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New Profile Posts

  1. DuGuo
    it's been a long day that i return here. i still remember the last time i was drafted by ppl in 2022. hope everything well!
  2. Kamina
    Last post 2023
  3. adorluigi
  4. adorluigi
    adorluigi Leftwingbo
    calling act
    1. Leftwingbo likes this.
    2. Leftwingbo
      Nov 26, 2023
  5. Vento the Golden one
  6. Vento the Golden one
    Vento the Golden one
    I am sad and so should you.
  7. Shing
    You read this = you smell bad
    1. Egor
      Aug 14, 2023
    2. Le Don
      Le Don
      Sep 4, 2023
  8. adorluigi
  9. Slimcrystal
  10. Neurorise
  11. Chrysalis
  12. Bandito
    Expect the Unexpected
  13. Mr.378
    Mr.378 GLFGno007
    Hello we play in ppwc finals I am Mr.378#2774 on discord we can schedule there.
  14. Shoot
    Shoot Estuardo19
    Hey! We have to play today of ORAS championship, add me on discord and let's play ASAP
  15. Shing
    Shing kael
    hi again <3
    reached u on discord, but just in case I'm up for next week if that's alright?
  16. CyberOdin
    CyberOdin Churielix
    Hello bro, give me u Discord, we need play for pp oras.
    1. Churielix
      ahi ya te hablé por discord
      Dec 3, 2022
  17. Green on fire
    Green on fire Genesis7
    Hello, we have to play the PP RBY Championship. I am GMT-3 and can play on weekends between 3PM and 8PM GMT-3 (I have another match scheduled for Sunday at 6PM GMT-3).

    I can't message you on Discord because we don't have mutual servers. My Discord is Green on fire #2075
  18. PikachuZappyZap
    PikachuZappyZap Stall S
    we play in WCOPP, PZZ#8902 on discord, -8
  19. mentalsoft
    mentalsoft Kaz
    Hi wcopp, i'm gmt+8, when you want to play?
    1. Kaz
      gmt +1here

      satursday 3pm gm+1 ?
      Nov 30, 2022
    2. mentalsoft
      OK,see you then.
      Dec 1, 2022
    3. Kaz
      im on stours as M Kaz
      Dec 3, 2022
  20. Cowboy Dan
    Cowboy Dan Sheik
    Hey, we're paired for wcopp when's a good time for you to play? I'm at -7, traveling today but taking the day off Wednesday so should be mostly free then. Weekend is also good.
    1. Sheik
      hey, i talked you on discord
      Nov 29, 2022