the spirit of competition and nothing more. I played for team Asia in that one, with whom I also played in WCOP. I've always gotten along well with them, so I knew I would enjoy myself. It was great to pull off the 3-0 for a couple of reasons. First, Hipmonlee went 3-0 in WCOP and I knew I could do the same thing against a tougher bracket. Then there was the drama with the power rankings list that I wrote (I'll provide the link) in which Bernard had qualms with my description of him. He was a meme on Smogon who constantly talked trash about me for a good three years or so. I had beaten him before, but I guess I needed to write something like my controversial power rankings to really facilitate our "big showdown." I never did anything to him personally; supposedly it was just because he was a Smogon that prompted him to treat me the way he did. So, he buries me in the live WCOPP stream by calling me washed up and that he always beat me (not true at all). We play, and well, let's just say that I won in a set in which his virginity was on the line. You see, he once asked if I had ever been laid; before our set, a woman messaged him and said she would take his virginity away from him if he won. She was so horrified by the way he lost that she messaged another virgin (I believe the name was suckota) and asked him if he would do it. I finally shut him up for good; he hasn't said anything about me since, which is great I was just tired of someone like that constantly trying to troll and harass me when I had never done anything to deserve that. Anyways, one more reason I enjoyed it was because I knew this might have been my last tournament on Pokemon Perfect, as I had become unhappy with the way it was run. I was able to pull off the 3-0 and go out on a high note.
    One more thing about WCOPP: my last two opponents were Peasounay and Golden Gyarados. I'm grateful that my last two sets on Pokemon Perfect were against them since I have so much history with both. I already detailed my rivalry with the former, and I faced the latter a ton on the PO ladder. We were also teammates in WCOPP 1. I couldn't think of two more fitting opponents to go out against.
    firelit nights: Huh.
    GGFan: My power rankings (which actually ended up being fairly accurate)- Community - WCoPP 2: Power Rankings | Pokémon Perfect
    firelit nights: I always liked power ranking posts. What's your opinion on the future of competitive RBY?
    GGFan: It will never die now. Whether it's on Pokemon Perfect, Smogon, or even in a smaller regional territory, RBY will be played. There was a time when the old-gen Rapidash was almost sent to the glue factory, but things will never get that bad again. The problem now, however, is that the battlefields in which RBY is played on are tainted. Smogon is illegitimate because it doesn't allow the best players to sign up, and it also has a horrible reputation amongst a considerable portion of its treehouse club. Meanwhile, Pokemon Perfect, which was, at one time, the #1 alternative organization, is degenerating into a developmental territory for Smogon. A couple of people have approached me and asked if I would ever consider creating another organization again. It would be interesting to say the least.
    firelit nights: Do you look up to anyone in the competitive Pokemon community?
    GGFan: I don't look up to anyone in the sense that they inspire me or that I consider them role models. To be honest, I find the Pokemon world a toxic, political, and abrasive one polluted by people who aren't admirable at all. Moreover, you also have to keep in mind that I'm the longest lasting full-time player ever and am older than most people. Nonetheless, I do have respect for some peoples' achievements. I can't deny that Marco was the best player in 2014, Alexander dominated in 2016, Peasounay dominated even more in 2017, Roudolf surpassed that in 2018, and now Troller is the king. I respect their achievements because I know it's hard to play this tier all year round and even harder to produce results all year round. When it's all said and done, Troller might win something like 200-250 tournament matches this year--that's unprecedented. I'd actually like to analyze all of their big years and compare their statistics someday.
    I also respect what Lusch has pulled off. He tends to be viewed as being in the shadow of other big names, but he's been more consistent than most of them. I respect consistency a lot more than I do a big year.
    firelit nights: Who's your favorite Pokemon (competitive-wise or not)?
    GGFan: My favorite Pokemon is Raichu. I just liked the idea that the cuddly mascot gets a powerful evolution, and Raichu was portrayed as dangerous in the TV show. The design is also kind of abstract. It has those big, pointy ears, and that weird-looking tail. The long legs. It's like the bastard child of a mouse and kangaroo with some odd aesthetics thrown in.
    firelit nights: Do you mind if I ask a few personal questions? Where are you from?
