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    View Introduction to Tiers if you don't know what tiers are. Pokémon Perfect tiers are named differently to those on Smogon. A numeral followed by the letter U, e.g. 1U, 2U, 3U, represents a main tier on Pokémon Perfect – the '1' of '1U' representing the tier level. For a tier to be a main tier, it must be balanced (nothing is too powerful and game-breaking) and diverse enough (include a variety of Pokémon and strategies). A numeral followed by the letter P, e.g. 1P, 2P, 3P contain all Pokémon that are deemed overpowered in the respective 1U, 2U, 3U tiers. The 1st tier level allows Pokémon that are banned in the 2nd level, and this process continues down. Read the tier list, and in-depth explanations of the tiers naming system and tiering system. Also check out our analyses for all tiers.

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Dec 6, 2020
Apr 9, 2017
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Oct 26, 2000 (Age: 20)

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    1. Ctown
      Paired for RBY open, what time is good for you? I’m GMT -8 and free probably Wednesday around 5pm. If not Wednesday it’ll have to be next weekend and I’m free pretty much all Saturday and Sunday
    2. thelinearcurve
      when do you want to play adv finals? im gmt+10, 10pm is best for me
    3. Ilesaural
      please answer garay oak on discord for scheduling for wcopp
    4. Rayyybond
      Rayyybond is my nick name
    5. Rayyybond
      can u play now
      1. kael
        i am won
        Oct 5, 2020
      2. kael
        what your nick name
        Oct 5, 2020
    6. Rayyybond
      No, I'm still sleeping at this time. Please change time. I'm + 8. Can you play at noon.If the time zone of -3 is at noon, I am in the evening. I am free at night
    7. Rayyybond
      I dont use discord.you decide a specific time
      1. kael
        i can to play today 10 pm gmt -3
        or tomorrow 10 pm gmt -3

        send your time if this time is not good for you
        Oct 5, 2020
    8. Rayyybond
      Please confirm a specific time, I mean,the specific time,for example,xx:00PM in gmt+8.I will wait you in pokemonshowdown at that time and challenge you.
    9. Rayyybond
      Hello, you are my opponent in DPP OU.You decide a specific time to battle. Please choose the time during 11:00am-11:59pm in gmt+8 time zone.
    10. Felix ^__^
      Felix ^__^
      we play against each other for wcopp. Felix#5960 on discord for easier scheuduling.
    11. RampageWebber
      Hey, when do you wanna play for bw qualifier? I'm +8.
      1. RampageWebber
        Please scedule on forum if you can because my vpn has some problems and probably will not access to discord.
        Sep 16, 2020
      2. RampageWebber
        Since it is Friday and I cannot play on Monday morning, I will give all my available time here. I can play on tonight from 20 to 23:30 and 10:30~23:30 Saturday/Sunday. Please scedule accordingly if you can, thanks.
        Sep 18, 2020
      3. kael
        Sep 21, 2020
    12. Frostyicelad
      hey when do you want to play? im gmt +5:30 wcopp
      1. kael
        i add you in discord if possible go play sunday
        gmt -3 5pm at 6pm o
        this time works for you?
        Sep 12, 2020
      2. Frostyicelad
        the rest of the conversation is on disc
        Sep 13, 2020
    13. Oibaf
      when for gsc qualifier? gmt +2
      1. kael
        hi man i send message for you in discord

        if possible go play today or tomorrow 6pm gmt -3
        if not possible send your time =]
        Aug 15, 2020
    14. Hiro'
      adv qualifier, when do you want to play?
      1. kael
        any day if possible add me in discord.
        Jul 17, 2020
    15. Kaif
      yo when u wanna play for bw qual. I'm Kaif#1998 on discord, add me and we can schedule
    16. Mushi Musha
      Mushi Musha
      sup, tell me when u want to play for the ADV Qualifier, cant 19th and 20th but i can anytime after
    17. Quint
      ADV R1

      When do you want to play, I'm GMT+2
    18. cherryb0ng
      Week 3 of PPL. Can you play Sat or Sunday? GMT+2
    19. Lusch
      Hi! When do you want to play for the RBY Qualifyer? I'm GMT+2 and available most evenings. What about Wednesday 7 pm my time?
      1. Lusch
        I should also inform you that I connot play this weekend!
        May 5, 2020
      2. kael
        HEy bro, you have discord?
        add me.
        its ok if you can't to play weekend go play monday.
        its works for you this time?
        May 9, 2020
    20. Fener
      My bro =]
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    Oct 26, 2000 (Age: 20)
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