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ORAS 1U (Universal) Archetype Analysis: Sun Balance

Discussion in 'Analysis and Research' started by Disaster Area, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Catto of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
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    Sun Balance is one of the easiest to build and understand archetypes in ORAS 1U. Hence, I thought I would do a full archetype analysis here, since I know it pretty much inside and out. Other types of balance are far less formulaic and hence difficult to discuss, let alone stall which is very hard to even build but is nonetheless a powerful archetype. Anyway, I digress: let me explain what is in a typical sun balance team, and then share a handful of teams of that archetype.

    The central core:


    Groudon is the Sun and Stealth Rock setter, and Ho-Oh is the eponymous sun-abusing wall-breaker. Both can be customised quite a bit: Groudon can do numerous minor changes to its moveslots, item choice, and EVs, whilst Ho-Oh has 3 main sets that are less flexible but nonetheless excellent. Choice Band is the main choice, as it makes for a terrifying wallbreaker that is very difficult to take down, especially for stall teams. Life Orb variants are less powerful but has the advantage of being able to switch moves (which is mainly useful against Heatran teams but otherwise is not that important) and being able to Roost up. An alternative way of using it, however, is to go with a physically defensive variant, usually opting for Thunder Wave instead of Earthquake. If you can keep hazards off, it's easily one of the best walls in the game, but the Stealth Rock weakness certainly makes it difficult to rely on. Furthermore, it's less passive than most walls due to its great attacking power, potent STABs, and good status options.

    Naturally, Ho-Oh demands Defog support:


    There's a pretty wide variety of Defog options, in thanks primarily to Arceus learning the move, and that makes building with Ho-Oh quite unrestrictive in spite of mandating certain support. In particlar, it is worth noting that Latias is also an excellent Kyogre answer (which is naturally very important on Sun teams), whilst Mega Scizor (and Arceus Poison and Steel) have a handy Toxic immunity, and Arceus-Grass, Giratina-O, and Latias all switch into Groudon pretty well.

    Also, a scarfer of some kind is incredibly useful, primarly to act as a cleaner, but also as a revenge killer and mewtwo check. Good choices of scarfers include the likes of Yveltal, Zekrom, Palkia, Xerneas, and Genesect; again, it's a pretty flexible slot.

    Yveltal very often finds its way onto this archetype: it's an excellent glue, handling the immensely strong Arceus-Ghost, as well as checking Mewtwo, offensive Ground-types, and can opt to run a scarf.

    Besides that, you need to cover common threats of course, such as Xerneas, Arceus-Ghost, and Darkrai. Now, for some samples:








    (click on the Pokemon to go to the Pokepastes of the teams)​

    The first 4 are quite standard, whilst the remaining 3 highlight the flexibility of the archetype, and the room for innovation.

    Tips & Tricks:
    - Versus stall and balance, your goal should primarily be using Ho-Oh to wallbreaking, using Regenerator to keep it healthy, whilst trying to maintain a hazard advantage. That being said, for Ho-Oh teams, it is usually far better for Stealth Rock to be up on neither side than on both sides.
    - Versus offensive teams, Ho-Oh is not incredibly useful, as it is much harder to keep Stealth Rocks off of your own side of the field. Ho-Oh should probably lead most of the time against hyper offensive teams. Versus Deoxys-S, if it gets a burn with Sacred Fire, then that breaks its Sash and limits it to just Stealth Rock, without any layers of Spikes. In those sorts of matchups, the gameplan is to prevent your opponent from getting a sweep going, and to clean up with the scarfer.
    - Watch out for Stone Edge with Ho-Oh! Common Pokemon that sometimes run Stone Edge to lure Ho-Oh include Arceus-Grass, Arceus-Fairy, Mega Blaziken, and Giratina-O, whilst Mixed Life Orb Xerneas runs Rock Slide just for Ho-Oh.
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