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RBY [Violet] Tauros

Discussion in 'Individual Analyses' started by Disaster Area, May 2, 2019.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Catto of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    Tauros [​IMG]
    Type: Normal
    Stats: 75 | 100 | 95 | 70 | 110

    Changes In Violet Pertinent To This Analysis:
    - Body Slam can paralyze Normal-types.
    - For a full list of changes in Violet, see this thread.


    Tauros is a very good Pokemon in Violet, but is not the shining star that it is in RBY OU. Although there's few new answers to it introduced, the Violet metagame is bulkier than the OU metagame, and there is a greater presence of Pokemon which are faster than Tauros - most notably Aerodactyl. While still great at cleaning a game up and turning advantages in pressure into advantages in material, the metagame's greater bulk makes it harder to put the opposing team into a state where Tauros can be materially threatening. On top of that, the metagame's much broader diversity makes running a frail, Normal-type Pokemon more restrictive, as it makes it more difficult to adequately handle the tier's multitude of threats. Nonetheless, its excellent offensive capabilities make Tauros a Pokemon still not to be shied from in building, in spite of its relative fall from grace; Tauros is still a Pokemon with a lot to offer, even if other Pokemon appear to be crowding it out and stealing its thunder.



    - Body Slam
    - Hyper Beam
    - Blizzard
    - Earthquake

    Set Details

    Nothing changes in Tauros' set from RBY OU, besides the targets of its coverage moves. Body Slam is still its defining, threatening STAB move which little is comfortable switching into, with Hyper Beam its powerful finishing option. Earthquake is primarily used to hit Gengar, a Pokemon which has raised in prominence significantly in Violet, but also does excellent damage to the bulky Electric- and Rock-type Magneton, as well as doing super-effective damage to the rare Kabutops and neutral damage to Golduck. Blizzard hits Aerodactyl, a top threat in Violet, super-effectively, as well as 2HKOing Golem and having some peripheral benefits like doing impressive damage to Dragonite and beng an option which does a meaningfully more damage than Body Slam versus Grass-types such as Exeggutor and Tangela, and Flying-types such as Zapdos. With the given coverage options, Golduck is the only Pokemon immune or resistant to Tauros' STAB that is not hit super-effectively by Earthquake or Blizzard. As in RBY OU, it doesn't switch in to much, but it is excellent at revenge killing, putting pressure on through double switches, and cleaning up worn down teams. That being said, its Ghost-type immunity does come in handy, as it grants an immunity to Dream Eater (and less importantly Tri Attack), making it one of the better checks to Dream Eater Gengar available in the tier, and so switching into Gengar once Sleep Clause is activated on your side is not an unreasonable move, although the other Dream Eater users - Beedrill, Poliwrath, and Hypno - may give it a harder time.

    Other Options

    Thunder or Thunderbolt not only hit Cloyster harder but are Tauros's only options to hit Golduck super-effectively. That being said, Golduck and Cloyster are not terribly prominent in Violet, so the listed coverage is superior in most circumstances. Fire Blast is marginally better in the Tauros ditto, and does more to Parasect (which gained quite a bit in terms of base HP in Violet), but as Tauros is far less common in Violet than RBY OU, and Parasect is not very common in Violet either, the move has very little merit here.

    Checks and Counters

    The short answer is that Tauros doesn't really have many proper answers, although Golduck is one of the better ones, but having a team with numerous bulky Pokemon which can withstand the occasional attack from Tauros (of which there are many, as the second paragraph highlights), or teams using faster offensive threats, are the ideal way of handling Tauros in practice. In a sense, then, Tauros is a threat to any team, but if you can keep enough Pokemon healthy against its partners given one of those setups then you are in a good spot to beat Tauros. All that being said, when there's a Tauros, there's a way; a lucky Tauros is truly a bull in a china shop.

    Delving into the specifics, Golduck is the best answer by far, immune to Tauros' STABs, resistant to Blizzard, and being only 4HKO'd by Earthquake. Cloyster isn't 4HKO'd by any attack Tauros usually carries, albeit 3 Body Slams and a single Hyper Beam is enough to 4HKO, making it a good check. There are a number of physically bulky Pokemon which can act as checks to Tauros too, though not all want to switch in. Machamp is not even 3HKO'd by Tauros without critical hits, and can do upwards of 75% in retaliation with Submission, although the recoil definitely stings. Tangela and Parasect aren't 3HKO'd either, and can recover HP back with Leech Life (in Parasect's case), and Mega Drain, but they don't hit very hard as those attacks have a low Base Power. Perhaps more importantly, then, they also threatens to status Tauros. Snorlax, particularly with Reflect and Rest, can quite comfortably check Tauros, and while Starmie is sometimes 2HKO'd by Body Slam and Hyper Beam in combination, depending on damage rolls, its higher speed, recovery, and access to Thunder Wave enable it to be a very effective, and splashable, check. Slowbro also threatens Tauros with paralysis, and takes its attacks somewhat easily, making it a decent check. The legendary birds, Poliwrath and Pinsir all can't really switch in, but can 2HKO Tauros, in return for being effectively 3HKO'd in return (although Zapdos can't quite 2HKO with Thunderbolt, it can threaten Tauros with Thunder Wave and technically can 2HKO Tauros with Thunder). Gyarados is in a similar situation, albeit its Hydro Pump does not 2HKO Tauros anywhere as reliably as Articuno's Blizzard or Moltres' Fire Blast, for example. Exeggutor, Hypno, and Vileplume, are also 3HKO'd by Tauros, and although they can't reliably 2HKO back, they can do heavy damage with their STAB attacks or threaten with status, or in Exeggutor's case, Explosion, in return. Teams relying on these bulky checks might also consider running Rock- or Ghost-type Pokemon such as Gengar or Aerodactyl, to incline the Tauros user to use one of its coverage moves instead, making it easier to switch in against, although of course chain switching is always somewhat risky. On top of all of that, numerous Pokemon outspeed and can threaten to revenge kill Tauros, such as Magmar and Aerodactyl. Unlike Tauros, however, each of those faster revenge killers have some common and quite reliable answers which need to be pressured firstly in order to really revenge effectively.
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