    GGFan: I was born in New York. I spent my childhood in a basement apartment- Essentially it's an apartment below the street. They're cheaper but come with health risks and an increased risk of pests. I grew up with rats, and our family was a part of a local documentary about them. Cameramen came to the apartment to dramatize how terrifying they were.
    firelit nights: What is your favorite food?
    GGFan: My favorite is definitely pizza--there can be no other choice. However, in my older age I've come to appreciate various kinds of salads. I quite enjoy salads sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. I stay away from counterproductive dressings (Ceaser) because they defeat the purpose of eating a salad in the first place. Other than that I grew up on a lot of typical American foods, such as burgers, ice cream, fries, etc. As an adult I've learned a lot about nutrition and how corrupt the FDA is, which was an eye-opening experience.
    firelit nights: What do you do in your life?
    GGFan: I've done many jobs in my life. I've worked at a cemetery as a grave digger, at a pharmacy where I was a store clerk. From digging graves to helping prolong peoples' lives--now there's a story. I've been a teacher, a freelance writer, a mover, I've distributed flyers all over the neighborhood, I've worked at a clothing store. Currently I do a lot of undercover work for an organization. I can't say more than that.
    firelit nights: What are your hobbies?

    GGFan: My main hobby at the moment is this. I enjoy being able to play a character and be somebody else, which is what attracts so many of us here. You aren't the same exact person here that you are when you're outside. It's also interesting that age is, to a large degree, irrelevant. Here, whether you're 8 or 38, the only thing people care about is how good you are. We have moderators who are half my age. I'm older than most people now, but the theatrics and love for the game keep me here. However, when I become disinterested with this realm I enjoy watching documentaries, particularly about prison life and mental health. I also enjoy a lot of reality shows produced by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay. When I was younger I watched a lot of wrestling--WWE, to be exact--and was enthralled by the theatrics and over-the-top characters. These days I don't watch WWE, but rather things like 90s New Japan and All Japan, and mid-south wrestling. I dislike how modern wrestling beats it over your head that it's fake; for example, you'll have a villain talk about how he's going to end his opponent's career but then go on Twitter 30 minutes later and post a picture of them together at a picnic or something. I like 90s All Japan because it was an era that featured a lot of tough guys (Misawa, Kobashi, Stan Hansen, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, etc) that made you believe in what they were fighting for, whereas the athleticism in 90s New Japan was off the charts. Other than that, I still keep up with fitness and try to stay in shape. I used to play the keyboard, but don't have time to invest in it anymore.
    firelit nights: I see. Speaking of playing a character, who are these people in your profile pictures and reaction images? Are they figures from psychology or philosophy?
    GGFan: I see them as a reflection of myself. When I'm here, I am that person--I don't know who else it could possibly be.
    firelit nights: So you searched up images of "distinguished old people from the 1800s" and don't really know who they are?
    GGFan: Do you really think that's how I searched for them? That I wouldn't know who they were exactly?
    firelit nights: Well, I was hoping that you could answer that (the question of who they are). It would be great if you did. Frankly, I have quite a few images of Dmitri Shostakovich and Emil Cioran I could use to play my character if I ever chose to make one.
    GGFan: But they're dead now. I'm not dead, however, so I've taken their mantles and continued their legacies. You're a character now. You don't need images. We just play different roles. Every single person here plays a character, has a gimmick. If that weren't the case, we'd all use our real names and would know our places. People talk out of line, threaten others, exhibit asocial and violent behavior, write like ghetto trash, use racist terminology. But it's all ignored because you won an important game for your team, or won a virtual trophy.
    firelit nights: So who they were isn't important, because right now they're you?
    GGFan: Yes, you could say that. I've become old yet still continue my reinvent myself.
    firelit nights: Well, the inverse of what you're saying is sort of also true. If anything, I believe anonymity is what allows us to bare our true selves, and it's the social facades that we put up in real life that are our "characters". In a way, that interpretation makes your character quite humorous, as people expose themselves to be brutes around you while you remain a gentleman. Was that the intention?
