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ADV OU (OverUsed) ADV OU teams

Discussion in 'Public Teams' started by Ibidem, May 22, 2017.

  1. Ugly Duckling

    Ugly Duckling Member

    Jul 17, 2016
    Likes Received:
    You are my hero. Easily one of my favorite players and personalities in all of ADV today. Thanks for posting this awesome thread and for singlehandedly improving the quality of ladder!
  2. eden

    eden end. Host Emeritus

    Nov 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I also wanna mention some other slight offshoots that hit me, like milo/dug/dol defensive archetype altho i am sure there are a few of those, i think maybe that warrants its own small section :s. I just wanna keep this thread alive c:
  3. doom desire misses noSTAB

    doom desire misses noSTAB Member

    Mar 16, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Yeah it's like once you use Endeavor Pert you realize it can be the superior choice on a lot of your teams due to how much offensive potential it has over the standard defensive Swampert.

    I want to see if OP and any other players think it's kind of difficult to use the standard slow Swampert when you have to be "walking on egg shells" all the time with so much HP Grass / Giga Drain users around. That is part of the reason I enjoy using Endeavor Pert a lot more, along with the protection that Substitute provides. Salac Berry can turn a pretty bad situation into a good one. (Being faster than Gengar at +1 is amazing.) My personal favorite is when you can actually use Spikes to your advantage to sometimes get Swampert to 25% or less, and then you have Endeavor + Torrent-boosted Water move at your disposal!

    Protect is certainly an ideal move for defensive Swampert to utilize for scouting and for sake of longevity. But then if you get statused it's not so good anymore. That makes me wonder if anyone has experience with Protect + Rest Swampert on any builds, like as seen on the "Querencia" team? (Shitty that this leaves you without a Water move, as you have to go EQ + Ice Beam as the last moves, but so be it. And Rest in this meta is not a good strategy, IMO.)

    I mean...how can you rationalize defensive Swampert once you use Endeavor? (Allow me...best answer to this question is probably Aerodactyl, since you can't outspeed at +1 and fucking likely 2HKOs when not Rock Slide suck!) Cuz a lot of the time, let's be honest, offense > defense, you get so much in return. I feel defensive needs certain support...like I would almost feel naked if there was no Heal Bell / Aromatherapy / dedicated status absorber backing it up. And then team building becomes too formulaic. ( I mean I am kinda formulaic too in that I use Aromatherapy Bliss to back up Endeavor Pert, cuz if Endeavor Pert gets statused when you think you are tanking a hit and get Toxiced instead, then MY LORD you are up a creek without a paddle! But like I say you are getting so much in return with Endeavor Pert's possibilities.)

    Also, Ibidem, when you use Swampert on a team, I notice that you pretty much always pair it with Tyranitar. Not like that should be surprising to anyone, LOL, but I did find one example of one of your teams where you did not pair it with Tyranitar. It is this one.
    The only other instance I see is a team (not one of yours) that oibaf battled you with. It had Swampert without Tyranitar.

    Care to give any opinion on when to use Swampert without Tyranitar? Is there something with these teams that still make them passable / good?

    Final thoughts ... as this has seemed to turn into a post much about Swampert -
    At least Flygon and Dugtrio were represented as Ground types in some of your top 10 teams...your favoritism to Swampert and lack of usage of these other two Pokemon is noted, however. (Claydol and Donphan are too 'meh' to be in top 10 teams anyway!)
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
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