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ORAS 1U (Universal) Common Roles In ORAS 1U

Discussion in 'Analysis and Research' started by Disaster Area, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Catto of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    There are roles common to all or most types of teams in ORAS 1U. In this thread I look at common features of ORAS 1U teams, recurring roles, and what Pokemon are best suited to these tasks.

    #1 - Weather


    With the loss of permanent weather in generation 6, weather's importance has fallen significantly. Nonetheless, since Kyogre, Groudon, and Tyranitar are great (or in Tyranitar's case, at least viable) in their own right, and hence you occasionally see teams making use of their weather effects.

    Common partners to Groudon generally include Fire-types - particularly Ho-Oh, but also Mega Blaziken - and Pokemon such as Latias which appreciate the Sun boost to their Fire-type attacks. Tyranitar is a somewhat rare Pokemon, albeit not a bad one, and most conspicuously can support Sand Rush Excadrill with its Sand Stream. Kyogre's Drizzle often helps in more subtle ways - helping Pokemon such as Xerneas land Thunders more reliably, but certainly can grant stronger offensive advantages to Pokemon such as Palkia, or defensive advantages to Pokemon such as Ferrothorn. Overall, however, due to the limited timespan of rain, Kyogre's Drizzle is mostly used to support... Kyogre! Boosted Water Spouts, Origin Pulses, and accurate Thunders are all hugely useful, as is the bolstered Fire-type resistance, and is absolutely key in making it the offensive powerhouse that it is.

    #2 - Stealth Rocks


    Stealth Rocks are hugely important. If for nothing else, without them, Ho-Oh becomes immensely more difficult to deal with. From the introduction of the move they have been a staple on all archetypes of teams, and that is no different here.

    Deoxys-Speed and Deoxys-Attack are commonly seen on very offensive teams, typically equipped with a Focus Sash. Deoxys-S is focused on laying Spikes in addition to Stealth Rock, whereas Deoxys-A opts to do heavy damage once hazards are set. Groudon provides sun support, good physical bulk, and its Electric immunity alongside being a reliable Stealth Rock setter, enabling it to perform a crucial duty on Sun teams. Dialga is another great Stealth Rock setter for offense and balance, with a good defensive typing, great bulk, and power. Its ability to check various offensive threats is pretty good, though its low speed and Ground weakness mean that it's often not a viable option to try and set its hazards turn 1. Landorus-T is similar to Groudon, but without Drought, which is useful for teams reliant on Kyogre's Rain, for example, or which are a little soft versus Ho-Oh. Whilst it's less outstanding than the previously listed setters, it fulfills a niche. Tyranitar, typically carrying a Chople Berry, fulfills a crucial defensive niche, checking Dark- and Ghost-types whilst providing its hazard support. It tends to struggle against some common Defoggers however. Bronzong is a reliable Xerneas answer as well as Ground immunity, and can get Stealth Rock up against Mega Sableye with Skill Swap. Heatran might seem unappealing at first glance, but can be surprisingly difficult for stall to deal with, and it switches into the Lati twins very well.

    #3 - Defog


    The first thing you notice when you look at defoggers is that... most of them are arceus forms. Since Arceus can be any type in the game, has very good stats all around, and access to Defog, it is naturally a prime choice for a defogger. Any Arceus form which has a good defensive niche, such as the 4 pictured above, makes a good Defogger. Latias and Giratina-O can act as Defoggers that free up the team's Arceus to run an offensive set, such as Ekiller or Calm Mind Arceus-Electric, for example. Arceus-Poison, Mega Scizor, and Arceus-Steel deserve a brief mention for being Toxic-immune Defoggers, which is a nice niche.

    #4 - Scarfers and Revenge Killers


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    On most teams you want to include a Choice Scarf user, such as Zekrom, Kyogre, or Yveltal, to act as a revenge killer and keep various fast and dangerous threats, such as Mewtwo and Arceus-Ghost, in check. However, stall teams certainly don't need a scarfer, and some offensive teams can get away without out, due to the fairly wide availability of priority moves in the metagame: just under half of the Pokemon pictured above learn a priority move, and most of them usually opt to run it. Mega Blaziken can also reduce the need for a scarfer, due to outspeeding the whole metagame after a single turn of Speed Boost (which it can guarantee via Protect).

    #5 - Other hazard setters


    Although not nearly as mandatory, it is worth mentioning other hazard setters in the tier. Ferrothorn, Klefki, and Deoxys-Speed are all excellent Spikers that suit different styles of teams, and more niche options such as Skarmory, Chesnaught, or Scolipede can be used too. Toxic Spikes are very rare, but suicide lead Scolipede could utilise them. Finally, Sticky Web is seen on Smeargle and the occasional Shuckle, which is a neat playstyle with some great matchups, although it is not terribly straightforward to build.

    #6 Miscellaneous


    Magic Bounce is an option to deflect and deter the use of hazards, although Mega Diancie is quite frail and so most of the hazard setters are built to be able to pressure Mega Sableye.


    Pursuit is an uncommon but decent strategy, primarily aimed at weakening or removing the Lati twins for a partner that appreciates them gone, such as Kyogre or Arceus-Water. Aegislash is a more defensively reliable pursuit trapper, whilst Mega Scizor is more of a defensive liability, though hits harder and has access to Defog.


    Healing Wish is a cool tool that Shaymin-S has which can give its teammates a new lease of life once their main checks are weakened or KOd.


    Trick Room is an uncommon method of speed control, but does see occasional use. There's a surprisingly good amount of users of the move in the tier, although few Pokemon really need its support to function. That being said, Mega Mawile hits like a truck and definitely appreciates the support massively, but it can be difficult to build with.
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