    GGFan: Yes, I suppose the deplorable truth is that the behavior exhibited by many people is merely the lack of inhibiting their social boundaries. Here they're free to invade discussions by posting lewd images of scantily clad women who would never in a million years even acknowledge their existence, brag about their social escapades despite being socially awkward virgins who can barely function as human beings, write like gang leaders despite being whites born and raised in affluent households, and so on. Yes, that's one thing that makes my character so interesting: here you have an older, articulate man with so much life experience verbally eviscerating 17-year-old virgins whose primary vocabulary consists of "fire," "nigga," "bro," and "meme." But there is an air of truth behind it, as you alluded to. I think it's interesting how well-received I was on Smogon, which is the really main reason I was banned. I was taking attention way from gimmicks like We Three Kings (the autistic crossdresser), Finchinator (the obnoxious big mouth), Lutra (apathetic puppet of Smogon), ABR (mentally retarded baby as king of a country), Hikari (baby's idiot stooge), the other three-hundred thousand people (ghetto trash who happened to be white, Asian, or Indian). People naturally hate what's different than them. I generated over 2500 likes within 100 messages. That might be a record. My first post on Smogon generated more than 150 likes.
    firelit nights: I suppose that's the ultimate virtual punch to the gut. People baring themselves to be vile, then seeing someone whose true self is decent reminding them that "No, you are alone in your being an asshole and it /is/ horrible to be as you are" in a world where being anyone is expected to be okay. (leaving it here that I have nothing against autistic people, crossdressers, or Jewish people)
    GGFan: SPL IX was all about me. I was the main story of that event. It was all about how my ridiculous lifetime ban was actually lifted and how intelligent I was. People expected me to be worse than they were. But if you knew who I was based on my work on Pokemon Perfect, the PO ladder, RBY2K10, my later days on GameFAQs, you always knew I was never like them. I was huge on Smogon from the day I showed up after my ban to the day the insecure babies wanted their attention back and decided to ban me again. But banned for what? Why was I even banned in the first place, some odd 14 years ago? Nobody can tell you, yet people ignore it or actually justify it because I symbolize outside competition. Nothing brings out how insecure and moronic typical Smodrones are than by mentioning my name. I'm banned for life because I never relied on Smogon to achieve fame for being great at the game or earn respect. Yet you have all of these cheaters, people who post pornography, people who call each other the n-word, people whose gimmicks consist of insulting every single player in a tournament on the level of a retarded 10-year-old who writes like ghetto trash and has a picture of a Japanese cartoon to represent him. What happened to them? They worship Smogon and put down other competition, so nothing. Smogon is a cowardly and illegitimate organization. If you actually care about the spirit of competition, you should be protesting against it. At any rate, there's nothing I can do except talk about it. I have plans for the future too. We'll see what happens. And am I the only one who thinks that "Smogon" is such a stupid name? I can't imagine actually talking about competitive Pokemon outside and telling someone, "It's called Smogon. It's the German name for Koffing." I could do so much better than that.
    firelit nights: Alright. I was going to ask about the ban and your future projects. I must admit, I am guilty of naming important things "A" or "." myself, so I shouldn't really judge stupid names.
    GGFan: Which ban are you referring to? The first one or the recent one?
    firelit nights: The recent one.
    GGFan: So my lifetime ban was lifted in December of 2017, mere hours before the signup period for SPL ended. I made an account, signed up, and the rest is history. I more than held my own in what was the most stacked RBY pool in history, generated more than 2,000 likes in 100 messages, and made a lot of new connections. However, Smogon's insufferable gang of goons took offense to this because I didn't behave like one of them (castaways in an autistic orphanage). You had all of these legitimate pieces of shit like Waterbomb (who I presume named himself that due to this resemblance to a human waterbed), Rory Mercury (a German who was born 80 years too late), TRC/TCR (whichever one has enough sand in his vagina to fill up the pyramids of Egypt), cookie (who looks like a cross between Scarecrow and pizza face) writing all of this filth towards me in the Smogon discord as if I had done something personally to them. But I can't say anything back because they kiss the staff's asses and I would get banned instantly, even if it was entirely within reason to do so. It's surprising that Smodrones this stupid and even evil still exist today. Some people never change--or grow up, for that matter. What it made me realize early on was that there was still a strong anti-GGFan contingency who wanted me banned immediately even though I had never done anything to them or even met them.
    firelit nights: Funny enough, I've never been to the actual Smogon Discord, in fact I've never left RoA for most of my career, haha…
    GGFan: Don't bother. I deleted it immediately. The Smogtours discord isn't much better. Over the next several months I get harassed every now and then by a typical Smodrone. It's alright--I've been through it all. I've had death threats thrown my way. But I began to grow tired of the way people were behaving: the mobbing, the insults, trying to make people feel bad over losing a game, things like that. So, one day, I mocked people who write a certain way (i.e using the word "nigger" liberally). I'll show you the exact message.
    firelit nights: So people don't stop being mean to you in Smogon even if you become a successful player, huh...
