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GSC OU (OverUsed) Stall vs Offense

Discussion in 'Analysis and Research' started by Lojh, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Lojh

    Lojh Above Average GSCer Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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    Ah. GSC. One of the most hated tiers in all of pokemon. And why you ask? Stall. Stall has a bad rep in any pokemon game as they it is one of the most frustrating playstyles to play against and the battles are usually pretty lengthy. GSC accentuates this problem with the overall bulk of Pokémon, leftovers, lack of “hard” hitters, and st being able to hit rest. However, stall is not that commonly used, more top players tend to use something known as explosion offense or boom offense instead. The concept behind boom offense is to use pokemon with explosion such as cloyster or egg to free up a dangerous sweeper such as cursechamp, SDwak, Drumlax, Cursehera, growtheons, etc. The reason this playstyle is so popular is because it is incredibly rewarding to hit an explosion and pokemon such as machamp usually have only 1-2 counters per team and the removal of these counters spells the end for the opposing player. There is yet another offense that unlike boom offense, isn’t about exploding counters but instead having many hard hitters such as CurseChamp and wak and pokemon and status to support them. Now the problem. Is stall or offense a superior playstyle in GSC 1U?


    Stall is a playstyle that revolves around a specific philosophy: as long as i dont lose, i win. This philosophy may not be the most appealing to most people’s eyes, it is amazingly effective. As any good player knows, stall teams CANNOT cover all of the threats in the metagame, a good stall team only covers the viable threats. A person that plays stall will most likely be staring at the usage stats monthly and adjusting his/her/their team accordingly. As a stall player, if I see many players using Misdreavus as a spinblocker, i might change forry from hp fire to hp ghost and maybe if missy seems to be on every team replace Pursuit Umbreon with Pursiut Tyranitar. Stall has the problem that even though you have coverage against all the relevant threats you may have holes to many niche strategies such as SunnyDay Moltres. The way offensive teams try to get around stall is the use of a stall breaker, something that has the potential to break stall. One very good example is LKDrumlax. On a stall team, if a ghost type is not used LKDrumlax wreaks havoc on the team and can even bring an extremely skilled player to their knees. If lax’s moveset is not revealed and they sack off skarmory, forry, cloyster, steelix, or any other poke that walls LKDrumlax, LKDrumlax completely savages through the team. When playing a stall team, you must know by heart what pokemon are walled by what. Switching in skarmory into raikou doesent seem like the brightest idea in the world, and even less obvious things like forgetting to scout the snorlax’s moveset and keeping in forry as he fbs and you lose your spiker are one way tickets to losing. My stall teams are usually built around the archetype Cloy/forry+3 phazers+snorlax+filler. The filler pokemon depends on the team, many chose to run missy for spinblocking, but i personally use TTar or Umb for pursuit+curselax coverage.

    Offense (non boom)
    Throught this i will be referring to this as Offense and explosion offense as Boom offense

    Offensive teams are definitely the most common teams. Offensive teams usually have a specific “plan” to win the game. Many of these plans involve one or two pokemon with high attacking stats and the other pokemon geared to remove their counters. One common strategy is para + wak. JoltWak, as many of you probably know is a way to give marrowak speed so it can easily sweep through teams. Para Wak is a much more reliable method (because it doesn’t completely lose to phazers) to do the same feat. A team like this will probably have pokemon that are good at spreading paralysis such as body slam drumlax, thunder zapdos, and body slam miltank. After Paralyzation support, these teams will switch in Marrowak, set up a swords dance, and the game is ended right there. Unfortunately, there may be problems trying to win the game like that. Pokémon such as skarmory and suicune will have to be worn down, and miltank will be a headache from turn one. Other “plans” like this are Restwak+snorlax+bell, LKDrumlax + pursuiter, joltwak, etc. Offensive teams tend to have at least one pokemon with explosion, but not enough to be considered “explostion teams” Another set of teams that can be classified as offensive teams are spikes offensive teams. Unlike stall, they will have pokemon able to force switches easily such as marowak and raikou and through double switches and roar be able to force enough spikes damage such that even pokemon such as raikou are now paralyzed and lowered enough that pursuit ttar can remove it. Unlike regular offense, they are also determined on winning the spikes war so they will have pokemon such as gengar to win the spikes war. Offensive teams tend to be the most consistent but are also the easiest to play around.


    Ah Boom Offense. Most people hate stall, but to me this is one of the most cancerous playstyles. Boom offense takes the skill away and makes the game more about guessing. As you never know if the opponent runs explosion until it’s used, some times people can bluff explosion on cloys to scare out laxes and later reveal that they are actually the rapid spin variant. Explostion offense wants you to do something like switch kou into ggar on the explosion and sweep you with growthvap or cloyster on starmie and sweep with machamp. The best way as a stall team to beat these is to single out every pokemon and assign one pokemon to each such that explostion wont remove your counters to a pokemon and nothing overlaps. Other than that, Explostion is very potent because even coming off a 65 base attack it does an insane amount of damage. One pokemon that can be considered to remove skarmory is Self-Destruct curse/drumlax. After a few curses and a drum, skarmory will be a pokemon you will see coming in to wall you. The snorlax set is Drum/Eq/return/Self-Destruct. Anything other than skarmory gets eaten by return/eq and skarmory dies to 999 attk boom so after that, cursehera could be a real problem. Unfortunately for boom offense, boom users need to be unpredictable or they will lose easily. When playing against a person that uses cune and you switch the steelix on the kou and curse as it switches into cune, everyone knows that you are going for the boom and will probably switch into missy/skarm to eat the boom. Instead, double into dos/cune or maybe eq the switch in. Then next time force the same situation and he has a higher chance of staying in and boom on the cune. Don’t be stupid though, and even though unpredictability is key dont do something that is unpredictable and has a high risk/low reward. Explosion is more about adding more guessing to the game with the reward of giving you the death of a pokemon detrimental to your win. An explosion team always has 1-2 pokemon capable of tearing down a team such as machamp and growthvap and pokemon able to remove counters to these pokemon with explosion to lure in other pokemon and remove them such as cloyster to remove starmie to free up machamp and gengar to remove raikou to free up vaporeon. Another lax set commonly seen on these teams is non-mono-curselax. The scary thing about these is with the sheer amount of pokemon able to remove from your own side forcing the dreaded last-poke-lax is easier. Before forcing this situation, you must have removed miltank and umbreon from the opponent’s side or the win will be impossible.

    The result:

    Lol u choose

    In all honesty, the easiest to pick up is offense. Explosion offense is good but getting a feel for your opponents is hard and is the least reliable, but if you are good at reading opponents it is a breeze. Stall is in the middle, when played aggressively it is one of the hardest things to beat. If you dont play aggressively then it isn’t impossible to win but wins will be harder to get.

    In the immortal words of FOMG, “there is no perfect team”
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