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Community 2U Formation and Voter Eligibility.

Discussion in 'ORAS 1U Seasons' started by Disaster Area, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    The majority of the council (3 of 5) have approved of this, with Outrage and WreckDra yet to comment. It's pretty important though and I feel that everyone should be made aware.

    If you do sufficiently well (acquire enough points) in the first season, you will be permitted to vote on what Pokémon are members of 1U and what members drop to 2U. Please note that in further months, these votes can and most likely will be redone. Point limits in that scenario will be based instead on player rankings (which are across the 3 most recent seasons). In short, to have a say in what Pokémon are 1U, you just need to show us that you are capable enough at the tier.

    The amount of points required will be confirmed by the end of the second (of the three) master tournaments. The points system is simple - you win 3 points for a series victory, and if you lose a series then you gain points equal to the number of matches that you won.

    The system to determine lower tiers is fairly simple, and uses the viability rankings. The council determines a sub-rank (or possibly two adjacent ones if we so decide). They are likely to make a thread about it, asking the opinions of the playerbase, before making the decision. Everything above that sub-rank is a member of 1U. Everything below is not a member of 1U, making them legal initially in ORAS 2U. Everything within the given sub-rank is voted on by the council and eligible players. Each member of that group of people is given an equal vote. Each member of the group ranks each Pokémon as either 1U or 2U. For example, say Feebas, Magikarp, and Weedle are up for vote. Then one member might vote Feebas - 1U, Magikarp - 1U, and Weedle - 2U. To be a member of 1U, a Pokémon requires a minimum of 50% of the votes being for it to be 1U.

    When voting on whether a Pokémon should be a part of 1U, a player should decide on that Pokémon's merit in 1U only. Any thoughts about how that Pokémon will impact 2U are wholly irrelevant and should not consciously impact your decision.

    They should instead be asking 'how often would I (want to) use this Pokémon on my teams?', 'how threatening is it to play against', 'how effectively does it fulfill its role', and other questions of a similar nature.

    The viability rankings will be locked in place one week before the vote is held, and a discussion thread will be opened, open for anyone to comment including players who are not eligible to vote, to discuss the merits and flaws of the Pokémon which will be voted on. There will be a warning one week before the viability rankings will recieve their temporary lock, and a final round of changes will be implemented as the viability rankings see their temporary lock.

    Viability Rankings
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
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