    GGFan: I blame their undeveloped brains, parents who don't moderate their internet access, etc.
    So a big, heated argument breaks out over my ban. People are pissed off that I was banned for essentially no reason. I was banned ostensibly because I wrote the word "nigger"--a word that moderators write--but moreso because of the reasons I've already given. I was still the enemy in these idiots' eyes. I was still not only their competition, but now I was more popular than them. That wasn't supposed to happen. My messages weren't supposed to be eagerly awaited. I wasn't supposed to do well in SPL. I wasn't supposed to win POCL and retire one of their biggest puppets.
    Ace11Yesterday at 10:47 PM ggfan got perma banned cuz he made a racist joke?Tha - Pastebin.com
    Here's the pastebin of the argument. Sure, I was banned, but I had people like McM, Jimmy Turtwig, and BKC vouching for me. I went out in glory, if anything.
    firelit nights: I see, so they took your parody and reflection of them and reinterpreted it as your actual statement.
    GGFan: Yeah, that's a good way of putting it. But everyone with even half a brain saw through that immediately. If you ask some dumbass troll (like the ones in your server), they'll tell you, "GGFan got banned for being racist." However, more often than not, they're the ones with the issues (getting banned from a site with a grand total of three people on the ban list).
    firelit nights: Well, I think it's less about the credibility of the ban and more about power, if anything. Like, for example, Russian elections will broadcast a politician had 140% of the vote. Nobody is expected to believe that-- the point is to demoralize competition that reality is whatever the politician wants and there is nothing they can do about it.
    GGFan: Yeah, it's a superficial image that only people in their isolated circles care about. Outside of that circle, people criticize them for how ridiculous they are. Almost every time I bring up someone in the gang of idiots (ABR, Hikari, Waterbomb, We Three Kings, etc), I almost always get the same responses: "That guy is a douchebag," "He's worthless," "He's an asshole like most other staff members on Smogon are." You just don't hear about it on Smogon much because people are afraid of losing power or even getting banned. I have no such fear since I no longer care about burning bridges. In fact, I'll bring the kerosine and matches, and happily watch them burn down. If people openly protested my ban or started insulting moderators, they would likely get banned for the sole reason that it's me they're defending. I'm the outside competition.
    firelit nights: What is your "approach" to RBY? How do you approach, for example, teambuilding or playing? What Pokemon combinations/ techs do you like to use, and what trends do you forsee to be popular in the future or disappear?
    GGFan: Scouting has always been something I try to do, even back when I started playing. It's just a lot easier to do it now thanks to the vast amount of resources we have compared to antiquity. If there's a dearth of information available on my opponent, then I try to build a team that isn't as matchup dependent (Zam/big 4/Lapras is, as marco once put it, the best team you can use if you're not sure what the opponent will bring.. I can see what he means there). My subsequent teams will depend on what I used in the first game and what I faced. It's all about trying to predict what the opponent will likely go with, and having a team that matches up well or at least will not put you at a disadvantage. I also try to build teams based on metagame trends. Some of my teams have become famous for revolutionizing the metagame. The first such was my famous Jynx team that I built back in 2005. Starmie and Exeggutor were two of the most common leads, and lead Starmie often had Blizzard. Jynx was used but dismissed by a lot of players. There was one player in particular--a worthless elitist whose name doesn't deserve any mention--who once famously remarked, "Jynx is shit." Well, fast forward to 2010 and my Jynx team was so feared that people were trying to build counter teams specifically for it. Once those counter teams became more popular (i.e lead Gengar), I wanted to build a team that would better handle them. Thus my FriendlyMie team was born in 2011, which had Psychic for Gengar and Blizzard for Exeggutor, which was still leading (but not as much). In 2017, I noticed that Alakazam was the most common lead, so I did something unprecedented: lead with Exeggutor. By this point, Exeggutor was viewed by most people as a bad lead, but I started leading with it around the time I played Peasounay in the MT finals. The rest is history: Exeggutor is leading again, and it's doing well. When Reflect Snorlax and Reflect Chansey were dominating the metagame, I wanted to figure out a way to beat them at their own game. And so Harden Snorlax and Defense Curl Chansey were born, which have more PP than Reflect and also benefit from the mechanics changes.
    firelit nights: Oh, that's actually quite innovative. And those moves can lower the opponent's speed when they're paralyzed, too, which makes it easier for things like Snorlax to threaten stuff with Hyper Beam or something (the defense boosting moves).
