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ADV 50 ADV 50 Thinkpieces

Discussion in 'Analysis and Research' started by Disaster Area, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    On occasion, I'll write short articles in here discussing the state of and evolution of the ADV 50 metagame, as new trends take shape and more is understood about the game.

    Table Of Contents

    1 - Why Sharpedo is good

    1 - Why Sharpedo is good


    I've slowly come to the realisation that Sharpedo is very good. My first thoughts when including Sharpedo in the clear was some wondering of why and how it's even UU in standard tiering, what does it have to offer? It's extremely frail, its STABs work off of its lower attacking stat, and its ability isn't exactly great on a Pokemon with paper-thin defenses. While I still haven't the foggiest why it's UU - Smogon's old generation tiering often doesn't meet expectations in coherence generated from their far better managed more current generatons - what's clear is that actually it's a surprisingly good fit in ADV 50.

    Sharpedo is good in ADV 50 because it excels at both breaking AND cleaning up stall teams. The first reason for this is that, while a fair number of Pokemon in the tier do outspeed it, not only are those Pokemon quite rare on defensively inclined teams, but also none really enjoy switching in to Sharpedo. Secondly, its coverage is excellent. With 5 moves - its two STABs in Hydro Pump and Crunch, and then Hidden Power Electric, Ice Beam, and Earthquake, it 2HKOs or in a few cases comes close to 2HKOing the entire metagame. Ice Beam is the one usually left off the set, as Altaria is quite rare, and the other real target, Meganium, is abusable in myriad ways and is not the hardest pokemon in the world to keep pressure the on; Crunch also does acceptable damage to Meganium.

    The last piece of the puzzle, then, is how does it come in? Well, besides the fact that actually it is an adequate lead (annoying spikers and the slower fire-types), defensively inclined pokemon frequently can't actually do that much damage to it. Sharpedo's typing grants it an immunity to Psychic-type attacks and resistances to Water-, Ice-, Fire-, and Ghost-type attacks, and there are a surprising number of Pokemon that rely primarily or exclusively on attacks of those types - Psychic-types such as Slowking and Chimecho, Ghost-types like Misdreavus and Sableye, Water-types like Mantine, and a few other utilitarian Pokemon like Forretress, Venomoth, Clefable, and Migthyena. Most of these Pokemon can't or only barely can 2HKO Sharpedo with their most prolific sets, thanks to Sharpedo's resistances, even without defensive investment from Sharpedo. Almost all of those attacks are Special Attacks too, which means that even though it is a mixed attacker, it can drop a defensive stat with little cost, as it should (and can) take very few physical attacks. What you might also notice if you have a little experience in the tier is that almost every pokemon on that list relies in part or entirely on status moves to advance the game state, which makes Lum Berry absolutely superb on Sharpedo, as it makes it almost always completely free to switch in the first time the player is inclined to let it enter battle. As it acts as a breaker too, a hit and run attacker with strong attacks and varied coverage, that's huge.

    In summary, Sharpedo is excellent at punishing the balanced and stall teams common in the metagame, because of its great speed, the numerous common Pokemon it can switch into, its great coverage, and the fact that its attacking stats are up to the task. Don't overlook it for its frailty, it has everything it needs to succeed in ADV 50.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2020
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  2. Diophantine

    Diophantine Taiga Member

    Sep 5, 2018
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    CALLOUS I thought we were straying away from weird shit like this.

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