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Community WCOPP 3 - Format & Administrative Decisions

Discussion in 'World Cup of Pokémon Perfect' started by HSOWA, Sep 30, 2019.

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  1. HSOWA

    HSOWA nyaw! Moderator

    Mar 22, 2017
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    (thank you 0NI for the logo!)
    Useful Links: Admin Decisions / WCoPP Discord / Spreadsheet [coming soon]
    Hello, and welcome to the third edition of the World Cup of Pokemon Perfect! In this thread, we are going to post everything related to all the WCOPP administrative matters and my decision on those matters. Here, I will post:
    • Season Schedule
    • Teams & Groups
    • Administrative Decisions
    First and foremost, there will be 12 teams participating in this tour, along with their captains:

    Brazil - Caetano93 | cogao
    Caribbean - Lord Thorx | Bloody alfa
    China - sstj | yjh971203
    Commonwealth - Genesis7 | Bushtush
    Europe - tjdaas | Zokuru
    France - Diegolh | k3nan
    Germany - FriendOfMrGolem120 | melle2402
    Greece - Ace11 | Asuk4
    Italy - ErPeris | SamuelBest
    Latin America - Sadlysius | Haru
    Spain - Ilesaural | Real FV13
    USSR - Mister Tim | Egor

    And the tiers will be:

    2x RBY OU (Bo3)
    1x GSC OU
    2x ADV OU
    1x DPP OU
    1x BW OU
    1x ORAS OU

    Each team will need a minimum of 10 players, and can have a maximum of 12.

    The format of this tournament will be 2 groups of 6 teams, with a round robin format lasting for 5 weeks. After the group stage, the top 3 teams of each group with the most points will go through, with the following bracket being used:

    Quarter Finals
    1st in Group A and Group B get byes.
    Q1: 2nd in Group A vs 3rd in Group B
    Q2: 2nd in Group B vs 3rd in Group A

    Semi Finals
    S1: 1st in Group A vs (Winner of Q2)
    S2: 1st in Group B vs (Winner of Q1)

    Winner S1 vs Winner S2

    If 2 or more teams have the same points, BD will determine the placement of the teams. If this is still tied, head-to-head record will determine the placement, unless one of the teams would end up going out of the tournament. In this case, a tiebreaker would determine who goes through.
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  2. HSOWA

    HSOWA nyaw! Moderator

    Mar 22, 2017
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    The groups have been drawn!

    Group A:


    Group B:

    Latin America

    Schedule will be made soon, and posted in this thread.
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  3. HSOWA

    HSOWA nyaw! Moderator

    Mar 22, 2017
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    Week 1:

    Group A

    Greece vs Italy
    Spain vs Brazil
    Commonwealth vs France

    Group B

    China vs Caribbean
    USSR vs Germany
    Europe vs Latin America

    Week 2:

    Group A

    Greece vs France
    Brazil vs Commonwealth
    Italy vs Spain

    Group B

    China vs Germany
    Caribbean vs Latin America
    USSR vs Europe

    Week 3:

    Group A

    Greece vs Brazil
    Italy vs France
    Spain vs Commonwealth

    Group B

    China vs Europe
    Latin America vs USSR
    Germany vs Caribbean

    Week 4:

    Group A

    Greece vs Commonwealth
    France vs Spain
    Brazil vs Italy

    Group B

    China vs Latin America
    Germany vs Europe
    Caribbean vs USSR

    Week 5:

    Group A

    Greece vs Spain
    Commonwealth vs Italy
    France vs Brazil

    Group B

    China vs USSR
    Europe vs Caribbean
    Latin America vs Germany
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  4. HSOWA

    HSOWA nyaw! Moderator

    Mar 22, 2017
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    RE: byronthewellwell vs Vay

    Both sides scheduled for Sunday, however no exact time was scheduled. Whilst Vay did message byron, this was at 3am his time Monday. As thus, this will be a dead game.
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