    GGFan: Exactly. One of my favorite sets is Body Slam/Harden/Ice Beam/Rest. This one can either freeze Chansey or terrorize it if it's paralyzed. As for what will be popular in the future, players have been experimenting a lot with lower ranked Pokemon lately, such as Porygon, Kabutops, and Omastar. I expect the number of viable teams to go up.
    firelit nights: What I really like about Egg leads is having two guys at the back that your opponent doesn't know about... how often would you drop one of the "Big 4" in games?
    GGFan: I have many teams without Exeggutor, as it's the easiest one of the big 4 to drop. Other Pokemon can inflict sleep, and trading Exeggutor for speed can often be beneficial. One of my favorite teams is Alakazam/Zapdos/Persian/Tauros/Snorlax/Chansey. No sleep, but a lot of paralysis and Pokemon that can hit hard.
    firelit nights: Sceptross was once derided last SPL for dropping Tauros for Omastar in a game once, and Enigami drops Tauros for Porygon, iirc. Are there really no other slots for these Pokemon that Tauros is the one that's replaced for them?
    GGFan: Sceptross did that because he was trying to scout his opponent. It actually worked perfectly; whoever gave him flack for that is an idiot. Enigami wants those teams to be bulky. He needs them to be able to overcome bad luck since Porygon teams are passive.
    firelit nights: I see. So you expect in the future, contrary to how some people describe post-Crystal RBY as a monolith, RBY will actually diversify and more people will begin dropping any of the Big 4?
    GGFan: I expect people to keep thinking outside the box. RBY used to be seen as a metagame where matchup didn't exist. Now it's a pivotal aspect in winning tough games. Why go with Zam/big 4/Lapras and hope for the best when I can use a Rhydon team because I know my opponent will have Zapdos? Maybe I'll use Victreebel because I'm expecting to face a slow team. Why use a standard team when I can throw my opponent off with something unorthodox? Mindsets have changed, and people are becoming more creative.
    firelit nights: Well, some people hold stances like creativity being bad because it's a form of variance, so that's a refreshing opinion on RBY if there was one. Do you have any recent builds that are special to you, or close to your heart?
    GGFan: Definitely the Persian/Zapdos team. I beat Troller in POCL finals with that one, and my win saved our team from having to play a tiebreaker. My lead Exeggutor team, of course, if only for how it shocked people and the stage that I first used it on. My first "good" team that won me TOS will also never be forgotten; it was Starmie/Tauros/Golem/Chansey/Exeggutor/Slowbro. I'll never forget my win over Syberia in the semi finals of TOS almost 17 years ago. There's an offensive team I built that I quite like as well which consists of Exeggutor/ Lapras/ Zapdos/ Tauros/ Snorlax/ Chansey. I did some good things with that one. People were crediting Idiot Ninja for creating non-lead Gengar--I've done that many times, most notably in 2017 when I built an effective non-lead Gengar team that got me into the finals of the Fuchsia Cup. Any other questions?
    firelit nights: I think just one of whether you'd consider yourself a more "aggressive" or "patient" battler. You've been described in the SPL Power Rankings as someone who struggles to get the axe above your opponent's head, but when you do get it there it goes down without fail.
    GGFan: I would describe myself as somebody who plays conservatively but knows when to change things up when I detect patterns. I think I was described that way because I tend to lose in the semi finals of tournaments, but if you ask people directly, they'd probably tell you I'm on the same level as the other titans of the game. For example, Peasounay put me in the "S rank" in WCOPP 1 because we've played many times and he knows how good I am, regardless how lucky or unlucky I am in the endgame. Marco once described as one of the three greatest opponents he ever had. Lusch called me "one of the four best players in the game" during Fuchsia Cup season. Lavos described me as "the guy who put on arguably the most dominant performance in SPL" during the WCOP. Wins and losses aren't everything.
    firelit nights: How would you describe your mindset going into an endgame?
    GGFan: I relax and evaluate all of my options. I want to take the course of action that will result in the smallest penalty if things go wrong. Risk management is an important part of ending games. I've seen people be in commanding positions but still lose because they stopped paying attention. For example, when I played Conflict, my Chansey had Ice Beam/Thunder Wave/Light Screen/Softboiled. He had Cloyster, and nothing was stopping him from using Explosion and winning the game. But because he felt so ahead he lost focus, I saw an opening, and formed one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the tier.
    firelit nights: Ah. So relax, decompress, zoom out, don't miss the bigger picture. All of this has been very helpful, if you don't have any more things to say about playing RBY.
    GGFan: Keep in mind that things can go wrong. You might get frozen, crit, fully paralyzed, etc. But what will allow you to still win comfortably?
    firelit nights: Yeah, I guess the rest of the technical information about playing RBY would be more suited to a "masterclass" than an interview. I'd listen to a competitive Pokemon masterclass, to be honest.
    GGFan: Well, you can still win even if you don't know much--it happens all the time. RBY doesn't have a great reputation, but my response to top-level players losing games they shouldn't is that this tier is played all year round. If you really want to establish yourself, you have to win all year round and be consistent, not just two games in SPL and/or WCOP. I once beat Ugly Duckling--a big name in ADV today--in a Master Tournament, but I wouldn't say I'm better than him at all. He plays a lot more than me and can beat more people than I can.
    firelit nights: Yeah, I believe this perspective is healthier in general, not just for a competitive community as a whole but also in terms of mental health.
    GGFan: Yeah, don't allow others to measure your success, and certainly don't magnetize games. Success is a marathon, not a race. You might run faster than me in one lap, but by the end I'll be at the finish line and you'll still be huffing and puffing in the middle of the road somewhere.
    firelit nights: At this point, I'd like to ask if you have any shout-outs. Anybody who's been a supporter of you through these years despite pressure not to be one?
    GGFan: A lot of the Germans have been very good to me because of what I accomplished in their territory and how long I played there. Thanks to Pokemonexperte for protecting me from certain trolls and giving me a chance to make history there. Thanks to Majin for being a great rival in 2007 and helping me improve a lot in GSC and ADV. Thanks to jira for helping me improve my German and being another great opponent. Thanks to peter pan for vouching for me after our final-round encounter in the RBY tournament and wanting to team with me afterwards. Thanks to Picollo for giving me a shout-out after his run in the Global Championship. On Pokemon Perfect, thanks to Golden Gyarados for editing my book and being one of my biggest supporters. Ortheore and I have had our differences, but he was ultimately respectful. Thanks to Roudolf for the respect he showed during SPL and after I made my farewell post on Pokemon Perfect. Thanks to Peasounay for making the push to lift my ban on Smogon and being one of my greatest opponents ever. Thanks to BKC for arguing on my behalf after I was banned. He was the last person I'd expect to do that. Thanks to Eseque for also saying something despite having power on RoA. I think that's everything. It's been an incredible odyssey for me. This game has taken me to Brazil, across Europe, and all over the world. It's funny to know that somebody so despised by the leading brand of competitive Pokemon has actually lasted longer than any other player. I'm both the game's "Iron Man" and the Iron Man to Captain America.
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    Thanks for the interview. It took several hours across four days to get it done--hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our labor. I said it before, but it was great to have the chance to express myself unfiltered as well as cover the scope of my tenure.
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    Ahhhhhh I thoroughly enjoyed it
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    Thank you.
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    I cant really complain about my results since I came back. SPL obviously was a bit shit, but that happens. I have had positive W/L in every other smogon team tournament I've played, and I won a double-elim individual tournament after a r1 loss---not sure if I'd ever done that before, certainly not in a tournament of that size..

    And tbh I am probably taking a break from playing after WCOP, I'll just focus on updating my rby guide.

    You and Roudolf were the two people I was most looking forward to playing, but I guess you werent really into that. Maybe on my next comeback.
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  6. GGFan

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    May 25, 2013
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    The timing was off. If you came back a year later, it would have happened by now.

    But who knows what the future holds. I could be on Smogon as we speak.

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